30,000BG The race (or group of races) known now as The Ancients explored and colonized the complete galaxy. They fought a formidable enemy, The Void, and finish it at the end of a long 2,000 years Galactic War. Some said that having reached their peak of evolution decided to leave the galaxy for a higher dimension of existence. Others believe that the Ancients were destroyed in the war alone their enemies.

25,000BG The Okulan Travelers start to explore the space keeping their distance from other dangerous races.

20,000BG The Elohim Empire become a powerful and deadly spacefaring Empire and conquered many races turning them into slaves including the Gardhyi, T’sas and Sathars. The Elohim Empire was influenced by The Void turning them into its agents of chaos. Many races were destroyed or slaved and planets plundered of their resources.

10,000BG The Fraals tell the story that after the star of planet Yrvunn turns supernova at the end of its existence. This leaves The Fraals without a homeworld, and they go exploring the galaxy in their motherships the size of cities, one of the planets visited was a growing Earth, cradle of humanity.

_The Vios Caravans tell another story, they said that The Fraals approached them in a time of civil unrest and help them discover that the problem in planet Vios was caused by Agents of the Void, the same that was causing a different problem in planet Yrvunn. In the Fraal homeworld a group of corrupted scientist have created a breed of monsters, the Bodaks. The Bodaks were the undead remnants of fraals who have been destroyed by the touch of absolute evil (The Void). The Fraals wanted to help the Vios and join forces with them to fight The Void. Shortly after that a colossal machine named “The Planet Killer” came and destroyed the Vios and The Fraals homeworlds. The Vios who escaped, did so in their ships, The Fraals were able to raise their flying cities into space and escape with more technology and people alive. Since them The Fraals don’t speak to the Vios and avoid talking about what happened.

_What the crew of the GCS Penelope discovered is that The Fraals discovered a final solution against The Void built by The Ancients. They activated the moon sized Artificial Intelligence starship known as the Planet Killer which destroyed their home planets and the Vios’. They hide from the Vios on shame since them.

5,000BG The N’sss become a powerful spacefaring race with biotech and living ships technology. They call themselves the [[N’sss Colonies]].

_The Vios Caravans tell the story that the N’sss were not natives to planet N’s. They said that the N’sss moved to that planet and that no one knew (and still no one knows) were they came from.

3,000BG The Aleerin become a powerful spacefaring race with great advances in cybernetics and computers. They call themselves the Aleerin Empire.

2,000BG The N’sss Colonies and the Aleerin Empire join the other races against the Elohim Empire and win their freedom in a single great multi-planet battle.

0001BG – Estimated time when the first ships started forming the place known as Central Point in space coordinates 41C1.

0000AG Beginning of the First Galactic War. – The Elohim Empire wanted to take back what was theirs and attacked all mayor races including, Aleerin Empire, N’sss Colonies, The Fraals and the T’sas. Taken advantage of the situation a reptilian race known as the Medurrs raised their own Medurr Empire and attacked the Yazirians.

_The wormlike race known as the Sathars formed a government named the Sathar Hegemony and attacked The Fraals and N’sss Colonies to steal their technology but are unsuccessful in doing so.

_The N’ss create the Kroaths modifying them with genetic engineering from an unknown race and using them as shock troops to fight both fronts of this war.

0072AG The Order of the Silver Light is formed when members of different monster hunter’s groups from diverse races banded together to fight the Elohim Empire.

0100AG End of the First Galactic War. – At the end, the Elohim Empire are destroyed and their home planet Elementia is declared prohibited.

0145.00 Humanity becomes a powerful spacefaring race and colonizes many planets. They conquer many races that were weaken by the recent Galactic War and founded the Terran Empire. This include the T’sas, Yazirians and Dralasites. For unknown reasons, after their first encounter with Terrans, the Kroaths become rebellious and separated from the N’sss Colonies forming the Kroath Space.

_The Liandren Merchants start travelling the stars becoming a merchant race with no home planet. They avoid speaking about their home planet.

_The Vios Caravans tell the story that the Liandren’s homeworld was destroyed by a war that was started by Agents of the Void. They only have small well-guarded colonies that they keep secret to avoid contact with The Void.

0256AG A group of humans and members of other minor unknown races founded a series of colony in the Mana System to follow their studies in arcane arts.

0330AG The Terran Empire has turned into a despotic, tyrannical government that wanted all other races to be under their control. The power of this corrupted government was divided between a series of rich groups known as Terran Houses that claim they can trace their heritage back to Earth (the “cradle of humanity”).

0331AG Many human colonies where founded with the minimum investment of terraforming and resources available. In many occasions the Terran government ineffective planning, leave the colonists for themselves for decades before any resupply ship from the Empire cared to go and check on them. At that time they usually visit the colony to begin the process of taxing them.

_These “abandoned” humans adapted to their difficult environments and became new races in culture and sometimes with mayor changes in biology.

0432AG Beginning of the Second Galactic War. – Humans, Aleerin, Yazirian and N’sss become the victims of attacks by the Sathar Hegemony. When the Sathar appeared, no one knows where they came from or why. Yes, some –like the [[N’sss Colonies]] – remember that they were one of the slave races of the Elohim Empire. But it has been so many years since they retreat to their own space that no one knows why they came back. They attacked and destroyed lonely systems on the edges of explored space, moving slowly inward. Survivors described Sathars as wormlike creatures 3 to 4 meters long. That was all that was known about them, because they would rather kill themselves than be captured.

_The first group of humans to become separated from the Terran Empire declare themselves independent and formed the Ringunmor Star Consortium.

0512AG The Medurr Empire become a mayor spacefaring race with crude spaceships and weapons but effective combat skills.

0512AG As the danger increased, the Aleeriens, Dralasites, Vrusks and Yazirians formed loosely alliances to defend their worlds. The mysterious Sathar Hegemony were forced back.

0572AG The Church of Betazeth is born, it was founded by Mother Superia Troy Bene a powerful human telephat on Ringunmor Prime.

