Elohim Saga Chapter II

The hard path to Petra

Elohim Saga Chapter II: The hard path to Petra
XP = 2400
STARDATE: 2128.06.22

Present time:
The adventurers have to travel from Inferno to Petra. They are been followed by Volturnus who has allied himself to Angelicus. The crew use Trajectory Decoy Buoy to confuse the Sathars but they continue pursuit. The communicate with Admiral Tracy Lochlay and she finds them a way to enter the Ringunmor Star Consortium by way of Admiral Hydeand Queranos. They bluff Vulturnos and arrive to Petra. They have to suffer Queranos.

Flashback to GCS Penelope:
Shuvers Aellyez and Tracy Lochlay speak to Lovotz to join forces in discovering the secret of the Elohim Empire that The Fraals are trying to hide. They have to go undercover. Lochlay sets up the mission. Zyx is kidnapped because his skills are needed. A device for interfacing the Elohim crystals is built also a SENCOMP is programmed to translate Elohim language.

Flashback to Dynamite Gang:
Orto Purel convinces Captain Dianne Kubiac to embark on a mission for Elohim Empire artifacts. She lets some of his crew members go with Stephan Olaf Durokario on his cargo ship. Orto has his sister Rosa Purell as a bodyguard.

Once they arrived to Inferno they are attacked by Wombat and have to crash land the ship. They explore Elohim Ferro Lab 1 find some information and also a small backpack. Rosa disappears fighting the Elementals that compose the Elohim security system. Kran and Zys see her face and she looks like Violet.

Average Encounters CR:
Hyedan Queranos

Inferno (36B5) – > Petra (42B5)
6 sectors (x10 LS = 3.6 days per sector) = 21.6 days

_ Treasures Found: N/A
Interface Machine for Elohim Data Crystal

_ Adventure XP: 2400xp
_Special Package of 801xp for idea

Average Party Level:
Judge Lovotz
First Officer Kran’Kiz’kosh
Ziz Eris
Ensign Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan *

NOTE: Fell free to add comments to this Adventure Log Entry
with information about the adventure from the point of view
of your character. Each log that helps document the adventure
receives a 25xp award.



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