Alpha Raider

Alpha Raider
A PL6- a pirate ship that works for time to time for the Piracy Ring.
Type: Light (Colossal)
Subtype: Corvette
Tactical Speed: 3,500 ft. (7 sq.)
Hit Dice: 40d20 (800 hp)
Weight: 3,200 tons
Cargo Capacity: 150 tons
Sensors: Class III sensor array, targeting system
Weapons: 2 fire-linked fusion beams (range incr. 3,000 ft.), 2 firelinked CHE missile launchers (8 missiles each)
Crew: 16
Pass: 32

Crew Manifest:
Pilot Dlex Aiaz(!)
Navigator Maleria Velendez(!)

Dabbla Lang Owner and Captain


Alpha Raider

d20 Future: CODEX GALACTICA Galero