In the year 2100 after the First Galactic War and from the ruins of the Third Galactic War raises the foundation of the Galactic Concord. Ten years on the making, using all available diplomatic human resources from New Terra and Roma Aeterna, and with the help of the Order of the Silver Light and the enigmatic race known as The Fraals, the Galactic Concord was born. The humans from many planets like the scientist of New Venus, joined the non-human races of the Aleeriens, Dralasites, Vrusks, and also the T’sas to sign the treaty immediately. The Concord recognizes the independence and individuality of the Adapted Ones and the Altered Ones as their own races and each government was given the rights and proper representation in the Galactic Council. Even Artificials are recognize as a race. The Galactic Concord Counsel offered the planets that join a coordinated effort to bring prosperity, peace and cooperation between the planets.

But they promised more than what they can give.

Not all the planets accepted the Galactic Concord idea, and some of the planets who did kept their conditions as allies with privileges. Other races wanted to stay neutral or enemies of these conglomerate of planets that looked more to them as a Second Terran Empire. Other who wanted to be the supreme power in the Galaxy, didn’t accept the G.C. as an ally but as a treat.

The Galactic Concord Military was founded pooling resources from all races and assigned with the difficult task of protecting all planets, citizens and ships of the Galactic Concord’s planets. But their resources were limited. A special branch of the Military, the Galactic Concord Frontier Branch, had to be design to keep the law on the border of their sphere of influence and a little beyond that frontier…

In the middle of all these, the crew of the GCS Penelope try to do their best to help in their ultralight starship bringing the law to the Frontier. On the other hand we have criminal groups like the Dynamite Gang who are doing just the opposite.

One of the mayor advancements of the Galactic Concord’s have brought to us is the Galacnet! An invention of the Aleerins and with the cooperation of many races a multi planetary grid of communication centers have been created to connect all planets and spaceships in one single virtual communication net. The galacnet will open your eyes to all the information of this campaigns by searching the database known as the Codex Galactica you can find people, starships, planets, creatures, technology and every piece of information there is.

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Character Creation

About the Campaign
Our Campaign started in the year 2000 with a bold experiment to create a science fiction universe that could use all the tools provided in the d20 Future manual. The mix of TV series, movies, novels, comics and animated series was overwhelming and I found myself creating 300 pages of background information for a one shot 8 hour game. There is Star Trek, Andromeda, Mad Max, Kamandi, Foundation, I Robot, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Firefly, Flash Gordon, Valerian, Dune, Starship Troopers, Star Frontiers, Paranoia, and a thousand more sources on this universe to explore!

The players choose from the pre-generated characters, I read the background of the story and we started playing. It was a blast! There was something for every scifi fan and there is always space for expanding. The original 300 file expanded to these wiki. The original characters profiles expanded to 900+ characters! There is comedy, magic, technology, action and horror!

We have been playing since. We can’t see the end of the campaign yet.