The Fraals

The Fraals
The Fraal civilization is old, older that recorded human history and perhaps Homo sapiens themselves.
It is known that around 10,000BG the home world of the Fraals was destroyed.

Some said that the star of planet Yrvunn turns supernova at the end of its existence. Others claim that the home world has been used for so long that it has nothing useful left on it, having left its geological cycle long ago and becoming a waste land. Exactly how and why these metals were plundered is unknown, though Fraal legends claim the “Light Bearers” did it to strand the Fraal on their world for a past crime.

Legends said that The Fraal home world holds “The City”, but also many ruins and marvels of technology long forgotten.

What really happened is that in the Fraal homeworld a group of corrupted scientist have created a breed of monsters, the Bodaks. The Bodaks were the undead remnants of fraals who have been destroyed by the touch of absolute evil (the void). The Fraals searched for a way to stop The Void and activated a weapon of The Ancients known as The Planet Killer who tracked and destroyed all Agents of the Void on planets Yrvunn and Vio.

This leaves the Fraals without a homeworld, and they go exploring the galaxy in their motherships the size of cities, one of the planets visited was a growing Earth, cradle of humanity.

Fraals live many years and have a much evolved body that has lost many of its normal humanoid functions. They cannot eat normal food, been their food super condensed and extremely processed food in form of creams and pills. They have very little reproduction organs and have no anus because they only eat what they need.

A few centuries ago a group of Fraal scientist started a project to try to adapt the fraals to procreate with other races. The Half-Fraals are offsprings of Fraals and other races, usually humans.

The Fraal Starcity are starships the size of cities used by the Fraals as their only homes. Almost 90% of the Fraals live on these ships with the other 10% living on planets. Very few non-Fraals live on their cities, as their way of living and even food is very different as other races. They cities are what is left of their home planet. It’s rumored that there are only 22 Fraal cities left across the universe.

Fraals have made Doorworld their new world even when is a very inhospitable star system they extract the materials they need to build jumpgates and to keep their starcities working from the planets around the system. They don’t actually live on Doorworld but orbit it with a few starcities. Human colonists live in the planet and work the factories and mines under their tutelage. The corporation called Gatemasters was created to help protect the human colonies and Fraal interests on the planet.

Samples of Fraal Technology:
Alien Probe – Fraal Probes are White and Blue.
EVA Robot
Fraal Pistol
Fraal Soldier
Fraal Starcity
Fraal Shuttle
Variable Energy Force Field

2100.01 – Central PointThe Fraals appear again after 100 years in hiding. They present themselves in Central Point.

The Fraals

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