Medurr Empire

Medurr Empire

“The humans will not attack and have politely asked not to be eaten.” (Medurr translation of “We are friendly and want peace between our species,” at first contact with humans.)
Medurr are imperialistic reptilian creatures with a penchant for expanding of their civilization. They are as adaptable to various climes and biomes as humans are, though they have a higher tolerance for temperature extremes.

A medurr is a warm-blooded, hexipedal saurian that moves around on all four hind legs and uses its two foremost limbs as arms. An average adult may be anywhere from 15 to 21 feet in length. More often than not, a medurr stands erect, looming 7 to 9 feet high. Each of its forelimbs ends in a massive, clawed, four-fingered hand that is far more dexterous than it appears. Depending on its age and subspecies, the scaly hide on its head, back, and limbs may be any shade from a light sea green to a dark emerald green, and that on its underside (bottom of the tail, chest, and belly) is some shade of brown. Often belligerent and confrontational, these creatures strike fear into other species that see them, and more information about them calms their adversaries only slightly. Humans often call medurr dragons because of their fierce reptilian visages, but despite their sheer brute strength and general toughness, they rarely attack first in any situation, preferring instead to observe their foes’ initial attacks and answer in kind. In general, medurr prefer melee combat because of their size and their protective hides, and they are known for recklessly charging through weapon fire to close ranks with their enemies. Once in combat, they always seek to flank their opponents and to gain any other combat advantages they can. The fact that medurr are resistant to psionic attacks gives them an advantage against any enemies that depend on mental prowess. The medurr are slave-keepers, and their race controls a vast empire of subjugated species. Their favored slaves are the dhamrin, primarily because their naturally docile ways and affinity for servitude have thus far kept them from revolting. Other species that the medurr have enslaved occasionally rise up against their masters and are dealt with harshly, often via public execution of the instigators.
Most civilized species consider this practice revolting, yet none of them wish to turn a potential ally into an enemy by attempting to dictate values. Humans and other spacefaring species have much in common with the medurr, despite their vastly different physiologies and their penchant for slavery. The medurr have a militaristic society in which an individual’s ability and strength determine rank. Medurr are divided into clans, each of which is ruled by a single, egg-laying matriarch who is the mother of all its members. The young are raised communally by the adults of the clan. Because medurr society is matriarchal and makes no pretense of gender equality, the females automatically hold higher ranks than males of comparable ability.

The medurr are a race of extremely aggressive aliens. They have no concept of friendship, and medurr of the same clan can barely tolerate each others’ presence. Their ships are designed so crewmembers need not see anybody else on the ship.

The species is matriarchal; females are less common but command much greater social power than males. They also keep slaves. Males come in multiple “castes”, which are as much life paths as hereditary. Most are graaln, which means warrior in the medurr language. Graaln always carry a melee weapon and ranged weapon on them at all times, but can fight with their claws if pressed.

Humanity is both fascinated and frightened by the medurr because of their very different technology. While most examples of medurr technology are less advanced than the human equivalent (especially in the area of computing and ship armor), their energy sources and virtual matter technology are far more advanced, and their faster-than-light technology has as many advantages as disadvantages compared to human stardrive faster-than-light technology.

Medurr Empire Planets:
Kalidar 39B3
Khel 31B1
Tarasla 33B2
Carspyr 4 32B1
Scrantos Delta 31B1

Technology: PL6
Starship Design: Medurr Empire Fleet

Medurr Empire Military

Medurr Empire

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