Terran Empire

Terran Empire
0145.00 Humanity abandoned Earth their home planet and becomes a powerful spacefaring race and colonizes many planets, terraforming others. They conquer many races that were weaken by the recent galactic war and founded the First Terran Empire. The races slaved were the T’sas, Yazirians and Dralasites.

For unknown reasons, after their first encounter with Terrans, the Kroaths become rebellious and separated from the N’sss Colonies creating their own government on planet Skarrab.

On 0256AG a group of humans ( and members of other minor unknown races that were hidden under human disguises ) founded a series of colony in the Mana System to follow their studies in arcane arts. They were called Etirans.

On 0330AG the Terran Empire has turned into a despotic, tyrannical government that wanted all other races to be under their control. The power of this corrupted government was divided between a groups of “Houses” that can trace their heritage back to Old Earth (the “craddle of humanity”).

0331AG Many human colonies where founded with the minimum investment of terraforming and resources available. In many occasion the Terran government extreme bureaucracy and lack of planification proves to be ineffective, leaving the colonists for themselves for decades before any resupply ship from the Empire cared to go and check on them. At that time they usually visit the colony to begin the process of taxing them.

These “abandoned” humans adapted to their difficult environments and became new races in culture and sometimes with mayor changes in biology. Adapted Ones

On 0432AG at the Beginning of the Second Galactic War, Humans, Aleeriens, Yazirian and N’sss become the victims of attacks by the Sathar Hegemony. A group of opportunist humans took their chances and become separated from the Terran Empire declare themselves independent and formed the Ringunmor Star Consortium.

At the end of the Second Galactic War on the year 0619AG the Terran Empire was destroyed, the humans take refuge in different planets and adapt to them using will, tenacity and sometimes the help of science. The Adapted race’s are born when humans from these colonies started to refer themselves as new races instead of “humans” maybe to start a new life or in shame of what the First Terran Empire turned into.

It was on 0671AG that the remaining planets of the Terran Empire to stay organized, became a centralized government on planet Thuldan and so become the Thuldan Empire.

Second Terran Empire
The Thuldan Empire believes themselves to be the Second Terran Empire but others non-human races said that the real STE is the Galactic Concord. There are some who believe that the separation of the Ringunmor Star Consortium, the Thuldan Empire and the Galactic Concord is just a ruse to gain powers and them unite the three human spheres of influence into one giant Terran Galactic Empire.

Terran Empire

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