Vulcanian Alliance

Vulcanian Alliance Government
- The government of the Vulcans is divided in three castes that have one representative each in the Vulcan High Command of planet Vulcan. Each one have a vote in decision making. The representative in charge of the issue is the one more closer to the problem they want to address. In that case, this related representative has two votes. The group that is more affected by the decision been taken has two votes also.

The vulcans treat everything with cold blooded logic, even war.

Artesan Caste
This group include all workers, artisans, farmers, etc. All environmental, development, economical and political decisions are important for this caste. The complement of all the Vulcan arts and working houses is known as the Surak Way.

Scientist Caste
Composed of all scientist, doctors and engineers, this caste is the one that are in charge of technology and science. The complement of all the Vulcan science and technology is known as the Remus Way.

Warrior Caste
Composed of all vulcans trained in the martial arts and combat, from the police officer to the high commanders of the Vulcan Fleet. This caste is in charge of the protection of the planet and war. The complement of all the Vulcan military is known as the Romulan Way.


Technology: PL7
Starship Design: Standard

VE D’Deridex Warbird

Vulcanian Alliance

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