Elohim Data Crystals

Elohim Data crystal
The Elohim Empire used a type of data crystals not unlike the Blurite used by current PL7 civilizations. They built some of their data storage device in the shape of an ornament like the one shown above. To be able to read the information on a Elohim Data Crystal, an interface machine has to be built to be able to communicate with the C-Tech device (Craft Electronics DC:30). The crystal must be hacked to get the information (Computer USE DC:30) the data must be decipher (Decipher Script DC: 20). All these checks have a penalty of – 4 if the persons doing these don’t have the Elohim language and another – 4 because the technology is PL8.

2128.07 – DoorworldOrto Purell de la Torre activates a Elohim Data Crystals that belonged to the secret collection of Reed Moebius. The related data is presented under Elohim Empire.

2128.08 – Central Point – On planet Inferno the brothers Greed and Vengance found a Elohim Empire data crystal but it was partially broken and cannot be read. Because they have PL5 on planet Inferno they needed to find people with more Progress Level and machines to repair it by regenerating the crystal. After the repair they need to decipher the Elohim Data Crystals in order to understand the information. The information found on the data crystal was about the experiments done by the Elohim Empire on planet Inferno.

2128.09 – Doorworld – An Elohim Data Crystal that was found by T’ky Cameron’s ancestors on planet Doorworld reveals that the Elohim Empire had a mayor loss of military hardware and personnel during a secret experiments with a machine made by one of the two teams working on planet Inferno. The crystal was partially damage and spoke about the Phoenix Fleet.

2128.07.01 – Central PointIrymer, Vengance and Greed of the Dynamite Gang are able to hack another Elohim Data Crystals sent to them by Orto Purell de la Torre and discover the coordinates of both laboratories in planet Inferno with an schematic of each lab that includes access points. In this crystal the secretive Elohim Ferro Lab 2 is called “The Ancients Revenge T.C. – E.C.” whatever that means.

2128.06.01 Inferno – Crystal #1 (small sized), found at Elohim Ferro Lab 1 on Planet Inferno by Orto Purell de la Torre.
The crystal is divided into two frames of data. The first is security data from the Elohim Empire security system at Elohim Ferro Lab 1:

  • 2127.12.12 – New Entry 1 was written six months ago it presents agents of The Future tampering and retrieving data and sending it via long range communications to the organization.
  • 2127.12.12 – New Entry 2 was written the same day the Nestor Clone Crew intruders tampered with the vault. A signal was sent to planet Petra with a coded package of data.
    The second frame of data is on Elohim technology used for reproduction: Zinomed Compound and Elohim Embryo Chamber.

2128.06.01 Inferno – Crystal #2, found at Elohim Ferro Lab 2 on Planet Inferno by the crew of the GCS Penelope. It contains some information on Elohim Timeless Engine, LiFinesh Device and LiStertesh Engine.

2128.06.01 Inferno – Crystal #3, found at Elohim Ferro Lab 2 on Planet Inferno by the crew of the GCS Penelope. It contains the stats for: Phoenix Fleet, Elohim Empire Dreadnaught, Elohim Soldier and Elohim Officer. It also contains stats on Elohim Personal Equipment: Elohim Energy Armor, Elohim Flame Shield and Elohim Flame Sword.

Elohim Data Crystals

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