Dynamite Gang

Dynamite Gang
This small gang of specialized mercenaries have made their appereance recently around the Templaria System.
Dynamite Gang:
Group Reputation: * + 7 *
Group Contacts: (total levesl equal Group Reputation)
_Crow (lvl.1)– Gather Information (On the Galactic Concord)
_Conrad (lvl.5) – Fixer
_Lazzent (lvl.1) – Starship Tech dealer
Headquarters: Level N + 9 on Central Point
Affiliation: Malthar’s Crime Syndicate

Group Wealth: * + 39 *
_Monthly Expenses:
__Marines: P_DC: 29
__Specialists (Chief Gunner, Pilot, Assist. Engineer, Assist. Medic) : P_DC: 29
__Others (10) P_DC: 27
__TOTAL Monthly Expenses: P_DC: 33

Starship: Gray Crow
_Cargo Capacity: 150 tons
_Cargo Manifest: None
Refueling Cost: 35 + 1 per RF expended
_Refueling Factor: 9

Known Members:
*Captain Dianne Kubiac – An inestable ex-military female dog moreau from planet Moreau. Sometimes goes by the alias Betty Black.
*Charlotte/Mila Ultra 113 – A dangerous clone assassin from planet CorpWorld. Mila 113 changes her name to Charlotte Winx. She’s the Captains Bodyguard.
*First Officer Kran’Kiz’kosh – Dual Laser-Pistol Scientist.
*Chief Engineer Irymer- An Aleeriens weapons crafter. Sometimes uses the hacker name Technomancer.
*Helm Officer Cath-Palug Monroe – A jewel’s thief imported from planet Moreau. Sometimes uses the thief alias Shadow Cat.
*Chief Medical Officer Nikola the Vile – An illegal necromancer from planet Estormia 2. Has used the alias Teodoro Lord of the Flies.
*Alia Ravenhell – Mecha Operator with bad aiming.
*Ziz Eris – Strange Space Creature. Quartermaster.

Other Crew Members:
*Aligs – Medurr Marine.
*Amarkius – Ex-Silver Knight with bad luck.
*Brick Goober – Dwarf Assistant Engineer.
*Greed – Luciferian Priest & Assistant Medic.
*Guy Horman – Former assistant medic, killed.
*Irmor – Cat Folk heir and pilot. (deceased)
*Kroc – Medurr Marine.
*Ron Pitbull – Kobold ex-merc and Chief Gunner.
*Selene O’Hara – pilot
*Vengance – Luciferian lawyer diabolist.

Marine Troop:
Moral of Troops: + 3
*Time Bandits – 39
The Time Bandits have been upgraded with Laser Rifles that have +1 AB and 3d8 of Damage. The also have 20 Rocket Launchers.


Star Law Classification:
SLC: [15:07:39]
2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Mutiny. Stealing a Galactic Concord Military Starship. Assassination of Maria Vazquez. Kidnapping of GC officers Sheeba and Aroisarit .
2127.12.03 – Sauria – Assassination of Aroisarit.
2128.02.19 – Ciden II – Kidnapping, Assassination
2128.03.05 – Ringunmor Star Consortium frontier – Assassination, attacking RSC Marines, stealing (for the second time) the GCS Icarus.
2128.05 – ReDlof Wen – Stealing Blurite cargo and an old starship the Flicker.

They are known to had headquarters on Central Point as part of the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate pirate fleet.

All members of the group are accounted for the charges until capture and further investigation is completed. Pirate base hasn’t been found. Allies hasn’t been identified.

2127.08.26 – Templaria III – Crow from the Blood Axis hired the Dynamite Gang to damage a pirate ship and capture its captain. The gang is succesful in wounding and killing 12 crew members of the Arkos Drex and delivering a unconcious Captain Drex to Crow.( * )

2127.08.28 – Templaria III – A group of 8 morian mercenaries with illegal equipment and a more illegal lab to precess Melengue were destroyed by the Dynamite Gang. ( ** )

2127.08.29 – Templaria III – The DG gains more notoriety as they became friends with Crow The Enforcer and meet Big Boss.

