Vakiria Mines

Vakiria Mines
Ringunmor Star Consortium
The Vakiria Mines extract Neuvulcanium and have been in planet Petra since the planet was part of the Elohim Empire and since them Vrusks have always been the slaves working them. The " Cave People " is how the locals call them. They are located west of Mongo City PetraCity at a three hour travel time using the Petra Train Station. Is composed of a 50 miles deep hole that has thousands of different mining tunnels going deep into the planet core. Only vrusks live in the tunnels and only they work there.

The vrusks and their religious leader ( the current one has been Ouro-kcazak for 72 years ) have never rebel against the Baron’s orders (or any of the leaders that precede him), unless the order is to stop working, leave the place or letting non-vursks work in the mines. The vrusks are workaholic. In difference to many vrusks, this colony doesn’t focus in profit and expansion but in production and isolation.

On a normal day this small busy city, will look like an ant hill crawling with vusks teams moving around working all the time. Vehicles, machinery and tools are all adapted to be used by the Vrusks. A medium sized police department is located near the Train Station as does the mineral packaging warehouses and administration offices. The Vrusks live and work on the mines night and day in shifts of 8 hours at a time. Family and work is very important for the vrusks as they work together in keeping things running smoothly and constantly.

Specific Locations:

  • Petra Train Station Connection – The train goes directly to PetraCity twice a day.
  • Administration Office – Located near the Train Station the office is maned by 20 morians who come and go from PetraCity on 8 hour shifts. They monitor production, receive and manage food, tools and medical supplies. Control the allocation of major resources and keep the Vursks foremen in contact with the Capital. Morians do general routine visit of all stations each three days.
  • Vakiria Warhammer Station – Located near the Train Station and with space for up to 24 Warhammers, the station is currently maned by 4 Warhammers. One Vehicle, emergency controls for all doors and entrances, and a communication relay is located here. The place has only 4 Warhammers at any time who take turns. The rarely patrol the city concentrating on patrolling the outside of the Mines for intruders.
  • E-Section – Older mines located on the northeast and higher level of the mines. Currently abandoned on its 50% and the other half is used as living quarters and growing some food. It is also the location of older places like the Vrusk’s Temple, a school and the egg’s nest. Other locations in the " Elohim Mines " are the Train Station and Administration Office. They are located on the first 50 levels of the mines.
  • T-Section – The " Terran Mines " are located on the second 50 levels of the mines. They are 50% used as housing, schools, hospitals and other services. The other 50% is under operation.
  • M-Section – The newest section of the mines is called the " Morian Mines " and is located on the third and last 50 levels of the mines down and south west of the Train Station. They are currently 100% under operation.

PL5 Building and Security Stats:
• Building: Def: 5; Hard: 30; HP: 500.
• Security Doors: Def: 5; Hard: 10; HP: 60; Break DC: 28; Disable Device DC (high quality): 30.
• Building Computerized Controls (Exceptional Security): Defeat Computer Security DC (full round action): 30.
• Generator: Disable Device DC (high quality): 30.
Note: If the building takes 200 hp of damage it is in “Disabled” status and cannot be used for its intended function. It needs four hours of work and a Repair check DC: of 30 for the building to be placed in “Repaired” status. This will not repair the hit points of the building but will help the building to start functioning at 50% capacity.

2128.06.22 Petra – A plague is causing a debilitation disease on the Vakiria Mines and they have been placed in quarantine for at least a month. Only authorized personnel can use the Petra Train Station to go from and to Vakiria.

2128.06.23 – Petra – The first revolution of the Vrusks that lived for more than 2000 years in the Vakiria Mines happens when is discovered that the organization called The Future is faking the disease to take into custody the leaders of he Vakiria Mines and torture them for information about the location of the LiFinesh Device. A rumor about a member of The Fraals leading the first attack and the rescue of the Vrusks Queen Mother remains unverified. The uprising is shortly controlled by the Warhammers and when the Baron declaring not knowing anything about the events.

Vakiria Mines

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