Alfred Vesper

"I will like to pick your toughts..."


Alfred Vesper
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2079
Origin: New Venus
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: PsiCorp
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Dedicated:6/Telephat:10
Alfred Vesper was notorious even among his fellow telepaths of the Corps for been extremely driven and ruthless. Alfred Vesper and Eva Vesper are father and daughter.

Advancement: Dedicated:6/Telephat:10
Def: 17 ; HP: 70
S: + 1, D: + 2, I: + 4, C: + 2
P: + 16, C: + 16, K: + 19, S: + 16
Autohypnosis: + 20, Concentration: + 20, Psycraft: + 20
Telephaty + 16, MInd Control + 16, Precognition + 16

Rumor: Is rumored that Alfred Vesper is known among fellow telephats for his ruthlessness, performing illegal mind scans on Mundanes at need, disregarding privacy laws and due process and heedless of the dangers such “Deep Scans” pose to the subjects’ mental and physical safety. He also had a disturbing willingness to perform so-called Deathbed Scans, combing a dying person’s mind for vital information up until the very moment of death. Such scans were known to be harmful to the telepath’s mental health, with some believing that one lost a piece of one’s soul by being in contact with the person as they crossed the threshold. Almost no telepath, having once done so, would willingly do so a second time, with subsequent attempts thought to be very damaging to the psyche. However, Vester repeatedly volunteered for such duty, believing that he could gain some special knowledge from the experience, ultimately performing an unprecedented eight deathbed scans. During the eighth, he follows his subject into the “void” and has a near-death experience in which he is informed that a telepath investigating death only experiences what he brings in his heart; he realized his is empty as he then experiences nothingness before being resuscitated by the hospital staff attending to the dying subject.

2127.08 Alfred Vesper has been place in charge of an important investigation by Admiral James Luc Rodengene. He was given many resources and a SECLAR8 clearance to discover the truth behind the secret war between The Future and the Church of Betazeth. His right hand is Nicholas Fury, Judge Lovotz and the complete crew of the GCS Penelope are working for him. He even imprisoned the suspects of this war in a special secret area of GCS Templaria B. Mr. Vesper is a very despotic commander and is always using intimidation and his higher security clearance to force his team to do what he wants. They keep investigating for more than six months.

2128.03.13 – Alfred Vesper manipulated people and abused of his power to be able to get the legal permits to enter Violet‘s mind and discover why Oklosuro claims that she is “The Key”, and what The Key is. He was able to convince Judge Galaxina and Doctor George Miles Huer and to have Judge Lovotz temporary deposed of his position and rank under the charges of treason. Commander Shuvers Aellyez is able to convince Doctor Huer to change his mind at the last moment, postponing Violet’s fate. Alfred Vesper forcibly recruits Lovotz, now a common citizen, as part of the team.

2128.03.13 – Alfred Vesper hid The Abomination that was Olarda’s Son on his lab until it tried to rescue itself and caused a lot of commotion and damage to station GCS Templaria B and its crew specially the Marine division. Eventually Mar’IigniaS’irthiz was able to kill it.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper, head of Project K, scores a major blow on the organization The Future when he devices a strategy to destroy their main starship the Star of Battle. As parts of his plan, he brainwashes Shuvers Aellyez and places the complete crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Templaria B in danger. Anyway he presents this event to Admiral James Luc Rodengene as a major victory and a big step to stop the two organizations.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper trap works and he is able to kill three members of the organization named The Future: Beyonder, Syringe and Oklosuro.

2128.04 – A clipped blow is made by the Galactic Concord against the two organizations The Future and The Holy Blade. Alfred Vesper receives a commendation from Admiral James Luc Rodengene and both organizations are considered disabled.

2128.04 – An investigation been performed by Galaxina about Alfred Vesper removes him from his Project K and restores Judge Lovotz to his position and rank.


Alfred Vesper

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