2127.10.07 – Materia – The Dynamite Gang got together with their new associate, Conrad, in their new line of business, piracy. Their first risky job was to scam the chief of a mining operation.

2127.12.03 – Sauria – The Dynamite Gang are able to scam Cornal on planet Sauria and stole a cargo hold full of dilitium crystals. ( * )

2127.12.23 – Narn – Using his influence and contacts N’barnem acquires a lot of 40 tons of Dilithium Crystals stolen by the Dynamite Gang on planet Sauria. He is able to do all transactions without the Travian Police discovering his illegal activities. Orto Purel serves as intermediary for the transaction.

2127.12.23 – Narn – Ruborico Estellar Chivone was conducting business with Traybor of Estornia, Captain of the Pirate Starship the Red Devil, when the Dynamite Gang attached his mansion on planet Narn and stole a map with the secret location of a batch of laser rifles hidden on Cocco’s Moon.

2127.12.24 – Narn – The Dynamite Gang capture the Red Devil and the crew members that they didn’t kill during the battle. The also lost the Icarus at the hand of a few Galactic Concord officers and begins a pursuit through Shadow Space.

2128.01.04 – Scrantos Delta – The Dynamite Gang steal information from the local information dealer, Edmund Blackadder II. They also hire two strong Medurr mercs.

2128.01.19 – Blood Nebula – Due to a series of unforgettable mistakes, the Red Devil crashes through a wormhole and end in planet Inferno were the Dynamite Gang have to understand the natives in order to get the replacements. The three day delay is an advantage for Vrox Drox and the escaping Icarus.

2128.02.09 – K-19 – Following the wrong signal, the Red Devil lands on a planet infected with Arachnids and have to fight their way out.

2128.02.19 – Ciden II – The Dynamite Gang lands on the miner’s colony on Ciden II to steal some replacement parts to fix th Red Devil’s engine. They find the starship Gray Crow of the The Gray Crow Company using some type of genetically modified monsters to attack the miners. They destroy the monsters and steal the Gray Crow killing part of its crew and abducting 11 children from the colony.

Forty-five 45 days have passed since Vrox Drox was able to trick the Dynamite Gang and recover the GCS Icarus. The crew of the Icarus is now composed of Captain Sheeba, the AIM Icarus Ranger, four recently repaired GC Combat Support Robots and Vrox Drox itself.

On the other hand, the Dynamite Gang has make an alliance with Captain Traybor and the crew of the Red Devil. “You don’t need to like me to be my ally, I don’t need to hate you to stab you in the back.” The Star Devil is understaffed with 11 pirates of his normal crew of 16. His marines are 12 zombies and two medurr mercenaries. This totals area added to the Dynamite Gang members and two other recruits from the Star Devil’s gallows.

This chase has crossed a few light years and the GCS Icarus is right inside the Ringunmor Star Consortium’s space. The RSC has an alliance with the Galactic Concord and the starship closer to the GCS Icarus has come to rescue her. The captain of the RSC Exhuberant, Lord Hydeand Queranos, has heard about a reward for the rescue of Captain Sheeba, daughter of Princess Stella of Amazonia. He also knows that there are other rewards for the recovery of the GCS Icarus and its AIM.

The RSC EXhuberant is a big ship, a Mediumweight (5,000hps) Strike Cruiser, but is at the other side of an asteroid belt and the GCS Icarus needs to cross the obstacles before the Red Devil boards him.

2128.03.04 – Ringunmor Star Consortium frontier – After an elaborate ruse the Dynamite Gang were able to steal again the GCS Icarus but the remaining crew of the Galactic Concord starship escaped with half a dozen hostage children from planet Ciden II. Captain and Lord Hydeand Queranos, Admiral of the Twelve Fleet, Captain of the RSC Exhuberant, and the Regent’s brother-in-law, used his Warhammers Marines to rescue Captain Sheba from the pirates provoking the criminals to kill three of the hostages anf the footage of the incident was broadcast through the Galacnet.

