Church of the Necromongers

Church of the Necromongers

“Dead is just the beginning!”- Necromonger Motto

To Convert all Living Creatures into Necromongers.
To Purge the Galaxy of the mistake that is life.
To Guide the Necromongers to the Underverse.

1954AG An individual of unknown racial stock traveling alone from planet to planet began a small cult of followers of death.
1201AG The Church of the Necromongers is created by Drazalur(!) the Necromancer that was rumored lived for more than 300 years.
1211AG A small Jihad between the Church of the Necromonger and the Church of Betazedh ends in only five years.
1290AG This dangerous cult was attacked by the Aleerin when the followers of the Necromongers started recruiting “converts” by force in some planets near Roma Aeterna.
2111AG The necromongers are now protected under the Liberty of Rights Laws of the Galactic Concord but they shouldn’t wield more than simple or archaic weapons and cannot have armed vessels.
2126.04.01 A group of five thousand Necromongers that have been travelling in secret to shadow planet Orion 5, under the command of the Necro Twins manipulated the leader, Baron Groceous Gard, in order to build a gigantic spaceship-fortress for their Church. Higher leaders of the church are been questioning regarding the events.
2126.05.06 Four passanger ships of the Sudoku Transport Corporation leave Galactic Concord space and converge in Orbit around planet Elementia with the spaceship fortress. Then the fleet moved to an unknown location. The crew of the GCS Penelope found that some of the church’s officers are vampires.
2126.11.15 – Necromongers attack planet Felinia and almost destroy all Cat Folks. Contaminanting the planet with radiation and killing all who oppose them. The crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Future stop them and the 1 million converted necromongers fleet is destroyed leaving only the survivor leaders and lest than 5,000 necrons. They also discovered that Agent 14 was there influencing them.
2127.01.15 – (26B6) – The GCS Galaxity fights a Necromonger ship that is heading into Sathar Hegemony space. Captain Valerian sends a message directed to that government advising about the danger of the Church. In the confrontation they kill the Necromonger officer named Necromancer.
2127.04.19 – Istanbia – Leaders of the Church of the Necromongers died in an attempt to pillage planet Istanbia. Lord Necron and Lady Akasha bodies are not recovered but they are declared dead. Lord Content Not Found: viktor escaped.

TheNecromonger’s religious beliefs arebeyond bizarre, they aredemonstrably insane. In order to achieve their paradise, the UnderVerse, they are dedicated to setting things right. Unfortunately for everybody that isn’t one of them, the Necromongers consider life itself to be a cosmic mistake, a tragic accident, a cosmic infestation if you will. They are literally a death cult. They practice what they preach by sterilizing themselves when they become Necromongers to prevent themselves from adding to the problem. Consequently, they increase only by conversion, which is easier than it sounds since the only other choice is to be murdered. This is their only function. They are relentless and are too far gone to be reasoned with. They know that their cause is righteous and the only way; they will brook no disagreement.
Their goal is to have a fleet and army big and powerful enough to travel from place to place, planet to planet, and destroy everything they could find. Those that will convert are converted into killing machines themselves. Everyone that won’t is killed. Then the process is repeated somewhere else.

None. Every necromonger starts as something else. Must have one of his Alliances as Church of Necromongers.

You will be turned into a quasi-undead.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [25:19:35]
2126.04.01 – Orion 5 – Due to illegal activities commited by a great number of members of their organization in planet Orion 5, Galactic Concord authorities have issued a communication to interrogate all members of the Church of the Necromongers in regard of the recent events on that planet.
2126.04.07 – Ringunmor Prime – Investigations found that this leader of the Necromongers parted from planet Ringunmor Prime in a passenger ship with about 5,000 of her followers.
2126.04.07 – Roma Prime – Investigations found that this leader of the Necromongers parted from planet Roma Prime in a passenger ship with about 5,000 of her followers.
2126.04.07 – Templaria III – Investigations found that this leader of the Necromongers parted from planet Templaria in a passenger ship with about 5,000 of her followers.
2126.10 – The confirmation that the leaders of the Church of the Necromongers are not only forcing conversion on new members but they are vampires has marked these leaders as targets of the Order of the Silver Light. Knight Shadow Slayers have been dispatched to hunt and kill the monsters for their crimes.
2126.10 – SLC adjusted to [15:09:25]

SLS: Disbanded

2126.04 – Orion 5
2126.10 – Felinia
2127.04.19 – Istanbia

This organization has ensemble a new army.

Sources: Chronicles of Riddick: Necromongers.

Known Members:
Akasha – Spiritual Leader
Necron – Military Leader (deceased)
Viktor – Political Leader (deceased)
Apostolic – Officer
Delkira – Officer (deceased)
Ravi Mansin – Officer (de-converted)
Nikola the Vile – Officer (de-converted)
Necromancer Recruiter (deceased)
Nila Necron Recruiter (arrested) (de-converted)
Nali Necron Recruiter (arrested) (de-converted)

Members stats:
Necromonger Officer
Necromonger Scout
Necromonger Soldier

Necro Conversion Chamber
Necro Feeding Tank
The Voice
Necrotic Implant

Starships and Starbases registered under this fleet:
Lady Death

2128.09 – As narrated by Viktor to Nikola the Vile in Central Point:

“We were masters of the shadows on planet Earth thousands of years ago. We ruled fractions of power battled between ourselves for the control of cities, fought other monsters for the control of territories and human cattle. This were the First and Second Vampire Eras.

We came with the Humans to space and infiltrated their colony worlds. We were on our path to glory in worlds like [[Istanbia], Roma Aeterna, New Saturn, New Neptune, Templaria III and others. This was called the Third Vampire Era.

Then the Order of the Silver Light was created and we were hunted and slayed by the hundreds and the thousands…

Drazalur(!) the Necromancer was the founder of the Church of the Necromongers, he created Content Not Found: akasha_, _Content Not Found: necron and myself. He believed that Vampires should rule over the living races. He, as I am, believed that our immortality was proof enough of our heritage. He had a plan, and we followed it for thousands of years: infiltrate the societies of the living and control them from the shadows, dominating their will, charming them with mystery and tradition. But thousands of years passed and vampires were still a myth and our church wasn’t growing. Nobody knew we were vampires.

Then we created the first quasi-vampire, a quasi-undead, the first The Voice. The individual was already tainted with another evil when Content Not Found: akasha bit him. And something marvelous happened… The Void spoke to us, guided us, and gave us clues on how to grow as a church!

Instead of converting people into vampires one at a time, we can convert people into quasi-vampires dozens at a time. The Necro Conversion Chamber and the formula for the Necro Feeding Tank were built. The people from other races were unaware of our “conversion” process. We were gaining followers by the millions! We gained wealth and built a fleet! We started converting people by the millions!!

Then…. Then the GCS Penelope and the GCS Celeste helped destroy our dream. Ending the Fourth Vampire Era…

We can still rise! We can still conquer! But we have to start again from the shadows…”

Church of the Necromongers

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