Genetech – This company is famous because of what happened on the Third Galactic War (See Genetech Fiasco) Genetech no longer exists but there are still ruins of their installations on different planets including planet Moreau. See the entry for UniCorp. [Source: Genetech (MOD, FUTp45)]
Mnemonic: GENE
Corporation Index(Level/Rep/Wealth): 00/00/00
Central Offices/Area of Operations: Moreau/None

Genetech Fiasco
Genetech Fiasco – An attempt by the GeneTech Corporation to create an army during the last Galactic War and become a mayor player. They built their own army of altered humans and other races. They grow an army of humanoids altered with animal DNA known today as “the Moreau”. Their soldier slaves rebelled against their masters and took control of the planet. Genetech bombarded them from orbit trying to destroy their own creations. The genetically engineered Moreaus army revolt and destroyed GeneTech. After this incident no corporation can have their own army and the original planet of Genetech become planet Moreau.

Unification DNA Theory
Even when all the moreaus are made with DNA from different animals, or basic stocks of animals, there are rumors that all the moreaus were cloned from the same human’s DNA samples. This started as a rumor from one of the few Genetech’s scientist that survived the Third Galactic War that talked about that but had no evidence. The Moreau Affiliation Movement took DNA samples of different moreau racial stocks and compare them but they couldn’t achieve any final conclusions. They claim that there is some resemblance but there have been many generations of moreau between the original cloned batch and the present tribes and there has been mutations and natural selection process that has varied the DNA. Without the original files and samples (that were lost on planet Moreau at the moment of the bombing) there is no evidence to prove this theory.

See planet Moreau for a related timeline of events.


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