-Here we will make reference to campaign terminology for the players to get used to the idea of a Science Fiction campaign.

Glossary of Terms
• A.I. – Artificial Intelligence. The brain used by robots also known as Artificials.
• Ace – A slang for an excellent pilot, specifically of light and/or ultralight starships or planetside vehicles. Orto Purell de la Torre is considered an “Ace” Pilot.
Adamantium – One of the three more valuable and scarce materials in the known galaxy. Is used for the most strong of armors and weapons. Only found on planet Adamantia.
Adapted Ones – Humans or other races that have adapted to a planetary condition due to centuries of exposition to extreme environment. They could also have changed or adapted culturally and in some physical features in that environment. If they where original humans they are also known as Neo Humans. This is a race that has adapted to planetary conditions. Use the Planetary Packages on the Future Player Companion: Tomorrow‘s Foundation (page.10) or the Feat Planetary Adaptation listed in d20 Future. Acuans, Andorians, Bajorian, Cardassians, Demians, Dulxars, Klingons, Letans, Materians, Maulians, Posians, Ravers, Tornians, Vortas and Vulcans.
Altered Ones- Humans or other races that are the results of experimentation or altered using genetical engineering. Clones, Franks, Moreaus and individuals that have been subjected to gene therapy are considered altered. Also known as In-Vitro. The following are slangs used to reffer to people who are artificially born or enhanced: Altered ones, Franks, New-man, In-Vitro.
The Ancients – “Those who came before all us.” That race or group of races that were in the galaxy before the First Galactic War and the Elohim Wars. Rumored to have control of the Galaxy ten of thousands of years ago. Poorly preserved ruins of the Ancients are found all around the galaxy and are considered very valuable.
Arachnids – A habitant of the Kalmathu Planets.
Artificials – The official name of all robots with Artificial Intelligence or without.
A-Tech – Robotic or cybernetic technology usually related to the Aleerin Empire during the Galactic Wars. Also used to refer to their war experiments (like the Etoile) or advanced technology of Progress Level 8.
Bat’LetH Sword – The Klingons’ s Sword.
• Betajulius – A measure of energy equivalent to one point of on an Energy Pack of a Weapon or other gear.
• BlueC – Abbreviation for Blurite Crystal, the material used to create sensors, communicators and computers.
• Borg – A slang for a cyborg or a member of the Cult of the Cykotek.
• Bot – A slang for a robot.
• Bug – Nickname used to talk about an Arachnid of Kalmathu but also used as a nickname for any other insectoid race. See Arachnids.
• Central – A slang for a planet or group of planets in the center of the Galactic Concord space that have benefits for been close to one another. They are more protected, have the better trade routes, good progress levels, etc. Also a slang for someone from those planets. “He’s a central.” “He has a central attitude.” Also known as Core Planet. The higher echelons of command back on Earth, respected but often considered meddlesome, inefficient and out of touch with the facts of frontier life. The term also refers to the distant core of human civilization in general.
Church of Betazeth – Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
Church of the Necromongers – Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
• Cobort – A slang for a robot familiar, cohort or companion.
Codex Galactica – The encyclopedia of everything known to the Galactic Concord planets. Accessible via the Galacnet, in pocket versions and as a computers software. (FPEp.39)
Galactic Concord Administrator – The Administrator is an agent of the Galactic Council that goes beyond the border into shadow planets and into other government’s territory if needed. It has the authority to be Diplomat, Judge, Policeman and Commander of a starship of the Galactic Concord Fleet. Only a few are chosen to be Concord Administrators and they receive the full support of their superiors. Only once that they are degraded and they can never return to that branch. (FUTp.50)
• Credit – The interchange monetary value unit established by the Galactic Concord. Other units exists like Megacredit for a million credits and so on.
Cult of the Cykotek – Organization.
Cybernetics – By this era, cybernetics has become a mostly safe science. Flaws in earlier designs have been corrected. Cybernetics becomes more of a status symbol, and luminous skin grafts become the fashion accessory of choice. In some societies, newborn children are implanted with identity chips as an anti-kidnapping measure. Military applications include replacement eyes with heads-up targeting and GPS displays. Insurance regulations relax considerably toward cybernetic replacements at Progress Level 7; enhancements are perfectly acceptable, though only as part of a prosthetic, rather than as elective cyber-surgery. Still, most cyborgs are members of military or law-enforcement organizations—or mercenaries.
