Vios Caravans Fleet

Vios Space Caravan
Vios Caravans
-This is a small fleet of old starships of ultralight and light types that are all outdated and patched together by the gypsy race known as the Vios. Their ships are PL6 ships that are usually unarmed but a few of them have PL6 weaponry to defend the fleet from pirates. The ships are overcrowded, their systems are under capacity, they are filled with cargo to sell and the vios not only sell cheap cargo, they also sell labour and technical and scientific skills to the planets they visit. They work for a few months (enough to fix any damage on their ships and get a new cargo of cheap products) and then move on. Always on the move.

Type: Ultralight (Colossal)
Subtype: Fast Freighter
Tactical Speed: 3,500 ft. (7 sq.)
Hit Dice: 16d20 (320 hp)
Weight: 450 tons
Cargo Capacity: 300 tons
Sensors: Class II sensor array, targeting system
Weapons: 2 fire-linked heavy lasers (range incr. 4,000 ft.), 2 fire -linked rail cannons (range incr. 3,000 ft.)
Crew: 4
Pass: 50

Type: Light Size (Colossal)
Subtype: Frigate
Tactical Speed: 3,000 ft. (6 sq.)
Hit Dice: 60d20 (1,200 hp)
Weight: 4,800 tons
Cargo Capacity: 200 tons
Sensors: Class II sensor array, targeting system
Weapons: 2 fire-linked heavy neutron guns (range incr. 6,000 ft.), 2 fire-linked nuclear missile launchers (8 missiles each), 1 needle driver (range incr. 4,000 ft.)
Crew: 60
Pass: 1000

2126.03 – Ringunmor Star Consortium
2126.10 – Tattoine
2127.01 – Pipeworld

Crew Manifest:
Alana the Seer – Youth seer that “reads the future” to curious people of other races that think that the vios have “strange gypsi powers”.

Melen – Is sometimes present in one of the caravans.

Micheli the Caravan Master – Old vios that coordinates all the work and cargo.

Vizta the Warrior – A bodyguard to Micheli and Alana.

Vios Caravans Fleet

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