GCS Jovian One Military Platform

GCS Jovian One Military Platform
The asteroid known as Jovian One Military Platform or Jone’s Platform – originally designated Moon XXVI – is the central police headquarters of the planetary military force in charge of patrolling the New Jupiter area. Commander Frank Murphy is in charge of the base and his second on command is Mayor John Altarian, both were born on New Jupiter and both are career officers with a decent military record. Jone’s has capacity for 100 ultralight starships usually fighters, shuttles, troop transports and star law starships. The full compliment is of 500 soldiers and support personnel. Secundary “stations” are located in different moons but they all report to Jovian One. Is part of the Galactic Concord Military Fleet.

2126.03.30 – Mayor John Altarian is promoted to Commander and given the assigment of Jovian One Military Platfoprm after the retirement of Commander Frank Murphy.

Type: Superheavy (Colossal)
Subtype: Military Base
Crew: 800
Pass: 2000

Crew Manifest:
Commander John Altarian

GCS Jovian One Military Platform

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