• Cyborg – An individual that has installed many cybernetic implants.
• Daggit – Dog (Battlestar Galactica)
• Daggit Dribble – Figures of speech, a term used to condemn falsehood. (Battlestar Galactica)
• Ducat – Ticket (Battlestar Galactica)
Elohims – A member of the now extinct Elohim Empire. A slang for any elemental creature or elemental force. (MMp33) See Racial entry.
E-Tech – Elemental technology usually related to the Elohim Empire during the Galactic Wars. Also used to refer to their technological advanced elemental weapons of Progress Level 9.
Etirans – A slang for a member of one of the many races of the Mana System. “I don’t remember the exact race, they are all etirans to me.”
Etoile – A weapon engineered by the Aleerin Empire to fight in the Galactic Wars. (MMp35)
• Extraterrestrial – The term “extraterrestrial” is used to describe creatures from other worlds. Extraterrestrials capable of space travel can be encountered almost anywhere. Some present themselves as friendly explorers, while others are interested primarily in conquest or colonization. Others are simply predators that make their way from one world to another.
• F.T.E. – The human’s First Terran Empire dissolved in the Third Galactic War. Many people fear the humans are trying to create a Second Terran Empire with the Galactic Concord. Some call the G.C. the S.T.E. (Second Terran Empire).
• F.T.L – Faster Than Light travel. Ships with FTL engines can travel up to 20 times the speed of light (depending on the model of the engine). Using a Stargate alows the ship to travel to 50 times the speed of light.
• Felgercarb (noun) – Expletive (Battlestar Galactica)
• Frack (interjection) – Expletive (Battlestar Galactica)
• Franks – Short for Frankenstein’s Monster. Another nickname for the Altered. See Altered.
• Frontier – A planet or group of planets outside of the center of the Galactic Concord space. It has less benefits for been far away of the trade routes. They still are protected but with less starships, have lower progress levels, etc. A slang for someone from one of those planets. Also known as Border Planet. As contrary for planets inside the Galactic Concord who are reffered as “Centrals”.
F-Tech – Advanced technology usually related to the Fraals or technology that looks like theirs of Progress Level 9.
• G.T. – Abbreviation for Gene Therapy.
Galacnet – Communication net that uses the Space Gates to send the signals.
• Galacta – Universal language established by the Galactic Concord. All player characters of the Galactic Concord fleet start with this language as a free language.
Genetech Fiasco – An attempt by the GeneTech Corporation to create an army during the last Galactic War and become a mayor player. The genetically engineered moreau army revolt and destroyed GeneTech. After this incident no corporation can have their own army.
• Genetic Manipulation – Genetic manipulation becomes possible at PL 5 when technology advances enough to create electron microscopes, computer-aided imagery, and the tools to delicately examine and manipulate the tiniest building block s of life—genes. At this point, scientists are able to experiment with DNA, gene splicing, and other activities that eventually lead to more advanced techniques.
• Gigapulse – A unit of information equivalent of a +1 equipment bonus on a given knowledge skill.
• Gold pressed mithril – The most valuable form of currency. One pound equals 1,000 credits.
• Golmonging (adjective) – Expletives (Battlestar Galactica)
• Gorram – Of course, there’s always “Gorram” which is a slurred future version of God Damn.
• Gravcar – A slang for any anti gravitational technology based atmospheric vehicle. (FUTp.146)
• GravSpear – Preda‘s Spear.
• Green – Is used as an adjective synonymous of “cool”. The word ’green’ and variations of it are being used as a generic positive like awesome.
• Groknard – grok : (grŏk) to share the same reality or line of thinking with another physical or conceptual entity. As in “I grok Spock”. Grognard : (grŏg-nahrd) a soldier in Napoleon’s army, particularly a member of the Old Guard. In tabletop roleplaying games and wargames, someone involved in the hobby for a long period.
