System Name: Scree Fron
_Colonized Planets: 1
Star G Type
Class M Planet
_Land Mass: 43%/45%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Yazirians
_Other Races: None
_Progress Level: PL6
_Government Index: Tribal
_Economy Index/Education Level: 20%/50%
_Military Index: Intersystem Fleet
_Population Index: Moderate: 50%/50%
_Develop Index: Foodstuffs World
The planet Hakosoar has two small moons (Infi and Inti). Is covered with an ancient, twisted forests. The Yazirians hunt animals for export and also cultivate herbs. Is a martial culture that likes to prove themselves. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward clan and proving their own prowess. They are tolerant toward other cultures if they are martial or violent ones, they dislike everything else non-yazirian. Yazirian communities are divided into large, loosely organized clans. All the members of a clan are related to each other. In the past, clan ties were very strong. The clans had traditional enemies and allies, and they struggled constantly for power and land. Since the Yazirians moved into space, they have learned to cooperate more and the clans have become less important. Despite this, Yazirians still have a reputation throughout the Frontier as proud, fierce fighters. A custom Yazirians have kept intact is the selection of a life-enemy. When a Yazirian chooses a life enemy, he dedicates his life to destroying, overcoming or outdoing that enemy as completely as possible. In the past, a Yazirian would choose an enemy clan or clan member as his life-enemy, but now the choice is much wider. A Yazirian scientist could name an incurable disease as his life-enemy, or a Yazirian trader could choose a competing company. The scientist would try to find a cure for the disease; the trader would try to build up his own company so it is more powerful than his enemy’s, or even try to drive the other company out of business. Yazirian gains honor by striving to defeat his enemy. Yazirians with powerful life-enemies are respected and admired. A Yazirian that defeats its enemy does not need to choose another, but some Yazirians do. There is no set point in a Yazirian’s life when he must choose a life-enemy, and some Yazirians never choose one. A Yazirian that dies without having chosen a life-enemy is considered unlucky. Typical Yazirian clothing is a large, brightly colored cape and tunic, a waist belt and two belts crossed over the chest. Dark goggles are worn in the daytime. Yazirians do not like shoes, but when necessary they wear mitten-like shoes. Hakosoar is a planet in continual dim light as the atmospheric conditions always filter the normal sun light. The plants have a bluish color in them instead of green. This planet is part of the Core Planets of the Galactic Concord.

Yazirian cities on Hakosoar are divided in two zones: inner and living. The inner zone ( or center ) of each city has all the government buildings, services, industries and transportation. This zone is full of modern structures and buildings, including roads and antigrav highways. The living zone is all around the inner zone and compromises a rural like area with forests, farms and tree houses. These are the residential areas were the yazirians live.

Specific Locations:

  • Xquirel Center – Capital City and biggest one on the planet.
  • Eastern Hunting Grounds – Famous hunting area were young yazirians do their first hunt.
  • Hakosoar Government Center – Head of all government offices on the planet. Located on Xquirel Center.
  • Hakosoar Military Center – Military Training Academy and local Galactic Concord Military Base.
  • Hakosoar Spaceport Center – Planetary spaceport and transit authority who monitor traffic for all the sector and the system. Located on Xquirel Center.


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