Elohim Empire

Elohim Empire
The Elohim Empire is one of four mayor governments that existed more than 20,000 before the First Galactic War (BG). The other three empires were destroyed or almost destroyed in a thousand years war. The name of the empires and their fate is unknown as the Elohim wrote history to their convenience.
The Elohims from planet Elementia used elemental technology ( E-Tech ) . Fire, Water, Air and Earth were shaped to their wishes. Their weapons could generate heat and fire and they could project fire from their own body. They were believed to have the equivalent of PL7 in that technology but many theorized that they reached PL9 with some of their inventions.
Somewhere in their expansion era they found The Void and were corrupted by it. Some believe that they were corrupted before that era and that The Void commanded them to expand and slave many races.
Gardhyi, T’sas and Sathars were the first three races slaved. Other three races were completely destroyed and their planets plundered from all resources by the Elohim. They were races in the verge of PL5 and easy catch for the Elohims.
Vios, Fraals and Okulans were already exploring the galaxy and were smart enough to avoid the Elohim and stay out of their way. As the Elohim prefer to conquer less powerful races, they were ok for a while.
Then, 5,000 years BG the N’sss appeared. Nobody knew where they came from but their knowledge of biotech made them powerful enemies for the Elohims. 2,000 BG the N’sss and the Aleerin joined forces and freed the slave races. They found other races like the Medurrs and the Yazirians. The N’sss built their secret weapon The Kroaths. The Order of the Silver Light learned from the N’sss secret knowledge and hunted the remaining Elohims.

The Elohim Empire was no more.
Elohim Officer
Elohim Soldier

Known Planets of the Elohim Empire
Elohim Empire Name – Current Planet Name – Elohim Function
• Elementia – Elementia – Breeding Planet
• Ferro – Inferno – Unknown
• Gardh – Gardh – Slave Planet
• Gra’afite – Ki’inroh – Slave Planet
• L’Phyre – Doorworld – Unknown
• Nis – N’sBiotech R&D Planet (This one is not on the Codex Galactica Catalog)
• Petra – Petra – Unknown
• Rai – Estormia 2 – Energy R&D Planet
• Sanvorg – Sanvorg – Electronics R&D Planet
• Xili’iquite – Aleer – Slave Planet, Electronics R&D Planet
• XJ-3 – XJ-3 – Slave Planet

Elohim Technology
Archaeologist have studied the remaining ruins of the Elohim Empire and have declared that the Elohims were masters of Elemental Technology or Elemental Magic. The Elohim, conquered many races and terraformed many planets during their several thousand years of reign. The planets they conquer, colonized or terraformed were used to fuel their gigantic starships and cities. They used volcanic planets to create “birth pools” were more Elohim could be born using a type of genetic engineering that produced a thousand Elohim from a single set of cells. This way, they will always have soldiers to conquer new worlds.

E-Tech It is known that many of the Elohims Technology can be sentient (like the elementals) and that they will be inherent evil like their masters were. The Aleerin Empire combined elemental technology with their own cybernetics to create the Etoiles and that ended in the destruction of planet Sanvorg and the fall of their empire.

The Elohim Empire also studied and copied technology from different older races (The Ancients) like The Timeless, The Glassmakers. The Celestials and The Collectors.

The Elohims were masters of E-Tech and C-Tech but they were also masters of at least two different types of magic Elemental Magic and Enochian Magic. The following are pieces of technology known to be Elohim:
_ Elohim Astronomical Computer
_ Elohim Combat Cruiser
_ Elohim Crystal Enhancer
_ Elohim Data Crystals
_ Elohim Elemental Ignition Bomb
_ Elohim Embryo Chamber
_ Elohim Energy Armor
_ Elohim Flame Shield
_ Elohim Flame Sword
_ Elemental Gem
_ Elohim Photon Shield Elemental Crystal
_ Elohim Power Disk
_ Elohim Timeless Engine
_ Elohim Empire Dreadnaught
_ Elohim Weather Control Device
_ EloNet
_ LiFinesh Device
_ LiStertesh Engine
_ Rings of Elemental Command
_ Zinomed Compound

The Elohim Empire data crystal encounter on planet Doorworld had a catalog of planets that were survey by the empire and marked as suitable for been used to develop Elemental Magic or for breeding purposes. The majority of the planets on the catalog are the same that the Galacnet has in their historical data files from the First Galactic War but there is one that is unknown to the general public. In their catalog there is an entry for a planet the Elohim called Niis and there is information about the planet. The planet was marked as “barely suitable for breeding in small numbers” and “non-ready for elemental magic but can be used as a R&D lab for Biotech”. The coordinates of the planet are 40D2.

According to an Elohim Data Crystals Planet Inferno on coordinates 36B2 was named Ferro by the Elohim Empire and was the site of a series of experiments using the Luciferians. The Luciferians were abducted by the Elohims from another dimension. During the experiments the Elohims recorded information from different realities and worlds. One of those words was one like planet Earth in the 1950’s. That information was the one used by the Luciferians to create their culture when the Elohims were destroyed and the surviving Luciferians rebuilt the planet Inferno. Is unknown what the Elohims were trying to accomplish with these experiments. The planet Ferro is labeled in the Elohim Empire catalog as “Dual R&D Lab Planet”. Because the history logs of the Luciferians (inaccurate but the only we have) tell about their interdimensional origin, the question is What was the second lab on planet Inferno for?

Planet Inferno during the Elohim Empire rule was the site of two Research and Development Laboratories:
Elohim Ferro Lab 1Inferno
Elohim Ferro Lab 2Inferno

Other Laboratories or Vaults that belonged to the Elohim Empire that has been found are:
Elohim LPhyre Embryo VaultDW-71 System
Elohim Elementia VaultElementia
Etoile LaboratorySanvorg

Elohim Empire

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