N'sss Colonies

N’sss Colonies
Very few is known about the N’sss. They are xenophobic (or so it appears) and allow no one to enter their space. They have been involved in all the wars and have proven technologically and military advance. They have been able to repeal every single invasion force that has attacked their planet in the three Galactic Wars. Their technology is some kind of biotechnology that merges living ships and computers with machines. They engineered or claimed to have engineered the Kroaths and where able to destroy (allied to the Aleerin Empire) the powerful Elohim Empire.

When in the company of aliens, N’sss wear encounter suits that conceal their physical form. The stated reason for the use of encounter suits is that they provide the specific environmental conditions their users need. They supposedly are heavy methane, sulfur, and carbon dioxide breathers, nutrient circulation is carried out by “blue cells.” N’sss are susceptible to the poison Florazyne (a rare poison only found in the Kalmathu Planets).

It is only under very exceptional circumstances that a N’sss abandons its environmental suit and shows its true form. This has never happened in recorded history. Also, very few N’sss travel outside the N’sss Colonies, mostly for official issues or the Wanderers.

N’sss Colonies Planet:
N’s 40D2

Technology: PL8 N-Tech
Starship Design: N’sss Colonies Fleet Leviathans

N’sss Colonies Military
Thaork Warrior

N'sss Colonies

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