System Name: Inferno
Star K Type/RD
_Colonized Planets: 1
K/RD[ – – (K)0 ]
Class R Planet
_Land Mass: 70%/50%
_Gravity: Low
_Atmosphere: Thin
Dominant Race: Luciferians
_Other Races: None
_Progress Level: PL5
_Government Index: Anarchy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 10%/30%
_Military Index: National Guard
_Population Index: Low: 10%/100%
_Develop Index: None
Inferno is home of the strange Luciferians who claim to be a colony from another dimension. The planet is rogue planet in an erratic orbit around a double star. Their cultural views are very alien and can only be cataloged as “reversed”. Their culture is parallel to 20th Century Earth around the 1950’s – 1960’s. They accept any visitors and even try to understand off-worlders, but their society is very weird and sometimes dangerous, because it is a place were bad is good and good is bad. On Inferno off-worlders can buy supplies of PL5 or less, criminals like the planet to hide and enjoy the pleasures of the flesh, as the planet is full of red light districts. The planet’s is in a constant state of anarchy, with lords in control of city-states who do war to each other but at the same time do business and depend from each other.

Very little is known about the Luciferians, their history, culture or organization, other that they used to be in contact with the Elohim Empire which hunt them down fanatically during the First Galactic War. They still refer to the galactic wars as Galactic Peace. Luciferans have some access to advanced technology, which may have been stolen from the Elohim, but generally resort to low tech technology such as firearms. Luciferans have mastered the art of Enochian Magic, a fact that invariably surprises those who expect such creatures to be diabolic in nature. (Luciferans are described on page 61 of the d20 Menace Manual.)

Important Places:
_ Asylum Town – Town
_ Californication – City
_ Dantesco Sea – City
_ Defiledwood
_ Hotel Kali Form – Town
_ Lake Holly
_ Los Devilos – City
_ Las Vergas

Important Organizations:
_ 1st Devil Wing
_ Advocates of the Firm
_ Inferno Chaos Enforcers
_ Nuns of Charity
_ The Raptures
_ Wheels of Anarchy

According to an Elohim Data Crystals Planet Inferno on coordinates 36B2 was named Ferro by the Elohim Empire and was the site of a series of experiments using the Luciferians. The Luciferians were abducted by the Elohims from another dimension and used as guinea pigs killing them by the hundreds. During the experiments the Elohims recorded information from different realities and worlds. One of those words was one like planet Earth in the 1950’s. That information was the one used by the Luciferians to create their culture when the Elohims were destroyed and the surviving Luciferians rebuilt planet Inferno. Is unknown what the Elohims were trying to accomplish with these experiments. The planet Ferro is labeled in the Elohim Empire catalog as “Dual R&D Lab Planet”. Because the history logs of the Luciferians (inaccurate but the only we have) tell about their interdimensional origin, the question is What was the second lab on planet Inferno for?

Planet Inferno during the Elohim Empire rule was the site of two Research and Development Laboratories:
Elohim Ferro Lab 1
Elohim Ferro Lab 2


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