Church of Betazeth

Church of Betazeth

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.” – Betazeth Chanting

To protect the secrets of the order.
To serve as guides and advisors.
To fulfill our evolution’s destiny.

572AG The Church of Betazeth is born funded by Mother Superia Troy Bene a powerful human telephat.

671AG The Church helps the Emperor to raise into power and organize the Thuldan Empire.

790AG The Church extends their influence to the Ringumor Star Consortium.

907AG The Church has influence over many of the free planets that will latter become the Galactic Concord.

1211AG A small Jidah between the Church of the Necromongers and the Church of Betazeth ends in only five years.

2100AG For the last 900 years the Church has grown in power and gained the respect of many governments but wield more power in the Thuldan Empire where they are advisors to the Emperor.

2127.06 – Thuldan Empire – The Cyber Pirates prove that they have extended their influence to “both sides of the fence” by hacking into the private node of the Church of Betazeth on planet Corona 3. They exposed the information discovered that female children from all planets of the Thuldan Empire and the Ringunmar Star Consortium that had high scores on the PPP Test were been abducted and transported to their temple for some type of secret training. The leaders of the Church claimed that the accusations were false.

2127.07.07 – An investigation by the Galactic Administrators branch of the Galactic Concord has been started to discover the relation between the disappearances of Olarda Rodenger, Dianne E. Zentrick and others and any involvement of the Church of Betazeth in them. Records of a battle on planet Deadwood against three different psionically gifted women that were using Psi-Rings like the ones used by the nuns of this organization are part of the evidence gathered by Judge Lovotz. The two chapters of the Church of Betazeth on the Thuldan Empire and the Ringunmar Star Consortium denied any relation with the so-called “psionic terrorists”. Reverend Mother Aeshia Elle Amanecer spokeswoman from the order declared: “That’s the reason why, our order is devoted to train and develop moral and social rules for the psionic gifted individuals. If the Galactic Concord had agreed with our organization’s views, these kinds of incidents will be unknown off on their dominion like it happens on the planets that have accepted our tutelage.”

2127.07 – Galactic Concord – Larita Shaddy Juno has been appointed as investigator of the Church of Betazeth (RSC Chapter) on the Galactic Concord to investigate the claims of a secret war and abductions made by church operatives. She has been given privilegies as an Ambassador and Investigator.

2127.07.17 – Olarda Rodengene is administered a Psycological Profile test by Doctor Stephen Franklin on GCS Templaria B as part of the investigation. She is found ‘marginally stable’ and the charges and her declaration against theChurch of Betazeth are removed. The investigation about rogue telephats and the scientist continues.

2127.08.10 – The crew of the GCS Penelope are able to capture operatives and evidence of a secret war bettwen an organization known as The Future and the Church of Betazeth. This involved evidence of kidnaps made by both organizations. Church operatives denied their involvement assigning all the blame to Larita Shaddy Juno, but the evidence presented gave a crippling bow to the Church’s reputation.

2127.08.10 – A file with evidence against the Church of Betazeth is sent to Duke Leto Atrides by an encrypted sender. He presented charges on the Thuldan Empire Senate against the Church. Church representatives denied their involvement assigning all the blame to Larita Shaddy Juno, but the evidence presented gave a crippling bow to the Church’s reputation.

2127.09.20 – Cassandrita Samona and Juashekita Treyshon were arrested by the crew of the GCS Icarus as part of a group of psionic operatives that were illegaly working on Galactic Concord space. The hierarchy of the organization denied knowledge of these events but the Galactic Council didn’t accepted and demanded an investigation to the government of the Ringunmar Star Consortium.

The organization trains it’s members to become symbols of obedience and power. They help governments (like the Thuldan Empire) and even become part of their starship’s crews. With roots since the First Galactic War the Sisters of Betazeth train their members to become perfect Diplomats, Nurses and Telephatic Counselors. Inside the Thuldan Empire, where they wield the more power, they can take psionicaly adept children to their temple and train them to become part of the order. But only females become nuns…. Males are never seen again….

Avoiding direct power
The Sisters have chosen to use indirect methodologies to further their goals, rather than wield overt power themselves. They have noted theTaoist principle that whatever rises must fall; and so rather than taking direct control of the human race, instead manipulate the social and political order with subtlety and insinuation, often using extraordinarily long-term stratagems spanning generations. They avoid becoming or seeming too rich or too powerful or indeed revealing the extent of their powers, so as to avoid being seen as overtly responsible for the rise and fall of governments
and empires.

Missionaria Protectiva
The Sisters practice “religious engineering” through a faction called theMissionaria Protectiva,which spreads contrived myths, prophecies and superstition (collectively known as Panoplia Prophetica) among the populations of the Empire. A Sisters may then later take advantage of the prophecies, casting herself as a guide, protector, or some other figure. If you wish to remove this line, buy it now. In fulfillment of the prophecy, in order to manipulate the religious subjects for protection or other purposes. These myths also exploit religion as a powerful force in human society; by controlling the particulars of religion, the Sisters have a manipulative lever on society in general.

The Holy Blade
See more information about The Holy Blade.

Psi Ring – Members receive a special psitech ring with the symbol of the order. This ring function as a symbol of authority but also contains two gadgets a psi Power Crystal (MODp.307) with 5 psionic points. The second gadget is an integrated weapon of torture called a Sanginizer (TECp.22). Ring Stats: Diminutive, 0lbs, P_DC:30 Res(+2).
Reputation – As a member of the order the character gains a +4 reputation bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks. People fear and respect the nuns, knowing that your mind can be read is a incentive for telling the truth.
Respect for the Uniform- The members of the church can use their own uniforms instead of the naval uniforms if they join other organizations. This is done as a respect for their organization.
Save House – Members of the order have a safe house in any temple of the order around the galaxy. This counts as a Save House Contact of level 10.

Members must be females and have levels in the Telephat advance class (MOD) or any other psionic class. Must have one of his Alliances as Church of Betazeth.

Nun – A member of the Church of Betazeth.
Bene Gesserit. – In the Thuldan Empire they are sometimes refered as Bene Gesserit.
Witch – Despective name.

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Church of Betazeth hierarchy

Church of Betazeth

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