UniCorp – Unicorp is a company founded from the reamins of Genetech after it was destroyed by the Genetech Fiasco (see entry) on planet Moreau. Unicorp is the leading corporation on Genetic Engineering that offer the following services:
Mnemonic: UNICORP
Corporation Index(Level/Rep/Wealth): 05/05/30
Central Offices/Area of Operations: CorpWorld, Huxley 6/Galactic Concord

Franks (p.46) Workers or soldiers can be ordered with genetic alterations for especific jobs.

Gene Therapies (FUTp.89) Genetic Therapies can be order to alter a person’s genetic makeup or modify a Frank. PDC of Gene Therapies = 31.

Vat -Grow – A member or organ of the body can be replaced with a cost of PDC= 31.

Replacement – A character can buy a clone of himself, a replacement, with a PDC of 40 + the level of the original character.

Genetic Engineering – See the rules about genetic engineering on d20 Future, d20 Future Tech and the Future Player Companions.

Genetic Manipulation


Other therapies – UniCorp’s engineers and scientists show a deep understanding of genetics and genetic engineering. They master diverse combination of cloning, genetically engineering and artificial embryos. To address the lack of food manufacturing capabilities, clones can be created with the ability to photosynthesize spliced into their genome, reducing the need to eat to once per week.

Only characters born on planet Corpworld or previously submited to a gene therapy can earn levels from the following advanced clases: Technosavant (FUTp.31), Helix Warrior (FUTp.26) and Dreadnought (FUTp.19). [Source: Brave New World]

See the section on In-Vitros to learn more about the products of UniCorp.


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