Space Travel

This catalog has the information needed to understand stellar objects, bodies and hazards. The information on this catalog is part of the Knowledge (Physics) skill.
d20 Future: Traveler Science
Interplanetary Travel
Interstellar Travel
Jumpgate Technology
Other Interstellar Travel

Starship Class – A catalog of known types of starships.
Starship Sensors and Communications
Other aspects of Starships and Space Travel
Crew Experience & Quality

There are celestial objects on the galaxy:
Star Type – Types of stars.
Planet Type Types of planets.
Asteroid Field

Hazards of Space Travel
Space travel is nowhere near as easy as books and movies make it seem. Foreign objects are a constant danger; even a micrometeoroid traveling at a high enough velocity can punch a hole through a starship’s hull and expose the entire crew to the vacuum of space. Ionizing radiation also poses a serious threat. Finally, characters must adapt to the weightlessness of space or suffer the effects of space adaptation syndrome (SAS), referred to colloquially as “space sickness.”
Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Super String
Electromagnetic Storms
Graviton ellipse
Gravity Waves
Ion Storms
Gravity Wells
Planetary Bodies Sizes
Solar Flares
Subspace anomalies
Temporal anomalies
Vacuum Exposure

Space Travel

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