Audrey Gale McShane

"Is difficult to live under my mother's shadow."


Audrey Gale McShane
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2109
Origin: New Terra
Current: New Terra
Alliances: Blue Sun Corporation
Advancement: Strong:3/Fast:3
Audrey Gale McShane is the daughter of the late Dorothy Gale McShane. Like her mother, she has traveled around the Frontier Planets of the Galactic Concord in search of adventure but found a more easy life more to her liking. She was once visited by Edward Willard himself who wanted her to work with Auto Dynamics but she refused.

As a representative of Blue Sun Corporation Audrey has visited planets Cyberdome, Aleer and Ki’inroh to push the boundaries in search of new technologies.


Audrey Gale McShane

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