2128.03.05 – Captain Traybor of Estornia agrees to recommend the Dynamite Gang to Lucifer Yurack the actual Fleet Captain of the Piracy Ring. He recommends that the Gray Crow goes and finds a full crew first before their meeting with Lucifer Yurack. Planet Bezhin 6 is a good choice for that at the moment, a port where to fix the ship, hire a crew and rest a little.

2128.03.05 – The Gray Crow Company is placed under investigation and closed by the Galactic Concord. It is suspected that all members were killed by the Dynamite Gang.

2128.03.19 – Bezhin 6 – The Dynamite Gang make dealings with Khopa Hopper and Furlow for the refit of the Gray Crow using vital components of the GCS Icarus and then disposing of the Galactic Concord starship. They are able to use a Ghostnet node controlled by the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate to contact freelancers around the Neutral Zone and hire the crew they need for the Gray Ghost.

2128.03.26 – The Malthar’s Crime Syndicate hired the Dynamite Gang to clean up a sewer of Chemical Golems. Inside a secret vault they found more than a hundred Karezoids in cryogenic animation and the chemicals were giving the creatures a special resistance to fire. They were part of a secret project of the Tyrant Grom Animus that was left undiscovered after the revolution. The fixer for this mission, Hopper, gave a good recommendation to the Dynamite Gang and send them to meet the Malthar himself on planet Tattoine 4.

2128.04 – Ph’Asha to the Dynamite Gang: "The Malthar is happy with your performance, you can have this space on the station for your own use. Accommodate your crew, modify the place as you see fit. The former owners (Hollygrillers) are not very happy with the decision so my recommendation is that you watch your backs. The Malthar likes people that could solve their own problems without showing weakness." Level N + 9.

2128.04.01 – Thuldan Empire – The Dynamite Gang working for the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate attack the starship TF Cyrannian-18 and steal its cargo.

2128.04.28 – Vengance and his brother Greed are hired as members of the crew of the Gray Crow by the Dynamite Gang.

2128.04.28 – Central Point – The members of the Dynamite Gang have to hunt down and kill almost all members of the merc group called the Hollygrillers who had a vendetta against them. During that time they are able to avoid a confrontation with the “swifth justice” of the Kamunik Tribe and to prepare their quarters. Only Deacon Condor survives and escapes.

2128.06 – Central Point – The Malthar’s Crime Syndicate is very happy of the resolution of the last mission performed by the Dynamite Gang. Captain Dianne Kubiac performance is seen as “something that pleases the Great and Wise Malthar”. Thanks to the gang, the Malthar was able to make Orno Vush suffer for trying to double cross him.

2128.07 – Central Point – The Malthar of the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate receives information about a traitor in his ranks from the disappeared Orlanda. The message arrives in Orlanda Data Cube and accuses Captain Dianne Kubiac of the Dynamite Gang of still been working with the Galactic Concord. The Malthar immediately places a bounty of 50,000 credits over Kubiac’s head and everybody on the stations starts hunting her. Killbot is one of the bounty hunters that follows and almost catches Kubiac. At the end acting captain Kran’Kiz’kosh and the rest of the Dynamite Gang help their captain by presenting the Malthar with evidence of Kubiac desertion and crimes.

2128.07.01 – Central Point – The crew of the Dynamite Gang search The Lowers of Central Point for Orlanda Data Cube and find a few monsters and a crazy Deacon Condor who is helping Orlanda A.I. in her joined quest for revenge against the Dynamite Gang. Two members of the Dynamite Gang are clever devious enough to trick Orlanda A.I., Ziz Eris and Vengance. She knows now not to trust anything that they said. The cube is now in the hands of Irymer who captain Dianne Kubiac assigned the task of hacking the PL9 computer to be turn her into their slave.

Dynamite Gang

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