Syrten Space

Syrten Space
(Formely known as The Syrtian Empire, Sirtis Empire and the Empire of the Thousand Planets)

The History of the Glorious Empire of One Thousand Planets

Before the Raise of the Empire:
Before the reign of the syrtian emperors the only information we have comes from the records found on alien planets and civilizations, stolen from fallen enemies or discovered on ancient ruins. It looks like there were a lot of races on the planets located away from the empire. Races like the Aleerin, Fraal and N’sss fought an enemy named the Elohim. They had some kind of weapon that they use to destroy them. A weapon built by a race known as The Ancients. The weapon was designed to find and destroy the enemy known as The Void and they used it against the Elohims. All four races were destroyed in the war. Other races named the T’sa, Sathar, Yazirian and Vrusk were also decimated by the war and were found by the first explorers of the empire as savages hiding from the legend of the Void.

The story of the Empire:
Our Empire raised and become a “Empire of a Thousand Planets” with more than a thousand planets under control. Using our technological superiority and our vast resources, we built a colossal navy of starships that went from world to world. All races that didn’t comply to be part of the Empire were marked as savages. All their resources and technology was stolen from them. A Science Caste was created to study and develop all the scientific and technological advantages that were been acquired for the benefit of the empire. The Authorities become a religious cult that had absolute control over all the advances and can achieve miraculous feats. The empire was the most powerful power on the galaxy. No one will oppose it and grow was a natural daily process.

The Enemies of the Empire:
The empire growth was more than the decadent government could handle. They were going in a technological and social decline. Many planets where trying to separate from the empire, assassinations, cults, civil wars, terrorists movements were everywhere. It was discovered that there was a power behind all that and it was identified that the enemy was the Void. What the Void wanted was unknown. What the Void is also unknown. The Emperor ordered the construction of “a weapon powerful enough to disappear all the enemies of the empire”. Using a lot of resources diverted from all parts of the empire, the weapon was built by the Religious-Scientist Caste, the Authorities, that had kept the technological knowledge for themselves to keep control of everything. The machine was finished an activated as a show of force by the emperor, then everything went bad. Communications with the rest of the Empire was lost.

NOTE: The past History is the same for both parallel dimensions, Syrtian Y were the males dominate the empire from planet Syrte and the Syrtian X were the females did the same from planet Symius on the same place. Both empires on different dimensions activated The Machine, destroyed their galaxies and their planet was transported to our dimension. The movement destroyed the original planet of Syrte and caused damage to both planetary systems.

Present Times:
The Authorities –a sub race of smart syrtians who had moved to full cyborg conversion to robot bodies hundreds of years ago- from both planets are joining forces to make the final coup d’grace to the Emperors. They have the machines and they know that now that they are in the same reality, they are synchronized with each other. Activating them will prove more destructive than the first time. They want to take control of the governments and place the Galactic Concord (and all other mayor government) on jeopardy.
The crew of the GCS Penelope stopped them, destroying the machine and reprogramming the robot bodies to force the old brains to help the new government rebuild their planets in a more economical and social stable environment. A powerful government, The Maya Triunvirate has taken the power, depose the emperors and started a social revolution that could take years but is moving toward a better Syrtian government.

The Syrten Space is composed of two different star systems with some different colonized planets. There are at least two races present in that sphere of influence: the Syrts and the Bagoulins.

The planet Murmyl, homeworld of the greatest architects of the Syrtien System, is the first planet of this system. Slomp, a remote, barren asteroid, is the sixth planet of this system. The rocky hills of the asteroid resemble faces of living beings – these are the ancient inhabitants of Slomp who are slowly being absorbed into the ground. A phosphorous liquid exudes from their eyes like tears. When drunk, this liquid can be used to extend human life beyond its normal span. This heavy populated system like it’s counterpart Syrtis Organa is refuge to many races and home of ancient cities in fast social and technological decline.

The planet Glam, a forest world, is the third planet of the Syrtis Organa system, Mintel, a powerful industrial base is the fifth planet of the system. This heavy populated system like it’s counterpart Syrtis Prima is refuge to many races and home of ancient cities in fast social and technological decline.

Barsoom 18C8
Glam 18C8
Mintel 18C8
Murmyl 18C8
Symius 18C8
Syrte Prime 17C7
Syrte 17C7
Syrtis Organa 17C7

Technology: PL6: Arcanetech + Steamtech + M-Tech
Starship Design: Standard PL6 (with Flash Gordon’s and other romantic fiction novels architecture)
The Machine

Syrten Space

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