0619AG End of the Second Galactic War. – At the end the Terran Empire is destroyed, the humans take refuge in different planets and adapt to them using will, tenacity and sometimes the help of science. The Adapted Ones races are born when humans from these colonies started to refer themselves as new races instead of “humans” maybe to start a new life or in shame of what the First Terran Empire turned into.

0642.00 New Terra and Roma Aeterna allied against the Vrusks. This conflict lasted two years.

0671AG The remaining planets of the Terran Empire to stay organized, became centralized in planet Thuldan and so become the Thuldan Empire.

0671.00 The conflict lasted one year. The Kalmathu Planets are discovered and the Thuldan Empire tries to conquer them but are unable to. The Thuldan Empire are able to push the forces of the Kalmathu back and avoid been invaded and declared the campaign a success.

0685.00 The Kroath Space tried to invade the Thuldan Empire and failed. They used genetically engineer weapons like the Zeikune and the Puppeteer. The later become sentient and attacked back the Kroath who had to destroy them. The conflict lasted two years. The Thuldan Empire repelled the invasion and secured their space.

0698AG Ringunmor Star Consortium becomes the owner –by force- of all mayor trade routes between the more populated planets of Humans and Adapted Humans, Aleerins, Yazirians, T’sas, Sathar Hegemony and Thuldan Empire.

0740AG The mysterious Sathar Hegemony were forced back, but before long they returned in a more sinister form. The Sathars had learned that they could not beat the allied planets in battle. Instead, they began hiring Yazirian, Human, Dralasite and Vrusk agents to sabotage interstellar trade and interfere with other governments. On their own planets they continued their politic of slaving other races like the Elohim Empire slaved them.

1201AG The Church of the Necromongers is created by Drazalur the Necromancer that was rumored lived for more than 300 years.

1802.04.21 – Drowia – The fall of the current leader of Drowia is a mayor political event on that planet after a war between the Elves of Mithrila and the Drow Elves of Drowia finished in the dead of many elves.

1702AG Beginning of the Third Galactic War- The Medurr Empire tries to invade the Thuldan Empire and all planets suffered for this attack. The N’sss Colonies retracted to their original system and avoided conflict, limiting their actions to only defending themselves. The three more important events of this war were:
__The Aleerin Empire created the Etoile as cybernetic weapons and the Etoile malfunctioned and try to destroy them leaving the Aleerin with no choice than to destroy the Etoile. The Etoile use cybernetic technology combined prohibited Elohim Empire elemental technology (technology that was also contaminated by The Void). After that failure, the aleerin modified humans and other races using extensive cybernetics upgrading them for the war effort as super-soldiers.
__A lot of robots, mecha and starships were built for the war by the Ringunmor Star Consortium but other smaller companies appear as mayor competitors like GeneTech, GalacTech and Singularity Systems. Remnants of these robot armies still subsist today with A.I. mercs and non A.I. warbots still in the shadow and frontier planets.
__From the Thuldan Empire side, Genetech tries to create a new army to become a major player in the war. They created hundreds of thousands of altered humans using genetic material from animals. This experiment, known today as “The GeneTech Fiasco” ended on the destruction by atomic warheads of all the GeneTech facilities on their home planet when the new altered humans become independent and refuse to die for GeneTech. GeneTech disappeared and UniCorp takes its place. The GeneTech planet was renamed Moreau after survivors of the event.

1892.11.14 – CorpWorld – A band of thieves reprogram a series of combat robots to use them as grunts to attack cargo starships from the Sol Systems. The remnant of those models of robots used became the first A.I. robot criminal like the famous robot ABC’Bot.

1931.08.05 – Templaria III – Two rich families in Templaria III start a feud, the Paizos and the Moyet. The two families later will become the leaders of the political movements “The Red Way” and the “Chosen Monks of the Blue Moon”.

1943.01.22 – Moreau – After the catastrophic events that were part of the bombardment of planet Moreau, a princess pirate of the Piracy Ring named Helena Troys attacked and stole medical supplies that were in their way to planet Moreau.

2028.00 The Vulcans, Klingons and Cardassians formed their own empires (Vulcanian Alliance, Klingon Empire and Cardassian Empire) and started a war between themselves that lasted for ninety eight years.

2075AG Members of the strange race known as the Gardhyi started visiting the Kroath Space with promises of helping them. Their influence started a new political fraction in the Kroath society of Pro-Gardhy teachings. At that time members of the Graakans subrace of Kroath mutants started disappearing. Later was found that the Gardhyi worked for The Klicks.

2100AG End of the Third Galactic War. – There are no winners even when the Thuldan Empire declared the war as a successful campaign. The N’sss Colonies were untouched, and proved their military prowess repelling invasions forces from the Thuldan Empire, Sathar Hegemony and Medurr Empire. Small individual companies become owners of trade routes that were formerly under control of the Ringunmor Star Consortium growing with this profits and becoming megacorporations.

2100.01AG Foundation of the Galactic Concord – After ten years on the making, using all available diplomatic human resources from New Terra and Roma Aeterna, and with the help of the Order of the Silver Light and The Fraals the Galactic Concord was born. The humans from many planets like Amazonia and New Venus, and the adapted humans from many planets joined the Aeerian, dralasite, Vrusk, and also the T’sa to sign the treaty immediately. The Concord recognizes the independence and individuality of the adapted humans as their own races and each government was given the rights and proper representation in the Galactic Council.

2100.07AG The Galactic Concord created the Star Law Frontier –the Rangers- an interstellar police force in charge of the frontier planets with authority to follow criminals into the Shadow Planets outside the G.C. They have knowledge and training to track the Sathar Hegemony’s agents from planet to planet and fight them on their own terms. But despite the efforts of the Rangers, the sly Sathar Hegemony agents have become the most dangerous threat ever to face the Galactic Concord and the frontier corporations.

