Templaria System

The Templaria System
Star B Type
_Colonized Planets: 3
B[(L)2- (B)1-(M)2-(A)2- (S)43-(J)9]
This System is located on the Galactic Concord Frontier and is known for many things. Is the home of the organization named Order of the Silver Light, has a Jumpgate and a mayor military starbase.

Templaria II
Templaria III
Templaria V-12 – Moon
Templaria V-21 – Moon

The population of the system has a long history been colonized by humans around the times of the Second Galactic War. The system has three mayor political fractions: the Chosen Monks of the Blue Moon, The Red Way and The Lighter Path.

At the edge of the system there is a Jumpgate and a mayor military starbase of the Galactic Concord GCS Templaria B.

Different corporations have facilities on the system and their starships are always entering and leaving the main planet some of them are: Agroprodex Corporation, Blue Sun Corporation, Exodus Transports and Nova Arms.

A local corporation Misla Corporation, has a facility orbiting Templaria III, Misla Corporation Headquarters.

Templaria System Timeline

Templaria System

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