Bezhin 6

Bezhin 6

Bezhin 6
System Name: Bezhin
Star B Type
_Colonized Planets: 1
B[( C )1–(E)2–(M)1]
Class M Planet
_Land Mass: 41%/20%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Humans
_Other Races: Present
_Progress Level: PL6
_Government Index: Participatory
_Economy Index/Education Level: 22%/30%
_Military Index: Planetary Army
_Population Index: Moderate: 40%/70%
_Develop Index: Mining World
Bezhin 6 is the third planet of the Bezhin system. It appears to be cold, dark and lifeless, but nevertheless supports a breathable atmosphere, water and presumably food. The number “6” on the planet is related to the first colonists who had tried five planets before Bezhin and decided to name the planet Bezhin 6. Before the sinister Animus took control of the planet (he was deposed in 2116), Bezhin was covered in a flower forest, which the Menoptra, the new government body that overthrown Grom Animus, hoped would return. Animus the Tyrant slaved the whole planet to work in the Megatanium mines and used a series of chemical factories to speed the process of cleaning and processing the mineral that contaminated the rivers and killed the local flora, specially the flower that is the symbol of the revolution the Menoptra. Oddly enough, the number 6 on the planet name represents, not its position on the system, but the planetary body from the sun counting the firsts two planet’s moons. The changes in the planet’s politics and economy combined with the slow progress in the restoration of the ecosystem has made the inhabitants of Bezhin 6 very poor and a lot of them are unemployed. The civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward rebuilding the planet ecosystem. They are mayor importers of foodstuffs and mayor exporters of Megatanium. Been pacifist people, they are tolerant toward anything that doesn’t attack them first.

__The capital city of Vortis is home of the only space port in the planet, the Vortis Spaceport and the Menoptra Government Council. The Menoptra Council Leader communicates the decision of the Council to the people and to Governor Ukamok, a scientist that has been given the task on behalf of the Council.
__Menoptra Government Council
__Bezhin Restoration Committee
__Central Communication Center
__Bezhin Police Force
__Vortis Power Plant
__The Tower
__Vortis Spaceport
__Vortis Supply Stations
__Karezoid Secret Cloning Facility

Outside of the Capital City there are other places:
__Grapnak Megatanium Mines
__Chemical Factory 1
__Town of Ressik

2127.03: Bret Duvall – Los nativos de Bezhin 6 son sumamente hospitalarios. Lamentablemente en el planeta hay explotación de Megatanium, material que se utiliza para construir Mecha y vehículos. Por ende, la flora y la fauna del lugar se perdió por completo, todo esto por culpa de Animus the Tyrant . Pero se comenta que hay nativos del planeta que conservaron pequeñas área que conserva la flora del planeta. Pero esos lugares son tan secretos que poca gente conoce, no mas de cuatro y uno de ellos se rumora que es Bey.

2127.06.16 – An old Second Galactic War relic was found by the Meloptra Government of Benzim 6. It has been tampered with and it was a biological weapon used by the Kroath Space military named The Puppeteer. The crew of the GCS Penelope answered the distress signal and were able to help the government stop the treat. The chaos produced by the weapon delayed all production and reforestations efforts been made for a year as the resources had to be used to rebuilt the city.

2127.12 – The political situation on planet Bezhin 6 is a complex one. The Meloptra Government wants to join the Galactic Concord but they can’t get enough votes from the population in a plebiscite to favor that. They have a status of “allied” with the G.C. and also with the Ringunmor Star Consortium. They accept the scientific help from the Isimovan Foundation of Thinkers they are receiving to help fix the ecological damage that the planet has. They are near enough to G.C. and have enough political instability to be a good port for smugglers but the Meloptra Government and their BPF-1 are fans of the Galactic Concord and will use the Galacnet connection (yes Bezhin 6 is connected to the Galacnet) to report anything strange.

2128.05.20 – Bezhin 6 – A hero’s welcome is prepared for Lovotz by the Menoptra Government with the idea of finding favor on his “friend” Ambassador Vosh. The Bezhin Police Force helped the crew of the GCS Penelope to destroy a secret factory of MECHA Paragon (Colossal) that the organization The Future had on planet Bezhin 6.

2128.09.28 – Bezhin 6Grom Animus is freed from his prison on The Tower by his followers and starts a civil war on the planet. The Tyrant’s Army takes Vortis Supply Stations Number 4 and the Central Communication Center. There they interrupt the Galacnet Relay Station and the Menoptra Government Council is unable to call for help to the Galactic Concord. The rest of the key locations are still under the control of the government. Local traffic has been stopped and almost all trade ships have abandoned the planet following a message from the tyrant that he will behead any outsider who helps the current government. Pirate ships from the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate are helping the tyrant performing a blockage of the system. The only starship close enough to help is the GCS Penelope.

2128.10.05 – Bezhin 6 – The Dynamite Gang helped Grom Animus destroy Vortis Power Plant during the attempt by the tyrant’s forces of taking control of Bezhin 6. Later the crew of the GCS Penelope was able to stop his army when they were trying to steal two assault fighters on Vortis Spaceport. At the end of the week, the attempt of conducting a coup was stopped and the pirate fleet had to leave and stop the blockage.

2128.09.30 – Bezhin 6 – The political unrest on the planet has placed the Menoptra Government Council in a difficult position. Even when the Galactic Concord Military was able to scare off the blockage provided by the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate’s pirate fleet, the people of the planet are still uncertain if joining the Galactic Concord is the best path for them. Many people believe that the Bezhin Police Force can solve the “rebel” problem and capture Grom Animus’ army. The Baron’s Army has receded to the mountains and the city is under reconstruction with more than 60% of the basic services working again.

2128.10.01 – Bezhin 6 – The political situation of Bezhin 6 remains unchanged and the civil war continues.

Bezhin 6

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