2109AG Planet Cyberdome becomes an independent government compose of robots with Artificial Intelligence. The government organizes a company, Robocorp, to sell robots and lease A.I’s. to other planets.

2111AG A race known as the Tholians declared their space and their planet independent from the Thuldan Empire. Shortly after that, under Emperor orders, they were conquered. The conflict lasted only one year but was very cruel and devastating. The Tholian system is declared off limits due to the highly unstable radiation of its pulsar star. No one knows what happened to the Tholians.

2111AG The use of invasive technology, robot, cybernetics, etc during the war caused an after-war movement of technology-fanatics. This was initially compose of wars veterans with intensive cybernetics. The movement was called the Cult of the Cykotek and still exists today.

2111AG The Liberty of Rights Laws are passed on the Galactic Concord Council giving the right to many races to coexist like the races from the Mana System (including dragons), Robots and Clones. Organizations like the Cult of the Cykotek, the Church of the Necromongers and the Church of Betazeth are given rights too. Nomad races like the Vios Caravans, Liandren and [The Fraals]] are given rights to colonize planets if they become part of the Galactic Concord.

2117AG Pirate, thieves, assassins and smugglers become organized in the area of Shadow Planets and space near the borders of the Thuldan Empire, Galactic Concord and Ringunmor Star Consortium under the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate.

2119AG Thuldan Treaty- The Thuldan Empire signs a treaty with the Galactic Concord recognizing its government. With the help of the Ringunmor Star Consortium, that wants to become the owner of all trade routes between the two powers, new trades routes are open. The Fraals become part of the treaty and propose a series of Jumpgate Technology built and managed by them that will help the ships from the three governments to move faster. The Gatemasters Company is founded with resources pooled from the three powers to create this gates that can move a ship at 50 times the speed of light. This technology shortens the time to cross the space of the Concord from months to a mere 15 days.

2121AG Planet Moreau is recognize as an independent planet open for trade. The Galactic Concord will consider their status as a member when the population of the planet centralize their social structure and government.

2123AG The Military Branch of the Galactic Concord is reinforced by the mobilization of faster-than-light spaceships equipped to work in the frontier worlds. This Ranger Class Escort ships are upgraded with an A.I.M. computer built by Robocorp and assigned to the Star Law Frontier Officers. A.I.M. stands for Artificial Intelligence Matrix and they are advanced robot-computers tied to all the starship systems.

2124.10 – A small space conflict between the Galactic Concord, the Medurr Empire and the Sathar Hegemony, and at the end of these two years of battle, the borders defining the three governments was established. The Sathar Hegemony used their first cyberslaves and cybodragons during this conflict.

2125AG The powerful, xenophobic and mysterious N’sss Colonies ask for an embassy on the Galactic Concord. This doesn’t allow for trade of technology or goods to and from the N’ss space but is considered by many a good start.

2125AG A new race, nicknamed The Klicks for the sounds they made, are discovered in quadrant 2D for the first time at the beginning of the year. They don’t accept communications nor diplomacy envoys and destroy any ship they encounter in their space.

2125.01 –The Volturnus Expedition were the Sathar Hegemony hired a series of human pirates to set foot on one of the Kalmathu Planets and stir the anthill a little, causing the Kalmathu Arachnids to attack the Ringunmor Star Consortium. This attack was repelled in five months.

2125.11AG An attempt by unknown operatives to destroy the GCS Templaria B starport orbiting the Planet Templaria III was avoided by members of the Star Law Frontier. At the same time, high ranking members of the Order of the Silver Light announced a change in their order’s hierarchy. Now the Purifiers will be the higher ranking members of the order.

2125.12AG A new spacefaring race is found in quadrant 1C, they call themselves the Syrtians and claim to have “a empire of a thousand planets”, The Syrten Space. Galactic Concord Administrators are send to evaluate the possible alliance in this times of war and found instead what was reported as a “lose small bunch of elitist planets in constant civil war”.

2125.12 The Klicks attack the planets Spes and Rakkle starting their war against the Galactic Concord.

2125.12AG Three different neighbor systems declared their sovereign state as empires: Klingon Empire, Vulcanian Alliance and Cardassian Empire.

2125.12.29 – The independent pirate ships Alpha Raider, Bird of Prey, Child of Centauri and Delta Falcon fight in orbit of [[Cocco’s Moon]] for a cargo left hidden by unknowns in a nearby abandoned starbase that is destroyed on their fight.

2126.01AG We began this year with The Klicks menace growing at a very accelerated rate. The government of the near shadow planets like Cardassia Prime, Vulcan and [[Qo’noS]] declare their space and prepare small fleets for war. They didn’t declare which side they will join. The Galactic Council gets together for a special meeting to decide about the outcome of the war. This possible fourth Galactic War being the first war that the Galactic Concord will be involved as a government has everyone in their tiptoes. The Leader of the Thuldan Empire joins the meeting via Galacnet to gain the rights to prepare a second fleet to fight the Klicks. The Galactic Council is so happy of having such a powerful ally in this conflict that they allow the Robocorp Company of planet Cyberdome to build an army of one billion combat robots for the Emperor.

2126.01 The political situation on the Galactic Concord in this moment is in a critical point that could tear apart everything that has been constructed so far. On one side, the inability of the Galactic Concord representatives to contact The Klicks is seen by many as a weakness of the Galactic Counsel. On the other side the promise of military backup by Thuldan Empie is seen as a precipitation to war against The Klicks. There is also the rumor that the human planets of the Galactic Concord benefit from the recent permit bestow unto the Robocorp Corporation to build an army of robots for the Thuldan Empire as a way to strength human groups over non-human groups using Galactic Concord resources to build a Second Terran Empire. The last group speaks about the imminent war against The Klicks and all the discussion goes back in a circle to the beginning.

