System Name: GT-24
Star M Type
_Colonized Planets: 1
Class M Planet
_Land Mass: 45%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Race: Moreaus (Altered)
_Other Races: None
_Progress Level: PL4+
_Government Index: Tribal
_Economy Index/Education Level: 10%/10%
_Military Index: National Guard
_Population Index: Low: 20%/10%
_Develop Index: None
Moreau is a post apocalyptical world populated by human-animal hybrids known as Moreaus. The moreaus were originally created in-vitro by a company named Genetech many years ago. The civilization is just reorganizing after the devastation suffered during the Third Galactic War. This was the site of the Genetech Fiasco were the Genetech Corporation tried to erase their error when the moreaus rebelled against them. The original name of the planet was Geneworld. Moreaus are organized in different parts of the planet in tribes belonging to each racial stock. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward territory and racial stock. They dislike anything related to Genetic Engineering and corporations, specially UniCorp and their clones. (Kamandi comics, Planet of the Apes movies) This planet is not part of the Galactic Concord but is on the Frontier Planets space.

Planet Moreau has a few cities with hospitals, factories and even communications that are interconnected between them via roads or railroad tracks. Smaller tribes of moreaus organize themselves in towns or as nomads around a city for protection. The overall technology of the moreaus is PL5 just at the same level as Earth in their Second World War with combustion engine land and aquatic vehicles. They have radio communications but no television, they have a few planes. Many of the technology over PL5 that the moreaus have is technology found on the ruins or technology that have been brought by offworlder merchants.

__Ape Town – This growing city has organized groups of different simian moreaus that are rebuilding society with a raised hate of humans in specific and no-moreaus in general. Humans are treated like animals in this territory, not been allowed to carry or use weapons of any time and forced to live as slaves. They have an organized military and use PL5 weapons and vehicles. Their government is a participatory government with a counsel formed by representatives of the scientists, the military and the working classes.

__Bat Caves – The caves controlled by the bat moreau are part of an old underground complex and more than a few mines. Not much information is available about how they are organizing their society as they have few connections with other groups of moreau. Bats are considered strange by other moreaus because of their underground-darkness oriented behavior.

__Bear City – This city built around a small set of un-radiated ruins has the bear moreaus organized as a monarchy with King Nicholas the First as leader. They have an organized military and use PL5 weapons and vehicles. They have gathered other advances in medicine and science.

__Canine Yard – The growing town controlled by canine moreaus is the most off-world friendly of the planet. Trade with other moreaus is open and the easiest way to find information on the rest of the planet planet is found here. The Dog Yard is a place used by the Galactic Concord to meet with the different moreau leaders and has a hall with a GalacNet Relay Station. Other types of more wandering moreaus visit and live in Canine Yard like the goat, ferret, avian and lizard moreays. They have an organized military and use PL5 weapons and vehicles. Their government is a democracy.
___The GC Embassy – This old building located near the center of Canine Yard was repaired by the Canine Government to serve as a meeting point for different races. It houses the local Galacnet Relay Station that has to be reserved for off-world communication. The Galactic Concord personnel stationed here has full authority on the premises and the law on the place is Galactic Concord Law.
___Space Dock – A clean area just outside of Canine Yard were space merchants land their starships. The “port authority” is the same Canine Police who is in charge of checking the ships and keeping a (poor) record of who lands and what is been selling.

__Dolphin Dome – This is the underwater town of the dolphin moreau. There is not much info on them. Is known that they prefer not to be disturbed but they don’t attack or provoke others. They have an organized military and use PL5 weapons and vehicles. Their government is a democracy.

__Feline City – The feline moreaus have developed a society more Spartan-like and are thriving to raise as a mayor government. They have used historic data about the United States of America (a long lost civilization on the Earth-that-was) and are trying to unite all areas into the United States of Lions. They have an organized military and use PL5 weapons and vehicles. Their government is a democracy.

__ Kittiol Cannon – This is a mountain range with a cannon that is between the Canine and Feline territories.

__Rat Packs – Groups of rat moreaus travel the land in vehicles attacking others. They also have tribes hidden under ruins. They have an organized military and use PL4 weapons and vehicles. Their government is tribal.

__Sandflame Cliff – This small town is located in a cliff just in the border of the radioactive desert known as Sandflame Desert. The place is a hideout for local criminals, un-registered humans, illegal merchants and pirates. Many off-worlders that want to do “business” on planet Moreau “park” (hide) their starships on the desert and come here.

__Sandflame Desert – This radioactive wasteland was in the past the factory capital of Moreau, named Ark One. Today is full of metal ruins with high level of radiation. Because there have been more than a hundred years since the fallout, some locals and off-worlders venture into the ruins to gather artifacts that they can sell on the cities.

