Vortis Spaceport

Vortis Spaceport
The Spaceport on Bezhin 6 is very large and many people live around the hangars and platforms looking for free passage to other planets or easy work provided by the merchants that arrive to the planet every day. Around the spaceport there are all kind of services and goods for selling and for buying. The Bezhin Police Force 2 is in charge of the starport area but are not shy into calling backup if needed from the stronger and better prepared BPF-1. Many police officers are either corrupt or have such a good heart that look the other way when they think that the inhabitants are been helped by the visitors with food or medicines. Port Administrator Noglas Sesvick tries to keep an eye on all cargo to collect the taxes but the port is big, the traffic is much and he’s understaffed. Right now the starport and the Grapnak Megatanium Mines are the two mayor sources of income for the planet’s economy. The starport is one of the main facilities that need the Vortis Power Plant energy to function.

Starships of size Ultralight, Lightweight and Mediumweight can be serviced on Vortis Spaceport. The Vortis’ shipyards are full of MECHA’s technicians, vehicle’s mechanics and starship’s shops the most famous of them been Furlow located near Tier#7. Near Tier #10’s there is the biggest club-casino-cantina named Hopper’s Cantina that is rumored to have ties with criminal organizations.

In the Vortis Spaceport there are two Assault Fighter Starships in the process of been repaired for the Bezhin Police Force 1.

PL7 Building and Security Stats:
• Building: Def: 9; Hard: 30; HP: 500.
• Security Doors: Def: 9; Hard: 10; HP: 60; Break DC: 32; Disable Device DC (high quality): 34.
• Building Computerized Controls (Exceptional Security): Defeat Computer Security DC (full round action): 39.
Note: If the building takes 200 hp of damage it is in “Disabled” status and cannot be used for its intended function. It needs four hours of work and a Repair check DC: of 30 for the building to be placed in “Repaired” status. This will not repair the hit points of the building but will help the building to start functioning at 50% capacity.

Vortis Spaceport

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