2126.01 The Klick menace has helped the Galactic Concord Military to organize a better and stronger military presence. They are ready to enter the battle and propose an advance force be send to The Klick space and strike before they continue expanding. “Is better to move the battle to neutral space and protect the members of the Galactic Concord from a new war on their home planets.” The Klicks have ships and weapons that are difficult to detect by Galactic Concord technology. “Their silence, avoiding all means of communication with us, not answering any of our diplomatic envoys, they don’t want us to learn from them. That makes them more dangerous.”

2126.01.05 – Different pirate ships do battle trying to steal from an independent mine owned by “Edmund Blackadder II”. The ships have been identified as the “Alpha Raider”, “Bird of Prey”, “Delta Falcon”, “Titus Felicus”, and The “Merry Corvette”.

2126.02AG After many diplomatic attempts to retrieve the prisoners of planets Spes and Rakkle, the Klick and the Galactic Concord Fleets have their first encounter in the space coordinates 22D2 initiating the Galactic Concord-Klick War.

2126.02AG The crew of the “GCS Penelope” and the “GCS Valiant” worked together to get back to the Galactic Concord with information pertinent to the Klick War that nullifies the advantage that the klicks had over the G.C. Information gained by the crew of the GCS Penelope shows that the Thuldan Empire knew about klick-like technology for many years and destroyed all evidence (planet Tholia).

2126.02AG The Galactic Concord stopped relations with the Thuldan Empire pending a investigation of planet Tholia and Crystal Tech or C-Tech. The Thuldan Empire has closed its border and broke negotiation with the Galactic Concord refusing to return the robots ordered to the Robocorp Company as ordered by the Galactic Concord Board of Review. The Galactic Counsel signed a no-aggression Treaty with the Kroath Space and opens negotiations with them.

2126.04.01 A group of members of the Galactic Council, leaded by Senator Matilda Amidalius, accused the Ambassador from the [[N’sss Colonies]] of knowing that the Kroath were humans and hiding the fact from the rest of the human planets. Ambassador Vosh of the [[N’sss Colonies]] didn’t answer, retired to his quarters on orbit of New Terra and haven’t come out from there yet.

2126.04.01 A group of five thousand members of the Church of the Necromongers that have been travelling in secret to shadow planet Orion 5, under the command of the Necro Twins manipulated the leader, Baron Groceous Gard, in order to build a gigantic spaceship-fortress for their Church. Higher leaders of the church are been questioning regarding the events. The relationship between the Galactic Concord and Orion 5 is rapidly degrading.

2126.04.18 Investigations by Cardassian Empire agents discover that a secret meeting in planet Ferenginar between the Grand Nagus and Orno Vush, and two small time smugglers with ties in the Bajorian Rebellion, Harry Mudd and Benjamín Castro was made. Direct relation between this meeting and the smuggling of orion made laser rifles used in the Bajorian Rebellion is unknown.

2126.05.01 – The Galactic Concord Colonial Development Department started a project to help planet Estarfinalep develop into a full colony suitable for thousands of colonists. A few deforestation ships have landed and started the process of cleaning an area for a colony. The plants grow very quickly and the rapid rates of re-forestation have made this works very difficult. About 200 workers were station there with a small group of marines and other GC Officers. Because of its position in Frontier Space and the value of the equipment, the base was fortified and armed. Starbase GCS Estarfinalep B is built.

2126.05.06 Four passenger ships of the Sudoku Transports Corporation leave galactic Concord space and converge in Orbit around planet Elementia with the spaceship fortress. Then the fleet moved to an unknown location.

2126.05.16 Thanks to the diplomatic skill of Councilor Matilda Amidalius and the Bajorian Rebellion the Four planets of the now known as Diamond Cluster are joined to the Galactic Concord adding new planets and warships to the war effort against the Klicks. The Bajorian Resistance Movement takes control of space station CE Terek Nor and declares independence from the Cardassians. The Bajorian Provisional Government ask the Galactic Concord representative Councilor Matilda Amidalius to join her government. At the end of the negotiations Bajor gains independence and the station as a way of protecting themselves.

2126.05.20 The Ringunmor Star Consortium government send four ships to map border the Arachnid Quarantine Zone and found that the kamalthu species are propagating toward their territory. Plans to increase military presence in that frontier and a deployment of a series of proximity satellites to spy on the kamalthu are started. The Ringunmorian government asked the Galactic Concord, the Thuldan Empire and the Medurr Empire for support.

2126.06.01AG Peace have been found between the Galactic Concord and the Kroath Space with the knowledge of the common heritage between Humans and Kroaths disclosed through the Galactnet news (OSCO News). Kroath have open their frontier and Galactic Concord ambassadors believe that a permanent alliance between the two governments is possible.

2126.06.04AG The [[N’sss Colonies]] mobilized five of their bigger ships to deep space to coordinates unknown.

2126.06.06AG The government of Grandos, part of the Galactic Concord export containers of raw resillium used to build MECHA and Vehicles frames and armors. The pirate ship “The Last” has been attacking some of the cargo ships and stealing their cargo. Grandite are a peaceful race but not stupid and have riposte with more grandite guards on the cargo ships. Cannibal found a solution to that: he hired the moreau assassin Beast. The Crew of the GCS Penelope stopped both criminals that are now jailed in the prison planet New Pluto.

2126.06.16: The Galacnet main interface board was modified by Aleerian technicians and programmers to allow for the connection with the Kroath Space’s LobalNet but problems with the biotech interface delayed the complete work until 2126.07.15 when the Bynaus Central Computer Network was interfaced as well. It was a difficult process that took a few months to finish and brought several glitches to the system. As the center of the GalacNet, planet Aleer was the place were all was been worked with the Memory Alpha scientists and the Bynaus and Skarrab technicians connected from their own nodes. Nut until 2126.08.05 the process was finished.

2126.06 The First Kroath Civil War started and was stopped by Graakan soldiers in less than one year (2126.10). The war starts when the kroaths find out that the members of the Pro-Klick fractions are been “possessed” by some kind of unknown force.

