Orion 5

Orion 5
System Name: Orion System
Star F Type
_Colonized Planets: 12
Class K Planet
_Land Mass: 82%/25%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Thin
Dominant Race: Humans
_Other Races: Many
_Progress Level: PL7
_Government Index: Hereditary Political
_Economy Index/Education Level: 5%/15%
_Military Index: Intersystem Force
_Population Index: Heavy: 50%/100%
_Develop Index: Trade World
This system has a gigantic Class X planet with over 100 moons. One of them is the trade world of Orion 5 center of activity of the Orion Colonies. The Orions live in all the moons they can colonize but in each one lives only one tribe, clan or company. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are very lose but inclined toward monetary gain. They are mayor importers and exporters of all type of goods (usually stolen). They accept everything and everyone with enough credits. Members of the orion adapted race have distinguished hues of skin and hair color in different combinations like white, gold, green, red, etc. The coloring being derived from varying amounts of melanin on the barely terraformed planets that they colonized. [Star Trek: Orions]

Star Law Classification: Possible Pirate Hideout. Political Turmoil.

2126.02 The Galactic Concord – Klicks War has been of benefit to the Orion houses that have placed their refuelling and repairing stations to good use at a “fair” price. This planet has changed from been an unknown Shadow Planet to a very important GC Military point. They haven’t become part of the GC preffering to stay neutral.

2126.04.01 A group of five thousand Necromongers that have been travelling in secret to shadow planet Orion 5, under the command of the Necro Twins manipulated the leader, Baron Groceous Gard, in order to build a gigantic spaceship-fortress for their Church. Higher leaders of the church are been questioning regarding the events. The relationship between the Galactic Concord and Orion 5 is rapidly degrading.

Orion 5

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