Space Pirates stats and starships.
Ghost Market, Ghostnet and Shadow Wealth
Tricks of the Trade

Criminal Organizations:
Agents of the Void (disabled)
Anti-Federation League – Political
Blood Axis – Mafia (cripped)
Church of the Necromongers – Religious (crippled)
Cult of the Cykotek (disabled)
Cyber Pirates
Hole in the Rock Gang – Pirate Fleet
Jupiter Crime Rings – (crippled)
Malthar’s Crime Syndicate
Melange Smuggling Ring – Mafia
Orion Pirate Ring – Pirate Fleet
Piracy Ring – Pirate Fleet
Sathar Hate – Political
The Future – Disabled
The Gulnaz – Undead army.
The Holy Blade – Disabled
Thuldan Slave Ring – Mafia

Criminal Gangs and Pirate Crews: (illegal)
Abatal Gang – Ship & Crew
Acción Mutante – Mercs
Bad Hunters – Mercs
Bagoulin PlainsCentral Point
Blade n Bullets – Dangerous Duo
Blood and Bones – Mercs
Celacanto Crew – Pirate Crew & Ship (disabled)
Chthonic Pack – Religious in the Sathar Hegemony
Cyber Pirates – Hackers on the Galacnet
Da Kranium Lootas – Ork Mercs
Dark Sun Falling – Dropships, Armored Transport & Mercs.
Dynamite Gang – Ship & Crew
Earthkuake – Giants
Fast Watch – Crazy Mercs
Goblin Anarchists Crew – Ship & Crew
Guavatek GuardMalthar’s Crime Syndicate
Helena’s Gang – Disbanded?
HollygrillersCentral Point Dismantled
Ice Pirates – Ship & Crew
Judoon and The Rhino Troop – Mercs from planet Moreau
Kadevras Skulls – Heavy Weapons
Kamunik TribeCentral Point
KISS – Ship & Crew
Macapple Gang – Mafia
Mother n Son – Crime Duo
Mr King and Kong – Terrorists
Nikto Kalipto – Mercs
Old Cykotek – Mercs
Pale Crew – Undead Mercs
Quatuor Mortis – Mercenary Group
Robot Pirate Rocket Crew – Ship & Crew
Shinguz Clan – Mafia
SolMon n Gang
Stormpirates – Ship & Crew
Switchblade Gang – Ship & Crew
Tavlek Brigade – Mercs
The Black Coat Gang – Mafia on planet Moreau
The Eye Tyrant – Ship & Crew (cripped)
The PiktsMalthar’s Crime Syndicate
The PretendersBlood Axis
The RuthlessBlood Axis – dismantled
The Swifter – Ship & Crew.
The Wraiths – Clone Specialists
Time Bandits – Mercs from planet Adamantia
True BelieversBlood Axis
True Mangalorians – Mercs from planet Mangaloria
Twilight Gang – Mercs (disabled)
Vamblin Clan – Assassins from planet Goblinia
Vorcarian Blood Trackers – Mercs from planet Moreau

Mercenaries: (semi legal)
Eerie Group – Ship & Crew
Fearsome Foursome – Mecha
Kilrathi Fleet – Mercenary Fleet
Killmercs – Mercs
Rom and The Wanderers – Ship & Crew
Simon Says Wreck Crew – Specialists
Starjammers – Ship & Crew
The Generals – Specialists
The Gray Crow Company – Ship & Crew (disabled)
The Thirteen Warriors – Ship & Crew
Zardoz – Specialists


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