2126.06.28AG The GCS Penelope is sent to Skarrab to escort an immigrant ship named KS Exodus full of kroaths immigrants that want to return to be part of humanity. They discover a few things about their society and way of living. The cryogenic ship has 100,000 kroaths trained to believe they are humans and with their minds erased using MNEMO-N1C Compound.

2126.07.01AG The Klicks have started attacking both Kroaths and the Galactic Concord. The Kroaths are defending their territory and even helping the Galactic Concord Fleet in some of the mayor battles against the Klick. The Galactic Concord Fleet has calibrated their sensors to detect the klick starships and the klicks are losing ground every day.

2126.07.02AG The GCS Penelope is able to escort the 200 years old starship KS Exodus who arrive relatively safe to planet Grandos with some damage from a Klicks attack. 1,071 colonists are declared dead and their bodies taken away by the ship OSL Skywalker.

2126.07.04AG The Vulcanian Alliance government sent a group of 14 vulcans to study on the Galactic Concord Military Academy on New Terra and become part of different branches of the Galactic Concord Military. This is part of their new “Learning from the Diversity” Politic. As a result of this action other races, like the klingons and bajorians, do the same.

2126.07.15AG Planets Trill, Whill and Bynaus join the Galactic Concord. Representatives from the Trills and the Binars are sent to join the Galactic Concord Military Academy.

2126.07.20AG – The crew of the GCS Penelope had to solve a dispute between three ships that were fighting for the rights to use planet Osiris resources. The felinian colony ship New-World landed on the planet and founded a mixed cat folk-feline moreau colony of 3500. The scientific ship IFT Reveprobe landed in another part of the continent to try to find a cure for the spore affecting the original five thousand human colonists. The trade ship RTC Vodeville was capture and charged of carrying Warhammer marines in Galactic Concord space.

2126.07.28AG Taken advantage of the Kroath Civil War, prisoners from a military facility escaped in two different warships the KS Lexx and the KS Moria.

2126.08.05AG: A dangerous hacker was found to be delaying the process of integrating the Kroath Space’s LobeNet and the Bynar’s Central Computer Net in an attempt to modify several security routines of the Galacnet for his own benefit. The hacker was the A.I. criminal Central Control and was stopped by Judge Lovotz. At the same time the crew of the GCS Penelope captured the criminals Flesher and Hotweire.

2126.08.19AG: A dangerous arcanetech object, the Puzzle Box, was recovered by the Crew of the GCS Penelope in Aleer. It was stolen by the thief Hotweire 30 years before from Merlin Station.

2126.09.01AG: As the War against The Klicks continues and the Kroath Civil War doesn’t end, the Galactic Concord mobilizes more ships to the Klick border that appears to be closer to the G.C. border with every battle. The Emperor of the Thuldan Empire starts a mobilization of his fleet in a series of “war games" that are seen by many G.C. experts as preparation for war.

2126.09.21: Emperor Paltine Corino visits planet Arrakis (Dune) as part of the war games conducted by the Thuldan Empire Fleet and to finish the protocols to raise Baron Corinitus M. Shaddam the Second to the rank of Duke. Surprise Duke Leto Atreides, a long enemy of Baron Shaddam agrees to it. During the ceremony a group of rebels of an unknown group, presumably of the Thuldan Rebellion Front or the Fremen Liberation Movement, sabotaged a series of underground facilities and stole the Emperor’s Star Carrier. The unknown group of rebels abandoned the Emperor’s Star Carrier on the neutral zone between the Thuldan Empire and the Galactic Concord near the Tattoine 4 system. After recovering the starship the Emperor ordered the execution of the complete crew complement of 1,600.

2126.10.01 – The criminal known as Hotweire escapes her prison on New Pluto.

2126.10.20 A group of 10,000 exiled koraths named the Grakaa, returned to planet Skarrab (formelly known as Kroath Prime) and stopped the Civil War in one month. After that the combined force of all the Kroath military mobilized to attack the join the Galactic Concord in the War against the Klicks.

2126.10.12 – The crew of the GCS Penelope were sent outside the frontier to planets Syrte and Symius to make diplomatic contact, return a prisoner and assess the strengths and weakness of their planets.

2126.11.15 – The Church of the Necromongers attack planet Felinia and almost destroy all Cat Folks. Contaminating the planet with radiation and killing all who oppose them. The crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Future stop them and the 1 million converted necromongers fleet is destroyed leaving only the survivor leaders and lest than 5,000 necrons. They also discovered that Agent 14 was there influencing them. Many leaders and elders of the tribes of Felinia die. Some tribes like the Cait are absorbed by other tribes. The survival leaders are taken out of the planet by the GCS Future and returned to rebuild the planet by the GCS Valiant.

2126.11.28 – The investigation of the disappearance of three important scientists by the crew of the GCS Penelope is culminated with the discovery of a plot by the Cult of the Cykotek to evolve using very complex cybernetic implants and the Galacnet as a hive mind communication grid. All members (and some none members) of the cult die of a failure on the implants that cause the reverse effect of what they wanted.

2126.12.15 – One of the founders of the Galactic Concord and the Mana System centralized government, Vrom Silverleave, dies when he’s killed by her fiance Isandra Woodscepter with the help of Vrom’s enemy, the Beholder Pirate Eye-To-Eye. The crew of the GCS Penelope discover the complot and wound the beholder with Vrom’s magic bow. Following his last request and testament, Vrom’s body is burried on planet Zhadum and his magic bow passes to how nephew Shuverz Silverseed.

2126.12 – A series of events on planet Pipeworld led the Commander of the troops to believe he was following an Elohims. The Baron of the planet didn’t confirm nor deny the events.

2127.01 – Aleer B – The algorithm made by the Cikotek’s enhanced hiver mind to connect between themselves via the GalacNet is named Cikotek Hypermind Algorithm and given to doctor Oklan for study.

2127.01.14 – Teledrom – Vrox Drox is taken to a dralasite hospital with a dangerous infection of Mutating Fungus.

