System Name: Petrani
Star B Type
_Colonized Planets: 1
Class A Planet
_Land Mass: 100%/100%
_Gravity: Low
_Atmosphere: Thin
Dominant Race: Morians
_Other Races: Vrusks, Mutants, T’sas, Others
_Progress Level: PL6
_Government Index: Feudal
_Economy Index/Education Level: 5%/50%
_Military Index: Planetary Army
_Population Index: Heavy: 10%/100%
_Develop Index: Mining World
Petra is a feudal organize planet centered on the mines of PetraCity under the iron grip of the Baron Ming Caligari Austerince. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward the elite class. They are mayor importers of foodstuffs and mechanical goods and mayor exporters of duralloy, neutrine and neovulcanium. This planet is part of the Ringunmor Star Consortium but like all their colonies, the Baron’s law is the higher law . The baron keeps all the planet in PL6 or less, except for himself and his army who are PL7. He controls the use of the Galacnet and traffic in or out of the planet is monitored heavily. He has cancel the travel permits of many citizens just to maintain them as slaves in the planet working for him forever.

The history of the planet is one of slavery and poverty. A forgotten slave mining world of the Elohim Empire many years ago, was lived by T’sas and Vrusks slaves since them. During the First Terran Empire the humans invaded and expanded the colony to more mines used to get the resources to build their fleet. As the First Terran Empire falls and the Ringunmor Star Consortium formed and expanded, they also invaded the planet and claim it for their own. A short succession of Barons has been in control of the planet, been Baron Ming the one for the last 40 years. He has been successful to increase the production and “civilize” the planet. In total, there have been nine outbreaks from the T’zas and none from the Vrusks.

The planet is a very rich mining planet where Duralloy, Neutronite and Neuvulcanium are extracted. The atmosphere on the planet is thin and requires the use of Enviromental Jacket and a Breather. People live in pressure domes or underground facilities with artificial atmosphere.

Important Locations of the Planet:

  • Mongo City – Capital of the planet, home of the Baron. Actually a very big castle like fortress the size of a medium town with space port and all government offices. A place of PL7 technology.
  • PetraCity – A city located around the smaller Mongo City who connects to different mines on the area. A place of PL6 technology.
    • Petra Train Station – A train was built by previous Baron to connect all installations. Without the train the travel time through the mountain range was triple the current train time. The train is monitored completely by the government and the main train station is underground bellow the Petra Star Port.
    • Petra Star Port – Located just near Petra City, starships of size mediumweight and lower can land here.
  • Aeria Port – A floating military installation that monitors and controls all military ships and civil traffic. A place of PL7 technology.
  • Arboria Region – Foodstuff and hunting grounds, north of PetraCity. A place of PL5 technology.
  • Betestia Mines – Biggest mine facility on the planet, south of PetraCity. A place of PL5 technology were the components to produce Duralloy are mined.
  • Liradia Mines – Swamp area, also mined, east of PetraCity. A place of PL5 technology were Neutronite is mined.
  • Vakiria Mines – Old Vrusk mining colony that also respond to the government is in the planet, west of PetraCity. A place of PL5 technology were Neuvulcanium is mined.

2125.06.23 – Petra – A series of leads move the Warhammers of planet Petra to pursuit and capture (and kill) the members of the Celacanto Crew under two accounts of sabotage, one assassination and conspiracy against the Baron. Later, charges related to their involvement into the False Plague Event on the Vakiria Mines and their association to the criminal organization called The Future makes the Baron condemn all of them to death.


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