• Hazard pay – When a situation is above and beyond the level of danger that a sane person might elect to encounter, Star Law have been known to entice volunteers for missions with a bonus in Rangers’ pay-checks.
• House – One of the twelve houses of power that the humans had in their First Terran Empire.
• Humped – is a swear word used as a way of saying screwed.
• I.F.T. – Isimovan Foundation of Thinkers. Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
• Impulse – Moving with slower than light speed engines.
• In Vitro – See Altered Ones.
• Interplanetary Travel – Travel between one planet and another in the same planetary system.
• Interstellar Travel – Travel between two planetary systems.
• Joker – A slang for something that is bad or twisted used as a curse sword. “Jok you!” “Go jok yourself!” “What the jok?”
• Jump – The action of using the faster than light drives from one point in space to another.
• Klick – A new, strange race that comes from the 2D quadrant. (FUTp.49)
• Knight – Title of the members of the Order of the Silver Light. Members are known for their branch on the order Knight Purifier, Knight Shadow Slayer, Knight Battle Mind, etc.
• Kotek – A slang for a member of Cult of the Cykotek.
Kroaths – Race engineered by the N’sss Colonies to fight for them in the Galactic War. The basic stock is unknown. No kroath has ever been capture alive or body recover from the battles. (MMp.57)
K-Tech – Biotech technology usually related to the Kroath Space during the Galactic Wars. Also used to refer to their war experiments (like the Zeikune) or biotech that looks like theirs of Progress Level 7.
L-Tech – Technology of lesser progress level than 7. Also known as “low tech”.
• M.A.M. – Also known as “the Three Kings” . It means the three more valuable materials on the galaxy. Melangue, Adamantium and Mithril. Prospectors always scan first for this three in any new planet they found. “Beginning MAM scan.” Melange is also called “Spice”.
Malthar’s Crime Syndicate – Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
• Mangalore Warrior- The special shock troops of the Emperor of the Thuldan Empire. They are his personal guard and the must deadly warriors in his empire. AKA Mangalorian Warrior.
MECHA – Also known as meka or mechs, are walking vehicles controlled by a pilot. Mecha are generally, though not necessarily, bipedal. In most science fiction stories in which they appear, mecha are war machines: essentially armored fighting vehicles with legs instead of treads or wheels (there are some exceptions). Some stories, such as the Japanese manga Patlabor, also encompass mecha used for civilian purposes such as heavy construction work, police functions, or firefighting. Essentially big suits of armor, mecha excel in urban battlefields and starship boarding actions, where they move through buildings and corridors to find the enemy. Large mecha are the easiest to operate. However, they can’t carry the intense array of weapons that bigger mecha can, nor are they as strong or durable.
MEDICOMP – A sensor device used by doctors to diagnostic patients. Is shaped in the form of a gauntlet. It gives an equipment bonus of +4 in Treat Injury checks.
• Mega Corporation – A multinational, multiplanetary corporation that has its own fleet of trade ships or control over at least one planet’s economy.
Melangue – One of the three more valuable and scarce materials in the known galaxy. It enhances psionic powers but is very addictive. Only found on planet Dune.
Memory Alpha – The facility in New Venus where the Codex Galactica is kept and maintained.
Mithril – One of the three more valuable and scarce materials in the known galaxy. Is used in jewelry and valuable items. Only found on planet Mithril.
• Moreau- A person from planet Moreau, also the planet itself. A slang for any half-animal hybrid. (MOD)
M-Tech – Magical items or technology usually related to the Mana System habitants.
• Mutant – A person with special abilities or powers and also physical deformities caused by solar rays, radiation, or other type of contamination of the genetic material (FUTp.200)
• Mutation – While a mutation can assume many forms, it typically signifies an abnormal trait or ability not common to the species. Mutations can be pronounced or unnoticeable. They may grant extraordinary abilities or effect subtle to grotesque changes in a creature’s physiology. Mutations may appear only at birth or manifest as consequences of radiation exposure or some horrible physical trauma.
• Neo Humans – See Adapted Ones.
N-Tech – Advanced bionetic technology usually related to the N’sss Colonies during the Galactic Wars. Also used to refer to their war experiments (like the Kroath) or biotech that looks like theirs of Progress Level 9.
