“The port officials say many NO’s but all I can hear is OFFER ME MORE.” – Morian smuggler’s proverb.
This old Ranger Class Escort was decomissed by the G.C. government and then placed ona yunkyard for scrapping. Sorbo’s predecesor brough the ship and fixed it.

Model: Ranger Class Escort
Rep.: + 2

Type: Ultralight (Colossal)
Subtype: Escort
Tactical Speed: 4000 ft. (8 sq.)
Hid Dice: 20d20 (400 hp)
Weight(tons): 900
Cargo Capacity(tons): 30
Sensors: Class VI sensor array, improved targeting system
Crew: 8
Pass: 24
A.I.M. : No
Weapons: PL6

Crew Manifest:
Captain Kevin Sorbo
Orlandio Vlooms, Navigator/Science Officer
Lexa Doig , Chief Engineer
Doctor Grey, Ship’s Doctor
Dolph Lundgren, Infantry/Gunner
Cornelius, Gunner
Mushu, Pilot
Adriela, Merc
Irena, Heavy Infantry (MECHA)
Gumby, Techie, Gunner
Titok, Techie
Violeta, passenger

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [17:12:29]

  • Entries with an asterisk represent events that modify reputation.)
    2126.07 – Dune- Melange Smuggling Ring
    2126.07 – Thuldan Empire – Smuggler
    2126.12 – PipeworldThe Chariot arrives to Pipeworld. It’s creww disbanded with enough wealth to live good lives. But the Chariot is confiscated by confiscated by Commander (Sir) Rour Lotribom Tunner that wants to discover how it moved between Elementia and Pipeworld in a few days. The Commander starts a chase around the city looking for the crew of the Chariot but they escaped with the help of another merc ship the Star Lost.
    2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – The Starlost is suspected of serving as smuggler in the delivering of military grade weapons to a group of pirates from the Jupiter Crime Rings.
    2127.05.03 – 24D4 – Illegal Salvage.

SLS: Pending: Investigation.


2126.08 – Galactic Concord – The crew of the Starlost hasn’t been caught doing any crime on planets of the G.C. Priority to capture: LOW.
2127.03.13- New Jupiter – Judge Dread Alpha Preatorian Morphean 53 – Priority to capture: MEDIUM.

2126.12 – Pipeworld – [Orto Purell de la Torre:] “Fui pasajero en la nave Starlost. Es una nave vieja del Galactic Concord, buena para arreglar y usarla para comercio. Pero el “Capitan” Kevin Sorbo se me adelanto. Al parecer tiene contactos con gente alta dentro del Galactic Government.”

2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – The crew of the Starlost confronts the dangerous gang boss Tank G to capture a low-life criminal named Show-nuff. Their guts got the attention of the Jupiter Crime Rings. (*)

2127.05.03 – The pirate ship The Whip is seen salvaging the remains of military starships at coordinates 24D4 inside the War Against the Klick zone. Captain Oblivia is helped by the crew of the Starlost in exchange for information about the war.

2128.06.29 – Central Point – The Starlost‘s crew does some business with the Shinguz Clan on Central Point but also steal a collar from Prince Bluma’ar causing a series of events that end with Bluma’ar killing Irmor and Mirns killing Bluma’ar.

2128.06.22 – Petra – The Statlost stop at Planet Petra for R&R.



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