Other Details: Pirate activity is known to happen on this system. Space Pirates use the planet to hide from the Galactic Concord having secret alliances with tribes or important people on the planet. Independent Merchants go directly to do trade with the cities and tribes without Galactic Concord regulations selling to them weapons that can be used in their wars against other tribes.

Star Law Classification: Unaligned Planet. Un-centralized Government. Civil Wars. Possible Pirate Hideout.

1811.11.21 – Rights of colonization acquired by Genetech Corporation. The First cloning facilities are built on the planet growing rapidly into a small city.

1859 – Moreaus are produced in mass quantities and trained to be part of the Third Galactic War. They were design to be sterile.

1921 – Moreau deserters started procreating and the word spread around all the planet in-vitro facilities and training camps. Moreaus revolt against Genetech.

1943.01.22 – Moreau – After the catastrophic events that were part of the bombardment of planet Moreau, a princess pirate of the Piracy Ring named Bloodtroy (Helena Troys) attacked and stole medical supplies that were in their way to planet Moreau.

1945.08.15– Genetech bombs planet Moreau (Genetech Fiasco). Due to this happening during the Third Galactic War, the planet received few humanitarian help, everyone was busy fighting their own wars and saving their own planets.

1945.09 – The period of survival lasted 100 years. Moreaus banded together in tribes of each racial stock. Because they have shorter lifespans than humans and they easily reproduced, they started growing into bigger tribes. At this time they were using weapons and other technology left by Genetech combined with whatever they could built. They were TL3 moving toward TL4 with some TL6 weapons.

2040 – The growth of the Moreaus was faster than the healing of the planet and the availability of resources. Wars between the moreau tribes was inevitable. They started producing their own TL 5 items.

2050 – The tribes organized into cities, taking control over the least contaminated ones and repairing those devices they could use to protect themselves. New cities were founded. Many of the tribal wars ended but feuds remained.

2059 – Felines fight the Apes until 2070.

2061 – Bears fight the Canines until 2080.

2072 – Organized war between Apes and Bears Moreau started and lasted until 2099.

2081 – Bears are at war against the Dolphins until 2093.

2095 – An inevitable war between Canine and Feline Moreaus started and it lasted until 2124.

2123.07.21 – During the Canine-Feline War, one of the most important events was the massacre of Lionel Camp. An army of feline moreau stationed on Kittiol Cannon was waiting orders to attack Canine Yard. The Canine didn’t know about this camp and so the Feline had the element of surprise. The canine discovered their location but not the number of troops and so they attacked with many more troops than needed. The result was that they killed all felines. What followed was a period of 8 months were the Feline launched a series of attacks on retribution.

2119 – The Moreau Affiliation Movement is founded when individuals of planets of the Galactic Concord learned about the fate of the planet and demanded action for “the mistakes of war that we could call crimes”.

2121.01.07 – [Linda Hamil] The moreaus are people. People who need to be recognized as people. They need to be healed from the wounds of war that are still deep in their planet and in their souls. We can all help if we give a little of our time, a little of all of us. The Galactic Concord has a duty. A duty to fix what their predecessors broke. Help planet Moreau!

2125.12 – After many pleas by supporters of the reconstruction of planet Moreau, the Galactic Council declares that they will considering planet Moreau for membership if they organize a central government.

2127.05 – A cease in fire between the mayors races is possible thanks to a rat moreau named Randy Splinter also known as The Sage. In the past five years. This philosopher and pacifist traveled the deserts calming down the Rat Packs and helping other races like the Canine and Feline Moreaus stop their constant frontier war.

2127.07.06: [Orto Purell de la Torre] My impression of planet Moreau is that the lack of central government is an asset for us entrepreneurs. Fractions want to form a central government, but they don’t move to achieve their goals and the lack of action is their main problem. That is good, is a good planet to hide “merchandise” that needs to be “stored” outside the line of sight of the G.C.. The only problem are their tribes of bats and rats moreaus. At first glance they look like they have no organization, but they have some kind of organization. What I’m talking about?. I once tried to hide a cache of merchandise on one of the caves but the bat moreaus found it. The merchandise was stolen. They left the technology that they couldn’t understand (or didn’t care to understand). They even took clothing and food. I learned from my mistakes and I will never use their caves again.

2127.08 – The crew of the GCS Icarus is chosen for a very important mission, they are ordered to serve as security force and support staff for an emissary of the Galactic Counsel that will help the Moreau write their first constitution and laws that will move them into an unified government and lead them to be full members of the Galactic Concord.

2127.11 – After a lot of fight and discussions the dealings are inconclusive. Ambassador Colicos Balthar is able to help them draft the Constitution of planet Moreau even when only half he fractions didn’t sign it.


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