• Nun – A member of the Church of Betazeth.
Order of Magic – Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
Order of the Silver Light – Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
Order of the Techno Knights – Organization. See more information on the Organizations Catalog.
PADD – Personal Access Data Display. Can download information for easier manage of information and serve as a input and display device. It has the form of a clipboard of about 12 inches by 9 inches. It allows for less than one GP of data. Enough to cancel penalties but not to give bonuses to a skill check that benefits for an equipment bonus of documentation.
• Pili – A nickname for the Plasma weapons standard for all Concord Officers. (FUTp.72)
Psi-Tech – Psionic technology or " PsiTech" usually related to the Fraals or the Church of Bethazed.
• Pyramid – A gambler’s card game of choice (Battlestar Galactica)
• Quadrand – A unit in space equivalent to 1 square light year.
• Radiation Sickness – The effect of radiation on living beings.
• Ranger – A slang for any member of the Star Law division of the Galactic Conocord Military. A Star Law Officer nickname. Also a way to refer to the Ranger Class Escort Starship the use.
Reavers Pirate- a group of space cannibal. See individual entry.
• Robot – Robots have become so common by this era that they appear in nearly every sector of daily life. Robots teach schoolchildren, maintain hazardous equipment, and fight wars. Miniature electroflex technology—artificial muscles—arrives, paving the way for the first lifelike androids. Bioreplica robots are in limited use, however; they raise so many legal questions that most manufacturers stick to the more easily identifiable non-replica androids. The legal ramifications do not extend to animal bioreplicas, however, and “synthetic pets” are both common and popular. See Artificials. The following are slangs used to describe robots: Artificial, Bot, Droid, Silicate, Tin Man.
• Sanginizer – A deadly psi-weapon in the shape of a ring used by the members of the Church of Bethazed. (TECp.22)
• Sector – A unit in space equivalent to 1/10 square light year.
SENCOMP – A personal computer/sensor device that is carried by science officers. Is shaped as a Wrist Computer.
SGD – Standard Galactic Date.
SGY – Standard Galactic Year.
Shadow Planets – A planet or group of planets outside any of the mayor governments. Usually refers to an independent planet with a dictator as a ruler.
• Shiny – It also used “shiny” for “cool”. This may be derived from current Hebrew slang, of all places, which does the same.
• The Signal – The signal of the Galacnet. Communication signals between ships and between operatives. Receiving the Signal means that the planet or starship is connected to the Galacnet.
• Silicate – A biodroid robot. See entry on Artificials.
• Silver Manacles – The symbol of power of the Order of the Silver Light. They are made of Mithril and worn all the time by members of the order. They gave special powers to the knight that enhance his natural abilities to fight. The manacles are used to represent that “the Knight is slave of his duty to protect the weak from the monsters of the galaxy”.
• Smeg is a mild vulgarism which reached prominence through its use as a supposedly inoffensive expletive in the British science fiction situation comedy Red Dwarf. The word was used to replace almost every vulgar term used in the show’s conversations, with the exception of the very mild. Additionally, the word itself had many variants, including “smegging” and “smeghead”1. Indeed, the versatility of the word was epitomised in the Series III episode Bodyswap: LISTER: “Oh Smeg. What the smegging smeg’s he smegging done?” [Taken from the “Red Dwarf: Smeg Outs” VHS (1995)]
• Smoke you! – In the scene where the authorities are sweeping Corbin’s building, one unfortunate chap flips off the cops and yells “Smoke you!”. It does not end well for him.
• Snurch – verb To steal [From Farscape Encyclopedia Project]
• Socialator – Prostitute.
The Two Sol Systems – This are Sol II and Sol III the two systems with the biggest amount of humans in the galaxy and in the Galactic Concord. This were the first planets colonized by the humans and formed part of the First Terran Empire.
• Space Creature – A space creature is a xenomorph that either lives in the cold vacuum of space or can survive there indefinitely. Space creatures often hibernate in comets and asteroids. Others wander outer space in search of food, occasionally taking up residence on planets where food is abundant (assuming they can find a safe way to the surface). Space creatures even threaten astronauts and idle starships from time to time. Not all space creatures are motivated by hunger or sheer malice; other likely motives include natural curiosity or a desire for companionship. Space is, after all, a vast and lonely place.
