Phoenix Fleet

Phoenix Fleet
Elohim Empire
A Elohim Data Crystals that was found by T’ky Cameron’s ancestors on planet Doorworld reveals that the Elohim Empire had a mayor loss of military hardware and personnel during a secret experiments with a machine made by one of the two teams working on planet Inferno. The crystal was partially damage and some words cannot be retrieved. There were two different teams of R&D working on that planet. “The Lost of the Phoenix Fleet will be the fall of our Empire. We will suffer for the disappearance of General Rah their master and commander. He tried to reach planet Nis from planet Ferro without been detected to crush the center of our enemies. Those traitors and rebels that were stupid enough to confront the true masters of this galaxy… They have proved to be more dangerous than we anticipated and the loss of the Phoenix Fleet is the last straw. I, General Apllo will secure the main Breeding Facility on L’Phyre (Doorworld) and then move to secure the secondary facility on planet Elementia. I will wait in suspended animation for an opportunity to reclaim what is ours. If Rah * – missing words on file – * I will be awakened to fulfill my destiny.”

The stats of the starships of the fleet (unknown to these moment) are in the data crystal for an Elohim Empire Dreadnaught.

Components of the Fleet:
1 Elohim Empire Dreadnaught
10 Elohim Combat Cruiser
50 Assault Fighter
50 Military Dropship
1600 Elohim Soldier

2128.07.03 – The Phoenix Fleet is destroyed and both Admiral Hauervall and Patricio are dead. Elohim Saga Chapter IX.

Phoenix Fleet

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