Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM)

A.I.M. Computer Matrix StarshipTemplate (PL 7)
Also known as A.I.M.
The AIM is an advanced highly multitasking Artificial Intelligence computer that is usually installed inside the starship or starbase to monitor and control all its aspects including complex tasks like repairs and everyday tasks like life support and crew status. This template can be installed in any starship of gargantuan size or more. Most AIMs are built on planet Cyberdome.

The starship design specs should be adjusted as follows:

  • Defense System Upgrade: Improved Damage Control
  • Sensor Upgrade: Improve sensors by one step.

Physical Description of the AIM:
The positronic brain of the AIM is physically located on an encased cylindrical container that can be removed from the starship. Once removed the AIM completely turns off and cannot communicate, act or connect to any system. A specially built robot with a Removable Brain System can be used to house the AIM’ as a temporary body, but it will lose all the special advantages of the AIM (listed below).

The normal stats of an AIM pod are: Hard:2, HP:10, Size: Medium, Weight: 30 lbs. P_DC: Varies. Rest: Mil( + 3).

Special Abilities of the AIM:

  • Monitor – The matrix system of the AIM allows the brain to connect to multiple systems at the same time. The systems have to be connected to the AIM computer and be prepared for the AIM’s control. This special type of A.I, can monitor a number of robots and systems equal to its character level at the same time. So an AIM with 6 character levels will monitor up to 6 different things on a ship at the same time. This option allows the AIM to see thru the AV systems of the system, communicate using the speakers and holo-projectors and even talking to crew members thru their computer terminals. Higher ranked officers can restrict the access of the AIM with simple voice commands as the AIM is always configured is a member of the crew and respond to the chain of command.
  • Remote – Using the Remote option the AIM takes control of any of the ships systems. Per each system that the AIM is using remotely it has a cumulative multitasking penalty in all skill checks of – 1. The AIM needs to be able to monitor a system, robot or console to be able to use the Remote Option. When using the Remote Option the AIM can perform the following actions:
    • Remote System – Using the Remote Option the AIM can control any of the starships Systems that need skill checks like Auto Repair Systems, Weapon Systems, Grapplers, Sensors and the Helm can be used remotely by the AIM if they are hookup to the starship.
    • Remote Robot – Using the Remote Option the AIM can remotely control Astromechanical Droids and other robot remotes that are connected to the ship via remote control links. If the AIM is remotely controlling a robot it rolls its AIM skills modified with the physical attributes of the robot been controlled.
    • Remote Aid – Using the Remote Option the AIM can also help members of the crew that are trying to do a check using any system on the ship. A Computer Use check with a DC:10 will provide an aid another bonus of + 2. The bonus is treated as an equipment bonus.
  • Surrogate – The AIM can download a temporary copy of its positronic brain patterns into a robot with the capacity to receive it. For that the robot needs to be a Surrogate. The robot then can do other types of tasks, traveling even outside the limits of its ship’s communication range. The xp gained by the Surrogate is not gained by the AIM until the copy is uploaded. If the Surrogate is destroyed, the xp are lost. The use of a Robot Surrogate counts as 2 Monitor points of the Monitor/Remote Option. The difference of this option with the Remote Option is that the AIM’s skill checks are not penalized with this option.

Notes about the AIM: Create the character of the A.I.M. as a Robot (Artificials) with class levels, skills, feats and mental attributes, etc.

Notes about the Surrogate: Create the body of the A.I.M. as a Robot (Artificials) with equipment, enhancements and physical attributes. The A.I. will only be able to attack and use it’s strength, and dexterity based skills if it downloads a copy of its memory into a Surrogate. This robot can be used to go outside the ship, even outside the AIM’s range of communication. The A.I.Matrix can download a copy of her mind in more than one robot with the capacity to accept it, but the penalties (use of 2 monitor points) are commutative per each robot. If the robot is destroyed with the A.I.’s mind inside the A.I. losses half it’s XP for that adventure and a new robot with the same specs must be built. To reset the monitor points a Repair with a DC of 20 must be made to the AIM.

Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM)

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