• Spoo is a food product that is made from worm-like creatures of the same name and is generally regarded as the most delicious food in the galaxy; the creature itself, however, is regarded with contempt by most species. [Babylon Five]
• Star Law Officer – A member of the Galactic Concord Star Frontier Branch in charge of keeping the peace where the normal fleet can’t normally go. They serve as sheriffs. Also known as Rangers. (FUTp.54)
• Stargate – A gate built and maintained by The Fraals and Gatemasters to travel 50 times the speed of light between two fixed points in space. Also known as Jumpgate Technology.
• Starships – Any kind of vessel used to travel through space from the surface of a planet to orbit or from planet to planet. Every starship has a type and a subtype. A starship’s type represents its relative mass and determines its fighting space (how many 500-foot squares it occupies) on the battle grid. There are five types of starships: ultralight, light, mediumweight, heavy, and superheavy. A starship’s subtype identifies the ship’s basic purpose or configuration. Starship subtypes include the following: fighter, corvette, destroyer, strike cruiser, battleship, and freighter.
• Stormtropers – Name of the Marine Troops of the Thuldan Empire.
• Tank – An altered humanoid born on a laboratory tube also known as “Tubee” or Invitro. Tube and Tank are derogative names. See the entry on Altered Ones.
• Tech Knight – A member of the Order of the Techno Knights.
• Thursters – Small propulsion rockets used to maneuver a starship.
• Thursters – Small propulsion rockets used to maneuver a starship.
• Tin Man – A nickname for a robot. See Artificials.
Tohar Shelahl – A high frequency sword used by some members of the Order of the Silver Knights. (FUTp.67 modified with gadgets.)
• Tri Corder – Trifasic Sensor and Computer Recorder. Another name of the Sens Comp. See SENCOMP entry. (FUTp.50 modified with gadgets.)
• Triad – A full-contact ball and goal game similar to basketball. (Battlestar Galactica)
Tri-Staff III – Weapon of choice for the Galactic Concord Administrator and their mark of position.
UNICOM-1 – The standard communicator of the Galactic Concord, is the size of an ear piece and is usually connected to a HUD display link the shape of a monocle.
• V: Visitor, tourist. Example: To the person driving slowly ahead of you, Come on, V, quit sight-seeing and drive. [Made popular by the 80s sci-fi mini-series by the same name. ]
• Vat-Grow – The process to clone a missing or damaged part of a living creature with the intention of replacing it. (FUTp.91)
The Void – The enemy of the Ancients that was destroyed more than 30,000 years ago. Is also the name given to a new enemy that the Order of the Silver Light has recently discovered. No relation between the two has been discovered.
V-Tech – Unusual alternate technology, usually Planet Verne’s steampunk technology.
Warhammers – Name of the Marine Troops of the Ringunmor Star Consortium.
• Xenobiology – The scientific study of extraterrestrial life or life beyond our planet is called xenobiology (or exobiology or astrobiology).
• Yotz – Often used as slang to replace ‘bugger’ or ‘damn’. [From Farscape Encyclopedia Project]
Zeikune – A weapon engineer and used by the Kroaths to fight during the Galactic War.
• Zero-G – Zero Gravity. A place without gravity, like in space.

Update by the New Venus’ Memory Alpha – Update # 20131225.

Standard is the system used to measure time taking into account the faster than light speeds of the starships and the different rotation and translation cycles of the planets into a complex formula that can be used as a time stamp on any Galactnet transmission.

In the format: YYYY.MM.DD.HHMM.SS where YYYY where MM the galactic month, DD the galactic day, HH the galactic hour, MM the galactic minutes and SS the galactic seconds.

Standard Galactic Year (SGY) equal to 12 galactic months.
Standard Galactic Month (SGM) equal to 30 galactic days.
Standard Galactic Day (SGD) equal to 24 galactic hours.
Standard Galactic Hour (SGH) equal to 60 galactic minutes.
Standard Galactic Minute equal to 60 galactic seconds.


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