Cyber Pirates

Cyber Pirates
A group of hackers that attack nodes on the GalacNet.

Motto: “To pillage, steal, drink and kill!”

Objectives: Gain wealth from paydata

Timeline: Unknown

Organization: This group of hackers, shadowjacks and rogue A.I. take control of nodes with enough processing power to build the tools they need to attack other nodes and steal their data. They usually do a run of less than 24 hours and that makes them very difficult to capture. The Cyber Pirates built, maintain and later dismantle the Ghostnet nodes used by criminal elements to do business inside the Galacnet. The biggest node is located on Central Point, the only place where the mayor governments know there is a Ghostnet but they can’t do anything against it. The members of the Cyber Pirates mayor targets are the mayor Corporations.

Advantages: Unknown

Prerequisites: Unknown

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [20:20:30]
2127.06 – Thuldan Empire – The Cyber Pirates prove that they have extended their influence to “both sides of the fence” by hacking into the private node of the Church of Betazeth on planet Corona 3. They exposed the information discovered that female children from all planets of the Thuldan Empire and the Ringunmor Star Consortium that had high scores on the PPP Test were been abducted and transported to their temple for some type of secret training. The leaders of the Church claimed that the accusations were false.

SLS: Pending: Capture.

Source: None.

Cyber Pirates

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