System Name: Whitefall
_Colonized Planets: 1
Star C Type
C[(D)0- – (D)3- ©1- (M)4- (I)7—(K)2]
Class M Planet
_Land Mass: 60%/40%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Humans
_Other Races: Some
_Progress Level: PL6+
_Government Index: Feudal
_Economy Index/Education Level: 10%/10%
_Military Index: Feudal Armies
_Population Index: Low: 30%/20%
_Develop Index: Mining
Deadwood is the fourth planet on Whitefall System. A large percentage of the world is “owned” by a woman named Patience and the other by a man named Virtuous Higgins. Deadwood is said to not be civilization “in the strictest sense.” Criminals like Red Eye, Book, Oblivia and the enigmatic Death has been using Deadwood as their home base for years. Orbitting Deadwood is the local GalacNet Relay Station but few people have galacnet terminals and have to move to the central towns to communicate to other planets. This planet is part of the Frontier Planets of the Galactic Concord.

Important Locations:

2125.12: [ Orto Purell de la Torre ] En Deadwood es un buen lugar para esconderte de la Ley, pero tienes que saber a quien le tienes que pagar para que te ayude. No es bueno meterse con los negocios de los dueños del planeta especialmente con los de Abigail Patience, pero si la ayudas, no se meterá contigo mientras tu no te metas con ella. En un momento fui a llevar una mercancía a un comprador y Clint Westwood me estaba persiguiendo y estuvo a punto de capturarme. Pero con una buena conexión y dinero, me ayudaron a ocultar la mercancía en el lugar correcto. Después de esa me pidieron un par de favores y para mantener los contactos, los tuve que hacer.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – A law recommended by Lovotz and Ambassador Curzon Dax is sign to keep the output of mineral extraction on planet Templaria V-12 under restrictions so that it doesn’t have a negative economical effect on the less technological planet Deadwood. Abigail Patience and Virtuous Higgins are present on the meeting and are made to agree on something for the first time in years.

2127.07.02 – Deadwood – Nandi’s Ranch was destroyed and nine of her people killed by the pirate Black Patch and the crew of The Hook when they were looking for Olarda Rodengene under the payroll of criminal scientist Doctor Syringe. They were eventually captured by the crew of the GCS Penelope three days later. She hid for a few days with the help of Peter Dinklage the local club and casino owner.

2127.07.03 – Deadwood – Sheriff Robert Bootes of Oblivion files a report in the Galactic Concord’s Star Law database about the destruction of Nandis Ranch and accuses Sheriff Rance Burgess of Higgins Fields under the assumption that he had energy weapons of the same type used in the attack. The investigation made by the crew of the GCS Penelope lead to the capture of the real culprits; the crew of the pirate ship The Hook.

2127.07.05 – Deadwood – Under the command of Penelope Ranger, the crew of the GCS Penelope was investigating a lead about a missing person, Olarda Rodengene , on planet Deadwood. They were able to find her and capture the crew of the pirate ship The Hook with the help of local authorities.

2127.09.27 – Deadwood – The crew of the GCS Icarus were in a mission to deliver a new Galacnet Relay Station antenna to the town of Oblivion on North Deadwood. They encounter that someone related to the secret organization The Future had released a nest of Grendelspawn on the colonists. They destroyed the nest and saved the survivors. The Galactic Concord rebuilded Oblivion.


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