2127.01.20 – CorpWorld – the crew of the GCS Penelope defend President Zorg Xanast Alpha from the criminals known as The Wraith.

2127.01.28 – The Graakan of the Kroath Army arrived to the Klick border and given a fine demonstration of why the Graakan are considered dangerous warriors. The Graakan are divided into mayor groups, the first is a 5,000 group who remain in Kroath to keep the peace, the second is a group of 3,000 who are assigned to Kroath cruisers as marines and the last 2,000 are assigned to Galactic Concord ships also as marines. Of all the Graakan groups the one that become more legendary are the 200’s, commanded by the Graakan leader TwoHundred.

2127.01.30 – New Pluto – Orto Purell escapes on his way to New Pluto with the help of Kremak Obak and Jack Kira.

2127.02.09 – Galactic Concord Military – The production of the Automan Series was approved after the problems encounter with the A.I. criminal program Central Control and under the menace of groups of hackers like the Cyber Pirates. The menace of the Cykotec Virus Algorithm was another reason why this new virtual military police was created.

2127.02.11 – Cyberdome – A-6 used force to contact the crew of the GCS Penelope and help them research about The Void. The members of the crew accepted the help and filled no report against A-6.

2127.02.16 – The remained survivor Cat Folks are transported from Felinia to different neighbor planets of the Galactic Concord. The new immigrants are not completely accepted due to their form of life and lack of interest for advanced technology.

2127.02.30 – A scientist lab on planet Ki’inroh is destroyed, twice in the same day, the Crew of the GCS Penelope are able to find the scientist, Doctor Likos, and help the local authorities stop a disturbance in the city.

2127.02.30 – The Thuldan Empire starts a massive mobilization of troops and ships toward the edge of the Galactic Center in what appears to be a defensive position.

2127.03.01 – Even when The Klicks are losing the war, they star pushing toward the Galactic Concord drive by a mad sense of destruction and losing many ships in the process. G.C. admirals call this a “desperate measure that will end in suicidal actions” but they know that the G.C. will also suffer for these attacks. “It only appears that the Thuldans are arriving late to the party”, comments Admiral Rodengere.

2127.03.03 – The crew of the GCS Celeste reports high teleportation activity on planet Gardhyi going in and out of the planet.

2127.03.05 – Hakosoar – The crew of the GCS Penelope visit master weapons engineer Gashpharrar, Jaykan’s godfather, to learn how to improve and use Doctor Likos’s Box and the Cykotek Algorithm against The Void.

2127.03.13 – New Jupiter – A group of pirates have gained access to military grade weapons and are making the lives of the local people very difficult attacking the cargo shuttles that come and go from moon to moon. Commander Frank Murphy of the GCS Jovian One Military Platform is able to destroy the forming pirate fleet and is honored for his deeds just before his retirement.

2127.03.28 – Baron Ravenloft Harkonnen returns Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides to Duke Leto Atreides. He claims to have rescued them from members of the Fremen Liberation Movement. The Baron presents 40 Fremen bodies as proof of his claim and receives the verification of Duke Corinitus M. Shaddam. The Baron also gives a medal to both his sons Rabban Harkonnen and Reyd Harkonnen for their direct intervention on the interrogation of Fremen Rebels and the recovery of the kidnapped nobles.

2127.03.30 – Zhadum – The crew of the GCS Penelope found the lost planet of The Ancients, Z’ha’dum, and also the Final Solution against The Void, the Planet Killer.

2127.04.01 – The Kroath Space government becomes the first member of the Galactic Concord adopting the Galactic Counsel laws and procedures but retaining their fleet and army. The Galactic Concord Military installs a series of GalacNet Relay Stations to secure a continuing connection between the two governments. Kroath Space and Galactic Concord propose a series of joint ventures and standardization of procedures.

2127.04.02 – The War Against the Klick is turning to the bright side as the Galactic Concord Military is able to make the Klick fleet go back inside their own territory reclaiming the planets Spes and Rakkle. The G.C. Fleet is fighting the war on the border of the Klick Space at a higher cost. Many of their carriers and heavy cruisers are damaged.

2127.04.19 – Istanbia – Taking everyone by surprise, planet Istanbia is attacked by the Church of the Necromongers in an attempt to get enough ships, convert enough “followers” and escape from the Galactic Concord with enough resources to avoid capture. The planet is destroyed in the process of the attack and the remaining Necromonger ships are destroyed. Istanbia, one of the capitals of the Galactic Concord and one of the planets with more human population is reduced to ashes when a series of coordinated attacks by the Necromonger’s ships create a chain reaction on the planetary energy grid that scorched all life from the surface.

2127.04.29 – Teledrom – As news of the death of Dlal Ztletsh reach his home planet, a wave of sadness and panic raises among members of the dralasite race. Dlal was the “Etisha-D’ztletsh” a being engineer by forced breeding to become the next “mitosis selector” or evolutionary step of the dralasite race. One Etisha is selected and followed by 240 years by choosing the subjects using genetically perfect material and each 240 years the new step on evolution is taken increasing the chances that the race will develop a new ability or lose a disadvantage. The last Etisha, Etisha-D’vrox was an ancient ancestor of Drox Vrox. Civil unrest fills Teledrom for months and many dralasites return to their home planet seeking counsel from their leaders. “Dlal was just a person you don’t know, and for all the other races his death was just one more casualty of a war, but he was hope for many, and the future to all of us.” The new racial ability that Dlal was carrying was camouflage.

2127.04.30 – The Thuldan Empire Fleet maneuvers move the remains of their starships to the border with the Galactic Concord. The Emperor sends a message to the military asking for permission to move his fleet through the Galactic Concord Space toward Klick Space.

2127.05.03 – The pirate ship The Whip is seen salvaging the remains of military starships at coordinates 24D4 inside the War Against the Klick zone. Captain Oblivia is helped by the crew of the Starlost in exchange for information about the war.

