The following are the mayor spheres of influence and power on the campaign:
Galactic Concord
Kalmathu Planets
Kroath Space
Medurr Empire
N’sss Colonies
Ringunmor Star Consortium
Sathar Hegemony
The Klicks
Thuldan Empire

The following are lesser governments or spheres of influence sometimes allied or inside another bigger government:
Cardassian Empire
Cestus System
Corellian System
Klingon Empire
Mana System
Orion Colonies
Syrten Space
Templaria System
The Two Sol Systems
Tholian System
Ghadwick Aether Nebula
Vulcanian Alliance

The following are zones were no specific government is in place:
Galaxy Axis Zone
Neutral Zone
Northern Shadow Space
The Badlands
Titanic Shadow Space

Here is an alphabetic list of all Shadow Planets regarding of which zone they are.


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