Barty Banks

"I work with all and work for none... but myself."


Barty Banks
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2070
Origin: Acuaia
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Dedicated:6/Charismatic:6
Reputation: + 6
Little is known about this enigmatic Barty Banks. He was born on planet Acuaia but has no similar traits to that race. Some who have met him claim he was the nicest guy they have ever known others want to kill him.

Quote: “You wanna know why I’m angry? I’ll tell ya why i’m angry. I’ll tell ya what made me so fraking mad. It’s because I got a bad rap. A bad rap I tell ya. They stuck the knife in my back. They stuck in there real deep and twisted it a little. That’s why i’m angry. Wouldn’t you be angry? Wouldn’t you be righteously mad? And me just a kind, honest, businessman. A guy who wouldn’t even hurt a bug. How do you think that made me feel? I’ll tell ya. It made me angry.”

2127.06 – The Blood Axis has a reward out for the capture of Barty Banks to obtain the whereabouts of some pirates he was hiding.

2127.08.28 – Rumor has it that Barty Banks is now working for the Piracy Ring.

2127.08.29 – [Monhah Niquidmsidt] Barty Banks is a semi-independent agent that Works for Blood Axis, the Piracy Ring and any other organization that he can squeeze money while betraying them. He’s also the contact of the Church of Betazeth agents on Templaria III.

2127.08.30 – [Guinian Berg] You ask me about Barty Banks? Then you shouldn’t expect a good answer to that. He’s the biggest untruthful backstabber in Templaria III and near-by systems. Is a shame he’s not a morian! Maybe he’s half-morian, half-orion and half ferengy. He’s also a greedy coward. Offer him a good profit (5-7%) and he will help you but be careful that he doesn’t betray you. If he’s in trouble he will give information about his contacts just to save his skin.

2127.08.30 – [Orto Purell de la Torre] Your (Guinian Berg) answer about Barty Banks doesn’t surprise me. Is not the first one and is not going to be the last who will try to screw me. But I have to do business with him no matter what, I’m so close to find my sister Rosa Purell, I’ll not going to stop because someone can betray me. Anyway, thanks very much for your advice, I appreciate it. My plan will be like always, with that betrayal in mind.

2127.09.12 – Helena Troys resurfaces in Templaria III selling Melengue to a secret cell of psionic agents that work for the Church of Betazeth. Jaraele Kastro, Orto Purel, Jackeline Kira, Kremak Obak and Ponzhia Daughter of V’arentlass are hired by her to help with the transactions. Helena and Orto made an enemy of Barty Banks who was adquiring wealth with these type of transactions.

2128.08.10 – Barty Banks returns to do some field work for the Blood Axis.

Star Law Classification:

Notes: Keep under surveillance. “He’s tricky.”


Barty Banks

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