System Name: Felini 132
Star F Type
_Colonized Planets: 1
F[(D)0 – (A)1 – (N)1- (M)3- (A)1 – (K)2]
Class M Planet
_Land Mass: 53%/30%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Cat Folk
_Other Races: Humans
_Progress Level: PL6
_Government Index: Tribal
_Economy Index/Education Level: 35%/45%
_Military Index: Deep Space Fleet
_Population Index: Under: 10%/10%
_Develop Index: Trade World
Felinia – This trade world is the home of the cat folk, they are organized in tribes with individual tribe names like Aslan, Cait, Kzint, Kilrathi, Lyran, Felini, Tigra, Humbassa and Thundharia. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward clan and family honor. They accept everything and everyone that is able to pay the right price for what is selling but dislike imprudent people that intrudes in their personal, family or tribal lives. Traders come and go to Felinia different small cities to trade with them furs, jewels and clothing that are sold of planet as luxury items. Many cat folk had brought starships themselves to be the one who sells their tribe’s treasures off world. Cat folk cities are a beautiful place to see, not a building above five floors, all filed with music, colors and extravaganza. Cat folk try to use the least technology they can on their daily lives. They have a special love for cooking, sewing, and making jewels by hand. This planet is part of the Frontier Planets of the Galactic Concord.

Cat folks are very individual people who don’t believe in marriage or any other type of lifelong commitment. At a very young age, catfolk couples from different clans find themselves have a brief ceremony and they stay together until they procreate and their children are born. After that each partner chooses half of the kittens and part to raise them in their own clan. Even when they respect and love each other, the two sides of the family are apart sometimes without seen each other again. Elders take care of the children and the young catfolk continue their travels and adventures. The young ones use terms like “father” and “mother” as a recognition of who is their predecessor but normally their emotions are toward the elders who raised them.

Cat Folk Expressions:
The term for people you love and consider close family is “nia’ash” which literally translates as “closer than my fur”. They have other terms like “carving you a scar”, that roughly means “I’m going to wound you with artist pleasure” and is usually used as a treat to someone that is getting on your nerves. A person that doesn’t understand his social position and is trying to go over another catfolk of power is “raising his short hair”. A cat folk that prefers his cat form over his humanoid form is called a “mufrow”. A cat folk that has forgotten to fight with his claws is called a “clipper”. A person that is trying to win the favor of another is “licking another’s mane”. The lifespan of a cat folk is expressed in “deads” from which the catfolk is entitled to seven or nine depending on how lucky and how many dangers he finds. So a young catfolk with three deads is considered “ahead on life” or “looking for many deads”. Catfolks don’t place themselves in the path of danger to achieve this status, is just a way of stating his luck to other catfolk.

The Cat Folk Clans:
_ Aslan – The Aslan Clan was one of politicians and lawmakers. They are still asking the Galactic Concord for a new planet for all the clans of Felinia. They have moved to The Two Sol Systems.
_ Cait – The heir of Clan Cait is Prince Tegromor but he refused his post for other interests. The Cait were almost extinguished when the Church of the Necromongers attacked Felinia and they had to be assimilated by the more numerous Clan Humbassa.
_ Felini – A clan known for their traditional values and love of the arts and culture. They became space merchants.
_ Humbassa – Prince Bluma’ar is the current leader of the Humbassa after he deposed the appointed Prince Irmor. They are now located at Central Point.
_ Kilrathi – Prince Kilrathich is the leader of the two clans Kilrathi and Kzint. As warrior clans he has acquired a small fleet of medium and lightweight starships and is moving to become a mercenary clan.
_ Kzint – Another clan that became almost extinct. They were assimilated inside the Kilrathi.
_ Lyran – The Lyran Clan have moved back to the Mana System. They now live on Merlin port waiting for a decision from the magical government.
_ Thundharia – Prince Leono is the clan leader of this clan. His people and the Tondeer are hopeful that they could be the saviors of their race.
_ Tigra – Represented by Queen Blaxican who moved the complete tribe to planet Bellerophon.
_ Tondeer – The Tondeer clan was destroyed and assimilated by the Thundharia clan.

1628 – Thirteen groups of Cat Folks escape from the Mana System. They were tired of been their spies and thieves slaves to the Magicians will and constructed a series of laws and a Collar of the Thirteen Tribes to represent their alliance. In the fertile planet they multiply rapidly.

2120 – Felinia – Planet Felinia joins the Galactic Concord and becomes a Frontier Planet exporting specialized goods and crafted jewels and fabrics on their own fleet of merchant starships.

2126.10.30 – The Church of the Necromongers attack planet Felinia and start a systematic destruction of all the cities forcing their “conversion” on the survival Cat Folks. The GCS Penelope and the GCS Future are the first to arrive and start an offensive against the ship Lady Deaththat help the Galactic Concord Military destroy the Necromonger Fleet and save the remaining Cat Folks.

2127.12 – Felinia – The Six Days Terraforming Corporation is studying the planet Felinia to help on the cleaning of the planet from all the radiation and poisons left by the Church of the Necromongers. They find out that they can clean the planet in 50 years and are getting ready to do so. The Galactic Counsel signs the contract.

2128.03 – New Terra – The Galactic Counsel is deciding about the fate of planet Felinia and the Cat Folks. The Cat Folks clans have been scattered around the Galactic Concord and are making trouble. Aslan and Feline are doing manifestations on planets New Terra and Merlin, respectively. Thundharia is preparing a fleet to go to Shadow Space and find a new colony. Kilrathi is preparing a fleet to work as mercenaries. Feline claims to be merchants but are thieves and spies. Tigra is expending their millions of credits on planet Bellerophon and Humbassa has become a pleasure clan on Central Point.

2128.06 – GCS Templaria B – Judge Lovotz is contacted by Ambassador Matilda Amidalius asking for help on the Cat Folk Question. Lt Jg Mirns, a key piece to solve this problem, had to contact many of the Cat Folks Clan Leaders to try to reach an agreement. She contacted her consort Tegromor on planet Osiris to have the option of using his planet as a temporary colony until Felinia is fixed. They are able to convince Aslan, Thundaria, Tigra, Lyran and Kilrathi to compromise to a better solution.

2128.06 – Central Point in a direct link from GCS Templaria B Lt Jg Mirns is able to speak to her son Irmor and Prince Bluma’ar of the Humbassa. Bluma’ar declares that he has the Collar of the Thirteen Tribes and that he can do whatever he wants.

2128.07.10 – OsirisMirns of the Cait, sends the Collar of the Thirteen Tribes to her consort Tegromor on planet Osiris to force him to receive the other clans in his planet and care for them for 50 years. Whit the majority of the Cat Folks united, the Galactic Concord has to gave them back their planet Felinia when the terraforming process is completed in 50 years.


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