2127.05.05 – The War Against the Klick effort is coming to its final days when a massive attack is made against the Klick Fleet. The Klicks are re-grouping on the space around planet Gardhyi. The Galactic Concord Military leaders are baffled when the [[N’sss Colonies]] government offers 10 Battle Cruisers for the attack and present themselves at the rendezvous point on time. The Thuldan Empire Fleet is giving permission to enter Galactic Concord space on their way to Klick space.

2127.05.06 – Estarfinalep – The battle of Estarfinalep lasts less than a day. This starbase have to defend themselves against invading troops of the Thuldan Empire.

2127.05.07 – A group of 5 N’sss battle cruisers and some of the ships of the Galactic Frontier appear on the border of the Galactic Concord with the Thuldan Empire to escort the Imperial Fleet out of the Galactic Concord. An attack of the Thuldan Empire fleet on the ships is stopped when the Mana System and Verne System’s fleets join forces to stop the advancing force.

2127.05.08 – The Emperor of the Thuldan Empire asks for a vote to go to war on the Imperial Senate and is approved. The Imperial Fleet is ordered to attack. All Fraals inside the Thuldan Empire are captured and their stargate technology is declared property of the Empire.

2127.05.19 – Beumonde and Janus VI are the first planets of the G.C. to suffer from the invasion of the Thuldan Empire when landing forces start to remove the local governments. A new war is about to start between both the Galactic Concord and Thuldan Empire governments when the [[N’sss Colonies]] declare that they will join the G.C. if the Thuldan Empire attack.

2127.05.20 – Thuldan Prime – The Emperor sends a message to the Galactic Concord asking for them to surrender. The Ringunmor Star Consortium declares neutrality. The warlike Medurr Empire readies their space fleet for action.

2127.06.01 – The Thuldan Empire Fleet retires attacking the planets and ships of the Galactic Concord and its allies that the find on the way back to their border. The Emperor announces to his people that he retire because of a sickness that has struck his command crew and the Imperial High Counsel. The Emperor declares the campaign a success “in showing the Galactic Concord and all governments of the galaxy that we can take them down and conquer them at any moment if we want.” He orders the construction of a new automated fortress palace for himself.

2127.06.02 – Confusion turns into rage as the Council of the Galactic Concord debate the betrayal of the Thuldan Empire and consider going to war against them. Ambassador Matilda Amidalius of Roma Aeterna and Ambassador Curzon Dax of Trill present the biggest opposition against Ambassador Albuma Rosaura of Luture, President Kaleerino of the Aleerin and Baron Lucius Silverleaf of the Mana System. War is averted but the Council assigns funds to the Galactic Concord Military for the reconstruction of the fleet –badly damaged during the Klick War – and the creation of a stronger border with the Thuldan Empire.

_On the other hand, Ambassador Orno Vush of the Ringunmor Star Consortium is confronted by Ambassador Jan Karl Freeman of the Verne System for the lack of participation of his government during the Klick War and the Thuldan Betrayal. Orno Vush evades all the questions and leave for his mansion on planet Bellerophon shortly after. Many of the planets of the Galactic Concord that were supporters of the war retire their contracts with the Ringunmor Trade Consorsium after that.

2127.06.10 – The peace treaty between the Klicks and the Galactic Concord is signed. The Klicks prefer to stay away of the “many strange races conglomerate” and develop on their own. No military or commerce alliance, nor mutual protection or free access pacts are made, but a treaty of no aggression is in place and that is enough to finally give a rest to the Galactic Concord.

2127.06.15 – In a way of showing good intentions the Klick release a full race of slaves captured by them during the war from planet Altor V on coordinates 24D5. The complete race is given planet Spes by the two governments to colonize. The Tarns asked to join the Galactic Concord and many travel inside their sphere of influence to become full members.

2127.06.16 – An old Second Galactic War relic was found by the Meloptra government of Bezhin 6. It has been tampered with and it was a biological weapon used by the Kroaths named The Puppeteer. The crew of the GCS Penelope answered the distress signal and were able to help the government stop the treat. The chaos produced by the weapon delayed all production and reforestations efforts been made for a year as the resources had to be used to rebuilt the city.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – Retired Commander Frank Murphy helps organize a small meeting for the Templaria government between different businessmen of near-by planets to discuss the future of the new mines built on moons around Templaria V. The people involved are: Ambassador Curzon Dax, Judge Lovotz, Atherton Wing, Sir Warwick Harrow, Land Lord Virtuous Higgins, Abigail Patience, Morn West, Bethany Zaida, Baroness Crystal Andelaris, Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska and Mr. Levens.

2127.07.01 – The Thuldan Empire Senate bestows into the Trade Federation of planet Derati the licenses and resources to produce items in the following categories that were acquired outside the empire before this date: genetic engineering including clones, robotics including A.I.M. and Galacnet nodes. Even when robots were built in shadow planets outside the G.C., Robocorp was the leading corporation on robot and the only builder of A.I.M. in the known galaxy. This decision was against the Galactic Concord Laws that gave Cyberdome and CorpWorld the solo function of developing and working with this scientific advancements.

2127.07.05 – Deadwood – Under the command of Penelope Ranger, the crew of the GCS Penelope was investigating a lead about a missing person, Olarda Rodengene, on planet Deadwood. They were able to find her and capture the crew of the pirate ship Hook with the help of local authorities.

2127.07.07 – An investigation by the Galactic Administrators branch of the Galactic Concord has been started to discover the relation between the disappearances of Olarda Rodenger, Dianne E. Zentrick and others and any involvement of the Church of Betazeth in them. Records of a battle on planet Deadwood against three different psionically gifted women that were using Psi-Rings like the ones used by the nuns of this organization are part of the evidence gathered by Judge Lovotz. The two chapters of the Church of Betazeth on the Thuldan Empire and the Ringunmor Star Consortium denied any relation with the so-called “psionic terrorists”. Aeshia Elle Amanecer spokeswoman from the order declared: “That’s the reason why, our order is devoted to train and develop moral and social rules for the psionic gifted individuals. If the Galactic Concord had agreed with our organization’s views, these kinds of incidents will be unknown off on their dominion like it happens on the planets that have accepted our tutelage.”

