Space Pirates

Space Pirates
As trade moved out into the stars, it seemed that crime, like war, inevitably followed. Pirates, or Privateers as they are called when operating with official sanction, are the masters of capturing ships and their cargo. Pirates of evil alignment typically then dispose of any crew in the most efficient manner possible, usually by “spacing” them. Neutral Pirates typically see crew as another source of income, and attempt to ransom them off.

A tactic that has returned from the days of sailing vessels, boarding represents specialized training in this daring strategy. Air locks are the target of attackers, and often pitched battles are raged here as boarding troops attempt to fight their way onto the ship. The two craft must be at boarding range before this type of attack may be attempted, and a Boarding attempt is only made on a mobile craft under the most desperate of circumstances.

The pirates use slow, lumbering craft, the signature vessel of the pirates are built on the principle of boarding actions to seize valuable cargo and hostages. They can do grapple and immobilize ships, these enormous craft can close and board at their leisure.

Pirate Ship Template

Dwarf Pirate
Goblin Pirate
Human Pirate
In-Vitro Pirate
Mangalorian Pirate
Moreau Pirate
Mutant Pirate
Ork Pirate
Reavers Pirate
Robot Pirate
Weren Pirate

Space Pirates

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