System Name: T’saka
_Star Type: WD
_Colonized Planets: 3
WD[—- -— (S)145]
Class L Planet
_Land Mass: 63%/56%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: T’sas
_Other Races: Humans, Aleeriens, Vrusks
_Progress Level: PL8
_Government Index: Democracy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 50%/90%
_Military Index: Small Police Force
_Population Index: Heavy: 40%/100%
_Develop Index: Industrial World
Ki’nroh is an over-populated, heavily industrialized, hot, smoggy, and nearly depleted of natural resources world. The Fog that is always around the planet has become mixed and polluted with smoke from the industries and processing plants. The main cities are surrounded by vast amounts of deserted plains and mountains filled with the ruins of mining facilities and factories. Central Capital is the name of the planet’s capital.

They have a democratic government and their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward technology, developing it or building it. They are mayor exporters of industrial processed goods and mayor importers of raw materials and foodstuffs. They accept cyborgs, robots and any technology oriented race, are tolerant toward magic and psionics but dislike violence and warriors in general. Their cities are more technologically advanced than many Galactic Concord cities. There are many universities to teach people new skills that kept them up to date with the latest technologies. The police force rarely follow criminals outside the security of the city walls. Only the elite police force does: FAST 1865. This planet is part of the Core Planets of the Galactic Concord.

The T’sa are also surprisingly long lived despite a tendency to take risks just for the fun of it. The T’sa have what is perhaps the strangest home world of any species. The T’sa home world also has some surprisingly advanced technology, but mostly shielding devices that no one remembers how to run any longer.

There are sub-species of the T’sa, genetic traces that are identified by color of skin or the general shape of their tendrils. Some t’sa have different abilities that are related to their ability to move, “jumpers”, “climbers” and “swimmers” been the most common of them.

T’san society is set up as more of a controlled anarchistic monarchy with a democratically elected advisor to the ruler. Don’t worry if you don’t understand that — most T’sa don’t either, they just live with it. Previous regimes have been either a) too strange to work or b) genocidal or c) religious. Not that the T’sa have any problem with religion, its just that their religions tend to be really, really strange and bizarre. Surprisingly, they have no oddities that could be explained by another race that the other races know of.

The history of the T’sa, as known by humans, is that they had their own 6 world empire when humanity found them, as well as ships capable of speeds almost equal to the speed of light. Humanities terraforming technologies, given a strong boost by Fraal environmental adaptations, tend to be very helpful to the T’sa, who exchange their own space-faring technology for it. The T’sa proved to be very adaptable to human ways and give humanity some very good advice on colonizing other worlds. The T’sa also had visited the world of the Weren and were teaching that species space travel.

The T’sa are surprisingly long lived and that combined with a strong curiosity led them to the stars when humans were just learning to read. However, they tended to explore and settle worlds very thoroughly, which explains their relatively slow expansion rate. Or at least that’s what they tell the humans…

The normal chaotic and disorganized way of life of the T’sa is very alien to other races. Characters that try to use one of the following skills on planet Ki’inroh, to t’sa habitants or using t’sa equipment suffer a cultural penalty of – 4 with an additional alien penalty of – 2. The skills are: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perform, Computer Use and Navigate.

Central Capital Locations

Other Specific Locations:

  • Forest of SkyHigh – Home of the T’sa “ jumpers ”.
  • Nova Arms Corporation’s Main Facility.
  • Nova Tech Corporation’s Main Facility.
  • Singularity Cybersystems Corporation’s Main Facility.
  • Tijolag Mountain Range – Home of the T’sa “ climbers ” .
  • Underwater City of Latusga – Home of the T’sa “swimmers”.


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