Kroath Space

Kroath Space

The history of the Kroath race is an epic of blood, horror and war. In times past they raged across the galaxy like a savage tide, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake. they fought without contempt against any enemy that the N’sss Colonies decided. In their own words, the Graaka “were proud of their fierceness. When we lacked opponents, we turned on each other”. Then, they discovered the truth about their human origin and separated from the N’sss. The Kroaths started matting instead of been “grown” in clone tanks and using genetic engineer to alter their violent nature in order to create a complete society not one dedicated only to war. The Graakan is the name given to those who still have the mutations induced by the genetic engineering of the N’sss: Rage, Adrenaline Rush and Telepathy among others.

The government of the kroaths is one of a complete participatory nature were everyone works (and even are named) after their duty and everyone votes in every important matter.

If history of the Kroaths is largely unknown even less is known of their culture with almost all insights being furnished by encounters with them during the Third Galactic War. It is stated that prior to contact with humans, the Kroaths had no concept of an afterlife of any kind. Thus, after learning this concept from human prisoners, they falsely believe that fallen human soldiers are capable of being resurrected in some way. For this reason, they have taken to unearthing buried soldiers and mutilating their bodies so as to prevent them from joining an “army of zombies”.

Kroath Fractions
Pro-N’sss = Still call the N’sss “masters” want to return to serve the N’sss.
Pro-Human = Want to reintegrate to Humans society and forget they were Kroaths.
Pro-Kroath = Want to stay and continue their society.
Pro-Void = Agents of the Void. (extinct)

Kroath Space Planets:
Skarrab AKA Kroath Prime 33D4
Sasant Kroath Moon 33D4

Technology: Biotech K-Tech PL7
Starship Design: Kroath Space Fleet

Kroath Space Military

Kroath Space

d20 Future: CODEX GALACTICA Galero