Nestor Clone Crew

Nestor Clone Crew
The Nestor Clone Crew are a series of Altered Ones or Clones are design to work as one having the ability to do an aid another action as a free action instead than a standard action and communicating telepathically. The clones are not very strong but are durable, they are improved by having additional feats implanted on them to be used in specific tasks like Starship Operation and Starship Weaponry. A Nestor Clone Crew is considered of Ace Crew Experience.

This clones are PL8 and were not created by CorpWorld. Is unknown if Beyonder or the organization The Future has or can create more of these clones. The crew of Beyonder’s ship, the Star of Battle is made completely of these clones.

Smart:8; Def: 20 (10 + 4 Class + 2 Dex + 4 Energy Shield) ; HP:40
+ 8 / + 3 Melee (1d6)
+ 10 / + 5 Range (3d10 Miniaturized Plasma Rifle)
Racial Traits: Aid Another ( + 2) as a free action. If more than one is present, they Can’t be flanked.
Talents: Savant + 8 (Computer Use, Craft(Any), Disable Device, Repair)
Feats: Personal Firearm Proficiency. Armor Proficiency, Light, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Combat Expertise, Zero-G Operations.
Equipment: Miniaturized Plasma Rifle, Energy Shield.

2127.08.06 – GCS Templaria B – The crew of the GCS Penelope killed around 20 of the Nestor Clone Crew members of the Star of Battle.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria B – About a dozen Nestors are destroyed on the attack to GCS Templaria B when they were posing as Cardassians.

2128.04 – The City of Lights – 10 Nestors are destroyed on the battle between The Holy Blade and The Future inside The City of Lights.

2128.05.20 – Bezhin 6 – 23 Nestors are destroyed during the raid of the secret factory of MECHA Paragon (Colossal) that the organization The Future had on planet Bezhin 6. The splinter group was disabled and both Oklan and Lord Galen are considered killed in the attack even when the bodies were never recovered. The mission was conducted by the crew of the GCS Penelope with the full cooperation of the Bezhin Police Force.

Nestor Clone Crew

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