2127.07.10 – Crematoria – The crew of the GCS Penelope helped control a riot on the Crematoria Prison when they were delivering 30 of the captured pirates that were part of the crew of the pirate starship The Hook.

2127.07.17 – GCS Templaria B – Sister Shaddy Juno is able to find a omission on protocol on Judge Lovotz’s reports that started the claims against the Church of Betazeth having illegal operatives on the Galactic Concord or having a secret war against the organization named The Future. The accusations are withhold from the file. Sub-Admiral Matthew Dougherty is not happy about this outcome because “the Templaria Stargate is used as a merchant route between the ”/wikis/ringunmor-star-consortium" class=“wiki-page-link”>Ringunmor Star Consortium and the Galactic Concord and this kind of games can affect the whole economy".

2127.07.22 – Neutral Zone – The crew of the GCS Icarus discovered a mine field on sector 34B6 near the frontier border. They rescue a caravan of cargo starships lead by Thadiun Okona and also discovered a batch of illegal nuclear weapons been smuggled to shadow space by the Blood Axis. They recover enough evidence to point out that the mine field was planted there by someone with resources to do this kind of trick.

2127.08.10 – The crew of the GCS Penelope are able to capture operatives and evidence of a secret war between an organization known as The Future and the Church of Betazeth. This involved evidence of kidnaps made by both organizations. Church operatives denied their involvement but the evidence presented gave a crippling blow to the Church’s reputation.

2127.08.29 – The crew of the GCS Icarus coordinate an operative to cripple three branches of the criminal organization known as the Blood Axis. Kovania is arrested with charges of smuggling, Andrew Bryniarski was identified as Crow The Enforcer and arrested under criminal charges and Monhah Niquidmsidt was identified as the elusive criminal mastermind Big Boss in charge of drug traffic on the Templaria System. Both of them were arrested. Using his authority in these manners, Judge Lovotz, coordinated the attack on different parts of the city using GC Marines and Templar Police Officers and dismantling the drug dealing operation of the Blood Axis in 24 hours.

2127.09.27 – Deadwood – The crew of the GCS Icarus were in a mission to deliver a new Galacnet antennae to the Oblivion on North Deadwood. They encounter that someone related to the secret organization The Future had released a nest of Grendelspawn on the colonists. They destroyed the nest and saved the survivors. The GC rebuilt the town of Oblivion.

2127.10.01 – The crew of the GCS Icarus is chosen for a very important mission, they are ordered to serve as security force and support staff for an emissary of the Galactic Counsel that will help the Moreau write their first constitution and laws that will move them into an unified government and lead them to be full members of the Galactic Concord.

2128.02.19 – Ciden II – The Dynamite Gang lands on the miner’s colony on Ciden II to steal some replacement parts to fix th Red Devil’s engine. They find the starship Gray Crow of the The Gray Crow Company using some type of genetically modified monsters to attack the miners. They destroy the monsters and steal the Gray Crow killing part of its crew and abducting 11 children from the colony.

2128.03 – The biggest Galactic Concord corporation, Blue Sun Corporation, is the main supporter of a campaign against the Ringunmor Trade Consorsium and they are doing it by attacking the Morian Government: “The Ringunmor Star Consortium placed a mine field in the way of a mayor trade route, they are behind a weapon of mass destruction on Bezhin 6 and, for god’s sake, they didn’t helped the Galactic Concord against The Klick or the Thuldan Empire. People! This all happened in the last 5 years! Wake up! Is not in the best interests of the Galactic Concord that we give profit to these so call “friends”, these “allies by convenience”. They trade routes all around the GC draining us of wealth and their stench is all over our planets.” The Galactic Concord Military answered the claims: “The racists and biased declarations of Blue Sun aren’t the view of the GCM. We have an investigation going that proves the involvement of the Sathar Hegemony on both the Mining Field and Bezhin 6 incidents. We have to be fair about that. We won’t comment yet about the other two events and if they were a sign of cowardly or a breach on the peace treaty between the GC and the RSC.”

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper, head of Project K, scores a major blow on the organization The Future when he devices a strategy to destroy their main starship the Star of Battle. As parts of his plan, he brainwashes Shuvers Aellyez and places the complete crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Templaria B in danger. Anyway he presents this event to Admiral James Luc Rodengene as a major victory and a big step to stop the two organizations.

2028.04 – Thanks to the intervention of the crew of the GCS Penelope and the Dynamite Gang that made a quick and short term alliance to fight The Future and The Holy Blade, the artifact of The Ancients known as The Purifier was discovered, repaired in a 86%, and sent in a travel to other realities in search of its masters. Both The City of Lights and the Planet Killer were components of the Purifier and disappeared from this reality too.

The reconstruction of the planets after the war with The Klicks is taking resources from the Galactic Concord. Governments who allied to them are: Kroath Space, Vulcanian Alliance and the Syrten Space. Planets like Spes were also involved. The Galactic Concord is trying to help them recover as they were closer to The Klicks.
After the attempt of the Thuldan Empire to back-stab the Galactic Concord, and the intervention of both N’sss Colonies and Kroath Space‘s fleets to stop them, the Thuldans have started a cold war with the Galactic Concord blocking even the communication of the Galacnet with firewalls. The Fraals are still operating the Jumpgates inside the Empire and the Ringunmor Star Consortium is still honoring the Thuldan Treaty serving as trade routes between the major governments. But the Ringunmor’s reputation with the Galactic Concord is in a treat as they refused to move ships to help during the Thuldan attack. Many in the Galactic Concord believe that the Thuldan Treaty should end. Others are worried about the accords with The Fraals that are essential part of the treaty. Without their Jumpgates the trade will stop moving and the planets will stop to be connected.


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