"There is only one path to the future."


Race: Mutants (Human)
Sex/Born: Male/2089 (?)
Origin: Unknown
Current: Unknown
Alliances: The Future
Advancement: Smart:3/Field Scientist:?
Captain Beyonder, AKA Lord Beyonder, AKA The Beyonder is a strange scientist that travels the stars in a PL8 ship (Star of Battle) of unknown origin with a crew of clones. His mutant telepathy powers allow him to communicate telepathically with his crew, who also use telepathy as the only source of communication between themselves. The Beyonder finds specific people and takes DNA samples from them for his experiments, even against their will. His technology is advanced but is unknown if it’s Fraal or N’sss technology.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [14:09:30]
2125.01 – Bellerophon – Taking DNA from Ray Sally. Charges dropped.
2125.06 – Corpworld – His group of clones are illegal, not produced by Unicorp. Charges dropped.
2127.01 – Templaria III – A strange conspiración made by a man named the Beyonder is discover by the crew of the GCS Future. Ala Aasimar is really Ala Bhaarc a disapeared member of the royalty of planet Estormia 2. She returns to her planet to find her past and her false identity as an Aasimar is left as a fake.
2127.08.06 – GCS Templaria B – The Beyonder and his crew infiltrate the Science Section of the GCS Templaria B trying to steal the evidence against the criminal known as Doctor Syringe.

SLS: Charges dropped.

2126.01 – Central Point.

2127.08.06 – GCS Templaria B – It is discovered by the crew of the GCS Penelope that The Beyonder is part of the group known as The Future.

2128.03.20 – GCS Templaria BAlfred Vesper trap works and he is able to kill three members of the organization named The Future: Beyonder, Syringe and Oklosuro.



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