Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault

Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault
A vault filled with the remaining Elohim Embryo Chambers left after the First Galactic War destroyed all remaining Elohims members of the Elohim Empire. Is location is theorized to be on the DW-71 System.

It is located in planet Vaporworld on the DW-71 System. It contains 10, 000 Elohim Embryo Chambers each containing 1,000 seeds to create Elohims. It was built by General of Preservation Apllo also known as Michael Apollo more than 2,000 years ago.

The planet also has a Doomsday Device who will destroy all the planets in this system to save the embryos.

2128.09.01 – GCS Templaria B – Doctor Shuvers Aellyez recruits the help of Jadzi Dax and Miles Edward O’Brian to hack into a Elohim Data Crystals that Orto Purell de la Torre gave him. The data crystal had the coordinates and schematics of the Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault located miles deep in planet Vaporworld.

Facility Stats:
Physical: AC: 10, Hd: 10, HP: 200.
Computer Use (DC30)
Disable Device (DC:30)

Facility Description:
Each level is gigantic and has different tunels, open spaces, stairs and conenctions between themselves.
Stairs – All individual stair are 1’ to 0.5’ depth, 20’ width.
Green Screens – Connects to volcanic matter. Lava can be seen moving behind them.
Floors – Made of different materials: stone, marble, slate and glass.

Section A
Section A: Center Stairs – Section A and Section B
Section A: Hexagon – Section A and Section C and Section D
Section A: Main Hall – Connects
Section A: East Corridor

Section B
Section B: Entrance –
Section B: Center Stairs – Section A and Section B
Section B: Main Hall – Acid Rainer production

Section C
Section C: Pyramid / GYM (Growth Yield Machinery) – Crawfordsville Monster Production
Section C: Tank Line / Hexagon – Doomsday Machine

Section D
Section D: Stairs – End in the machinery to manually open the lava valves.
Section D: Living Pods – Embryo Vault


Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault

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