Dynamite Gang 2128.07.01

2128.07.01 – Central Point – The crew of the Dynamite Gang search The Lowers of Central Point for Orlanda Data Cube and find a few monsters and a crazy Deacon Condor who is helping Orlanda A.I. in her joined quest for revenge against the Dynamite Gang. Two members of the Dynamite Gang are clever devious enough to trick Orlanda A.I., Ziz Eris and Vengance. She knows now not to trust anything that they said. The cube is now in the hands of Irymer who captain Dianne Kubiac assigned the task of hacking the PL9 computer to be turn her into their slave.

2128.07.01 – Central PointIrymer, Vengance and Greed of the Dynamite Gang are able to hack another Elohim Data Crystals sent to them by Orto Purell de la Torre and discover the coordinates of both laboratories in planet Inferno with an schematic of each lab that includes access points. In this crystal the secretive Elohim Ferro Lab 2 is called “The Ancients Revenge T.C. – E.C.” whatever that means.



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