By the Master of the Game for Games & Ideas – 20140102

These house rules are an addendum to the d20 Modern House Rules and those rules apply wherever necessary unless noted here. The additional manuals that are currently used and refereed in this campaign are:
d20 Modern (MOD)
Urban Arcana (URB)
d20 Future (FUT)
d20 Future Tech (TEC)
d20 Cyberscape (CTB)
d20 Apocalypse (APO)
Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Evolution (FPE)
Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Head (FPH)
Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Foundation (FPF).

Occupation, Talent Trees, Feats and new uses of skill are listed in all of this manuals. I strongly recommend reading them.

Progress Level
The standard progress level of the campaign is 7. If a character comes from a race that has a lower PL, he can still use weapons and equipment of a higher PL at -4. If he wants to cancel the penalty he must learn at least a rank in Knowledge (Technology) per each progress level of difference. A character from a race that has a higher PL than 7 begins with no special equipment from that PL but has no penalty using equipment of higher PL. The house ruled feat State of the Art can be used to increase the progress level of the equipment available to the character. Characters with a lower PL can be compensated with special, mastercraft or magical gear related to his culture and PL.

In an infinite universe the amount of races with their own languages and dialects is infinite. The Galactic Council has establish a series of educational reforms to implement a galactic language, the Galacta (also known as galaspeak). This language is now used in all mayor ports as a secondary language. Characters that are part of the Galactic Concord Fleet don’t need to expend skill points in this language, their training includes it.

Actions Points House Rule.

Feats from d20 Future, d20 Future Tech, d20 Cyberscape and Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Evolution are available for use in the campaign.

Race & Template
The races and templates available are discussed in the Races Catalog section but basically include almost any single race on any of the manuals we use. See the information under Races Catalog and Races Available Chapter. The feat Planetary Adaptation is used to create new races.

Creature of Shadows
This house ruled feat presented in the d20 House Rules is discarded. All races are considered normal and need not to hide their nature. The feat is still available for characters that are Agents of the Void, Cykotek or Vampires and want an additional bonus on checks used to hide that nature. The bonus granted by this feat will be a +10 bonus on Disguise and other related checks.

Special contacts like Wealth Contact, Safe Locker, Safe House, Safe Garage, Dealers etc. still work for the character but need not to be in a single planet or starbase. The character can reach his contact using the Galacnet and benefit from his help anywhere there is communication channels available between the two of them.

Because the house rules state that we are using the Subdual Damage rules instead of the Non-lethal Damage rules of d20 Modern, weapons, gear, gadgets that do non-lethal effect has to be house ruled for Subdual Damage. Also read the Firearms House Rule .

For a list of classes with their restrictions for the campaign.

Cloning & Genetic Manipulation
With all the advances in genetic engineering and the diversity of products offered by UniCorp Replacements or Clones can be made for player characters. More Information can be found in d20 Modern, d20 Future and Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Head.
Genetic Engineer – The Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Head expands in the use of Genetic Engineer. More info is available in d20 Future and d20 Future Tech.

The Cybernetic model used for this campaign is the following. Each character can install in hisbody a number of cybernetic implants equal to 1 plus his Constitution modifier. The Cyborg and the Cybertaker feats work exactly as listed in the d20 Future manual. The number of implants available per body area are: Head = 3, Torso = 3, Right and Left Arm = 2 each, Right and Left Leg = 2 each. The user feat Cyberbody still applies.
The following manuals present information on cybernetics: d20 Future, d20 Future Tech, Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Evolution p.17 and Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Head p.6

Gadget System
Gadgets and gadget rules from d20 Future, d20 Future Tech, d20 Cyberscape and Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Evolution are available for use in the campaign. For a list of House Ruled or new Gadgets not in the books look here Special Gadgets and here List of Gadgets.

Magic is available in this campaign using the d20 Modern rules. The house rules apply for the use of magic. Spells don’t need to be memorized each day the caster can cast the spells in any way he wants as long as he follows the rules of spells per day. Magic Focus House Rule allows the Mage character to replace his familiar with a magic item like a wand or staff.

Rules for psionic are heavily house ruled. You can follow the first set or second set of house rules. We are play testing our Alternate Psionic Rules.

Gear from d20 Future, d20 Future Tech, d20 Cyberscape and Future Player’s Companion: Tomorrow’s Evolution are available for use in the campaign. See the wiki category Technology .

Starship classes are described on Starship Class and the individual starships are in the STARSHIPS CATALOG . Rules for starship combat and movement are the same as in d20 Future and d20 Future Tech. Some house rules apply like rules for interaction with vehicles and MECHA.

The campaign universe has different Progress Level that represent the different between different levels of advanced civilizations. We have also Alternate Technologies. See the Comparison of Alternate Technologies and Progress Levels.


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