System Name: W – System
_Colonized Planets: 1
Star F Type
Class D Planet
_Land Mass: 90%/20%
_Gravity: Low
_Atmosphere: Thin
Dominant Race: Whills
_Other Races: None
_Progress Level: PL6
_Government Index: Participatory
_Economy Index/Education Level: 100%/100%
_Military Index: Planetary Policy
_Population Index: L:20%/60%
_Develop Index: Record Keeping
Whill is well-known as one of the largest stores of knowledge in explored space, if not the galaxy. Scholars and scientists from far and wide come to study the lore held on Whill. This information is stored in special crystals books called gija crystals that can store massive amounts of energy in highly ordered states, allowing for huge stores of data to be held in a small space. The local sentient life form, the whills, initially welcomed off-worlders, but now are not so sure as off-worlders spread to more areas of their world; they primarily use peaceful means to resist the off-worlders. Lately, other native life forms have emerged which seem intent on driving all creatures from beyond Whill from the surface. It seems a battle for Whill may be building, but the stakes are larger than any of the off-worlders can imagine. This planet is part of the Frontier Planets of the Galactic Concord.

Logopolis is the capital city of planet Whill is called the “city of pure knowledge”. Is composed of endless libraries, museums and collections some are a few kilometers deep. The Whills claim that they have been collecting information since the time of The Ancients. If that can be proved that makes them the oldest living race known.

2123.01 – Few is known about this planet in the frontier only that the race works as sages for many trade companies.

2123.10 – Whill – A team of arqueologyst and hystory expertrs are sent to planet Whill to collect data for the Codex Galactica in a 10 years mission. Doctor Megan Russell is sent in charge of the mission.


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